Love with Sagittarius

Sagittarius - Aries
Together they complement each other, love is "sparked" at first sight. A harmonious and flourishing relationship and a good marriage can result.
Sagittarius - Taurus
Serious relationships and marriage between them is doomed, because it will not have a solid grounding. At best,they will have only a brief physical affair.
Sagittarius - Gemini
Among these couples, things are different. Typically, they are world adventurers seeking 'company on the road'. Geminis are constantly looking for something new and Sagittarius pursue their distant goals. Eventually, one or the other is no longer willing to change. They are connected more as friends, than as lovers. Mainly because of children, they often maintain the relationship that otherwise would fall apart much sooner.
Sagittarius - Cancer
Sagittarius has this life force and energy that draws Cancer both physically and spiritually, but between them is possible, primarily, only ideal friendship and ideal business collaboration. Their marriage is doomed to failure.
Sagittarius - Leo
Marriage between Leo and Sagittarius is not only problematic, but also doomed to failure, separation and divorce. These people have unsuccessful business relations and partnerships.
Sagittarius - Virgo
Here is something different. There are differences in temperament and in their views about the lives of everyone. However, there is great physical attraction, but the marriage is often not successful and doomed to failure.
Sagittarius - Libra
A happy and successful marriage can be had between them only if there is a strong and mutual love. It is possible to be good friends- and have good business relations.
Sagittarius - Scorpio
There are favorable conditions for friendship and friendship, relatively good cooperation is not precluded, but it must be based on trust and mutual understanding. Marriage between these partners is unfortunate.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius
This union is characterized by ardor, life, fun, rich experience and intimate experiences as well as mild disagreements, trips, surprises. Coexistence and prospects will be good.
Sagittarius - Capricorn
This alliance between the two zodiac signs is appropriate in those cases where there is physical attraction, when Capricorn is able to satisfy the sexual needs of Sagittarius. Otherwise there will be arguments, insults, accusations.
Sagittarius - Aquarius
Their relations are easy and comfortable. In this confused world, they look at things with the same eyes and are almost identical in their reactions. They value freedom and independence; both are independent. There is also a physical attraction. Marriages however, are are not very happy.
Sagittarius - Pisces
Despite the strong physical attraction, marriage between these representatives of the zodiac is often problematic, and more precisely - a failure. They have many differences and contradictions that cannot be overcome - almost never.