Love with Aquarius

Aquarius - Aries
Affairs and marriage between them can be done safely and they will be happy, provided that the strong Aries does not seek to kill the bright individuality and originality of Aquarius, who in turn does not give rise to jealousy for Aries.
Aquarius - Taurus
Marriage between them is possible and would be relatively good and equal, but there discord and difficulty are likely.
Aquarius - Gemini
In these two members of the zodiac much is possible, not only friendship and cooperation, but also fun and an entertaining marriage, complete with favorable ideas and experiences.
Aquarius - Cancer
These links can bring happiness to one, or both. Here is neither mutual respect, nor physical attraction, if such exists at all. Even friendship and cooperation are difficult.
Aquarius - Leo
Deep feelings exist between Leo and Aquarius. The proud Leo sucks the vital juices of Aquarius. Conversely, the selfishness of the Lion of Aquarius represents a whole new perspective on things, which is not unattractive. Hurricane winds kindle the fire of Aquarius and Leo. There are a lot of misunderstandings, but also a lot of passion, which is typical in communicating between two completely different worlds.
Aquarius - Virgo
There is the possibility of a physical attraction, but marital union is doomed to failures and separation and divorce. Here you rarely have business connections and do not talk about friendship.
Aquarius - Libra
Good partnerships and alliances may be had between them. This is mainly due to the fact that both are indifferent to formal marriage and everything passes between them quietly, peacefully, without conflicts.
Aquarius - Scorpio
The partnership between these two zodiac signs is particularly problematic. Among them only fellowship and friendship is favorable . Astrological statistics say that a possible marriage ends in widowhood, or divorce, or crime.
Aquarius - Sagittarius
Their relations are easy and comfortable. In this confused world, they look at things with the same eyes and are almost identical in their reactions. They value freedom and independence; both are independent. There is also a physical attraction. Marriages however, are are not very happy.

Aquarius - Capricorn
In most cases the union between them is impossible or problematic and prone to failure. There is always the possibility not only of divorce, separation, or widowhood, but of other trouble as well. Between Capricorn and Aquarius there may be some business collaboration or partnership, but nothing else.
Aquarius - Aquarius
The general motto of such a union by some astrologers is: "To live in freedom, independence and equality." If  freedom is ensured between the partners, the alliance will be extremely beneficial. Critical cooperation or marriage is represented in the fourth, seventh or eleventh year.
Aquarius - Pisces
Such a union is problematic and unfavorable. Even partnerships or business relationships are not likely. Why should you inflict pain and suffering? It would be better not to take the risk!