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Leo Weekly Horoscope 18 - 24 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Leo this week, you will have expectations of getting money or a financial document.
During the week, pay close attention to your relationship with women who are your relatives or friends.
Many will experience separation from children for various life reasons.
You can go to visit a child for a period of time.
During the week, you will have more child-related costs, not all of which will be good.
Expect a news or phone call from another place you'll get through a man.
You will personally expect the development of a particular situation in your love life. Let things have their own development, do not force anything or anyone.
At the end of the week, expect a surprise that will have a relationship with friends or relatives of your spouse.
During the week there will be many emotions related to a man in your family.
For those who will be engaged in weekend work, this will be a time of higher profits, greater success and greater professional satisfaction.
Look forward to a pleasant surprise from far away, from familiar or unknown people. It is possible to do so during a trip that you yourself will make.
Leo men will have favorable financing opportunities in terms of their own money or other documents of a financial nature. 

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