Love with Leo

Leo - Aries
Feelings easily arise as they are common in temperament and habits and can spend wonderful moments together. But marriage without sustainance and deep love is simply doomed.
Leo - Taurus
Neither is unable to be subjective, therefore frequent disputes and problems will ensue, and intimate relationships and marriage will not last.
Leo - Gemini
There is not only a strong physical attraction, but also many common interests. They tend to have a good marriage and interesting life.
Leo - Cancer
Again we encounter a couple where there is opportunity for a good friendship and cooperation, but marriage is rarely formed and even less successful.
Leo - Leo
The partnership between them and especially marriage are almost always unfortunate. Here is possible mighty friendship and fruitful cooperation, but no more. As a rule, after the initial passions was rapid cooling of feelings and emotions.
Leo - Virgo
Here is possible only friendship and good business relationship, because there is too much difference in temperament, character, manners and habits of the partners. If there is a marriage, it is particularly difficult.
Leo - Libra
According to information from the astrological statistics, between Leo and Libra there has been very rarely any division, divorce or quarrels. There is a form of communication and interest between them from the first meeting. They have good prospects for marriage and love.
Leo - Scorpio
This is an adverse partnership; there might be love and feelings, but there will be many difficulties. Their life together would be mired from the first meeting and danger and trouble would follow on the heels of their first days together.
Leo - Sagittarius
Marriage between Leo and Sagittarius is not only problematic, but also doomed to failure, separation and divorce. These people have unsuccessful business relations and partnerships.
Leo - Capricorn
Partnerships, partnerships and marriage are quite rare. One can speak only of friendship and good understanding (but not intimacy).
Leo - Aquarius
Deep feelings exist between Leo and Aquarius. The proud Leo sucks the vital juices of Aquarius. Conversely, the selfishness of the Lion of Aquarius represents a whole new perspective on things, which is not unattractive. Hurricane winds kindle the fire of Aquarius and Leo. There are a lot of misunderstandings, but also a lot of passion, which is typical in communicating between two completely different worlds.
Leo - Pisces
Marriage between Leo and Pisces, and cooperation between them suffers complete disaster and collapse. Between them there can be only fleeting times of love and fun, never for long. They have many dissimilarities in their temperaments.