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Leo Weekly Horoscope 25 September - 1 October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Leo, before you is a week in which you can make progress or finish important matters for your family affairs. Soon different circumstances will develop to your advantage. It is also possible that the people who are needed for it will appear in your life.
Interesting or successful developments will have far-reaching connections. Financial dealings with people or a company from far away are possible.
You will have a favorable week for a long journey or at least for its preparation.
In your work, you will have what you feel satisfied with, but at the same time, you will realize that this is not the pinnacle of your achievements. You have more potential, waiting for your time and place to develop. 
This week, you'll have important conversations, appointments, medical examinations, or other matters related to pregnancy or child. Such an event may also involve a relative who is younger than you.
In your home, however, it will be more intense than usual. There are possible health problems for a person from your home, household problems or other tensions.
Men will have expectations for the development of promises made and this week you will expect their favorable development.

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