Love with Libra

Libra - Aries
Great love can be born between Aries (impulsive and enterprising), and Libra - (neat, calm, diplomatic, enjoying success in society). Aries will feel the caution of Libra and Libra will sometimes be surprised by the explosive energy, freedom and vigor of Aries. The air of Libra positively affects the fire of Aries, which will burst into fire. The relationship may not be long, but it will certainly be beneficial for both.
Libra - Taurus
Many comments here are not necessary, because their lives are based on completely opposite principles. For them, long relationship and marriage between them is almost impossible.
Libra - Gemini
Statistics from World astrological publications suggest that an alliance between Gemini and Libra, especially marriage, ends 90% of the time in cases of divorce, relationship splits, conflicts and anxiety.
Libra - Cancer
This union is always problematic and often ends in failure.  Both partners suffer- both Cancer and Libra. In the beginning they have a liking for one another, but this ends very quickly.
Libra - Leo
According to information from the astrological statistics, between Leo and Libra there has been very rarely any division, divorce or quarrels. There is a form of communication and interest between them from the first meeting. They have good prospects for marriage and love.
Libra - Virgo
Their relations are doomed to failure and disappointment. Marital unions also disintegrate rapidly, because of the large selfishness of Virgo and Libra.

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Libra - Libra
As a rule, marriage or partnership alliance between two Libra people in most cases is doomed due to the vicissitudes of fate. There is the possibility of good partnerships on cultural grounds.
Libra - Scorpio
This alliance is based on great endurance tests. But since both partners are exceptional diplomats, it all depends on who is who and how he or she will outwit the other. The marriage union will collapse due to the tenacity and bravado of one or both of the partners.
Libra - Sagittarius
A happy and successful marriage can be had between them only if there is a strong and mutual love. It is possible to be good friends- and have good business relations.
Libra - Capricorn
Here friendly and comradely relations are unknown, and there should not be talk about love and marriage. Difficulties are due to the many differences between the partners in terms of temperament, feelings, emotions and understanding of life.
Libra - Aquarius
Good partnerships and alliances may be had between them. This is mainly due to the fact that both are indifferent to formal marriage and everything passes between them quietly, peacefully, without conflicts.
Libra - Pisces
Friendship here is possible; conditions for it are much more favorable, but cooperation is essential. In marriage, everything is possible - and separation, and widowhood for many different reasons.