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Gemini Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Gemini this week, many of you will be delighted with an event or experience related to a daughter, granddaughter or niece.
You will have interesting conversations with friends or colleagues about new professional or business opportunities. You will have a good time to start a new activity and more. 
This week surprises can expect those of you who are currently engaged in a lawsuit. The same applies to those who will have contacts with a judicial or state institution.
Unmarried representatives of the sign this week will probably have a new romantic dating with a suitable partner. Hope you understand the meaning of the word "appropriate" and not look for the ideal person, because you risk being alone.
During the week, it is likely that trouble will arise with a man from your circle of relatives. 
A conflict with a woman is now possible due to financial contradictions or a clash of interest in money.
This week you will be able to enjoy the action of a woman who is nearby to you.
For some of the representatives of the Gemini Zodiac forthcoming appearance of a new person in the family or professional circle is possible.
This week there will be unexpected events related to people from afar.
Pay attention to events this week. Somehow they will be a repetition of events of your past.

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, before you is a good week for professional or business conversations, meetings, presentations, interviews and more.
Trouble with your spouse will be brief, but emotional.
Now you can more emotionally experience the lack of your child, especially if you are separated by living in different cities or countries. 
The troubles at your workplace this week will be to provoke you to make some bold decisions, make long talks or changes for a long time.
There is something very nice about you professionally, but you are still in a period of trouble or clashing unpleasant people.
You will expect a visit, conversation or specific action by a woman who lives away from you.
This will be a week in which many representatives of this zodiac sign will enjoy the important news or suggestion that will bring revival in your home and family life.
You will have a favorable week for traveling or preparing for a trip.
Gemini men will have meetings to discuss important family or professional topics.
The education or care of a child will be one of the important events of the week.
Gemini women: do not get big expectations for the week. Things will now have their own development, regardless of your desires and expectations.