Love with Gemini

Gemini - Aries
Between these two signs feelings and connections quickly and easily arise, including sympathy, intimate relationships and love at first sight. But a serene marriage is not guaranteed;  difficulties will be mainly the fault of Gemini.
Gemini - Taurus
The links between them are poor and non-viable, although there are strong feelings and many common traits in their characters and morals. There is always the possibility of disputes and quarrels.
Gemini - Gemini
Connection between two Gemini partners is possible after many love affairs and adventures or after the first or second divorce. This rule prevails; mutual friendship and friendship are more usual. Marriage between them is not usually not recommended.
Gemini - Cancer
The old adage "What is Cancer in the soul, Gemini roars in the head." The crucial difference not only in their views, opinions and beliefs, but also in their different reactions to the same questions; complete disagreement is the norm.
Marital union does not bode well.
Gemini - Leo
There is not only a strong physical attraction, but also many common interests. They tend to have a good marriage and interesting life.
Gemini - Virgo
The connection between them consists of a mixture of life elixir of Virgo and the nervousness of Gemini. A relationship is likely to last a long time, but must be kept on mutual compromise and respect.
Gemini - Libra
Statistics from World astrological publications suggest that an alliance between Gemini and Libra, especially marriage, ends 90% of the time in cases of divorce, relationship splits, conflicts and anxiety.
Gemini - Scorpio
Here too, there are often divorces, relationship difficulties and widowhood. This pair can exist only if both partners are united by common interests, by business interests and so forth. They may very well have physical and spiritual connection, but marriage between them is always risky.
Gemini - Sagittarius
Among these couples, things are different. Typically, they are world adventurers seeking 'company on the road'. Geminis are constantly looking for something new and Sagittarius pursue their distant goals. Eventually, one or the other is no longer willing to change. They are connected more as friends, than as lovers. Mainly because of children, they often maintain the relationship that otherwise would fall apart much sooner.
Gemini - Capricorn
A relationship between people of these two signs is possible only on the basis of mutual understanding, friendship and business cooperation. Marriage between them is very unrealistic and problematic and rarely works out.
Gemini - Aquarius
In these two members of the zodiac much is possible, not only friendship and cooperation, but also fun and an entertaining marriage, complete with favorable ideas and experiences.
Gemini - Pisces
Such a link is possible, but rarely occurs. Harmony here is impossible, for many reasons.