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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio this week, your basic commitments or expectations will be related to pregnancy, childbirth, children or young people.
Many will rejoice at home with money, a document, or a contract of financial nature.
However, you may be saddened by news about someone you know. 
This week, you are going to have a conversation; you will discuss things that concern your future. Be serious, reasonable and, above all, realistic in the conversations that are ahead of you.
Expect this week the success of a close person in his professional or public appearance.
During these seven days, you will be able to find a solution or get help to solve a problem that concerns the health of a close person. 
During the week, household or property problems will arise in the home of friends or neighbors who will engage you in some way.
This week can be remembered with an important meeting or gathering for you. You will invite people home, as you yourself will be invited to the home of relatives or friends.

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, before you is a successful week with the opportunity to realize your abilities, skills, knowledge. Now you can expect to receive recognition, praise, or an opportunity for advancement and progress.
This week, your family's attention will be focused on an event, engagement or a personal holiday for a boy or a man. as well as Important conversations, changes, or gatherings related to such personality are possible.
Family men and women will experience a special event in the family or at home.
This week you may have concerns about getting money through a document. Your concern may also relate to a financial document, agreement, contract.
Expect interesting news or surprise from another place.
This week, Scorpio women will have their own special expectations about their intimate or marital partner, with their love contacts. 
You will have the opportunity to harmonize your relationship, to solve problems with each other. You can even enjoy special experiences with your loved one.
Scorpio men will expect, discuss or be tense about news and events related to a child.
In your work, be careful in your relationship with other men. This is especially true if they take a higher post from you, especially if they are your customers or business partners.