Love with Taurus

Taurus - Aries
Aries is one of the most reliable partners for Taurus, often they make a good union, with good understanding. They just need more patience, softness and consideration of each other's feelings.
Taurus - Taurus
Two purebred Taurus can make  good contacts, to meet and link their destinies forever safely. But it is good to do so only in a strong and sincere love, to not get frustrated and divided.
Taurus - Gemini
The links between them are poor and non-viable, although there are strong feelings and many common traits in their characters and morals. There is always the possibility of disputes and quarrels.
Taurus - Cancer
There are a lot of things that they have in common and therefore they can form and survive a wonderful relationship and marriage for life
Taurus - Leo
Neither is unable to be subjective, therefore frequent disputes and problems will ensue, and intimate relationships and marriage will not last.
Taurus - Virgo
Love, feelings, emotions between them are possible and favorable, with good prospects. Even if there is no love like "Romeo and Juliet", they will have the deepest sympathy and affection for each other and it can be stored for life.
Taurus - Libra
Many comments here are not necessary, because their lives are based on completely opposite principles. For them, long relationship and marriage between them is almost impossible.
Taurus - Scorpio
They may love madly and such pairs remain together for years, although their relationship is full of violent experiences, because of their diametrically opposite positions in the zodiac. These two characters have the greatest sexual appetite of the entire zodiac and feel a 
physical need to express it. Their attraction is deep. Although the venerable astrological experience has confirmed, that it is worth the effort at least once in life to be loved by a Scorpio, whose strong character is especially attracted to the morals of Taurus.
Taurus - Sagittarius
Serious relationships and marriage between them is doomed, because it will not have a solid grounding. At best,they will have only a brief physical affair.
Taurus - Capricorn
They can be faithful and sensitive to one another and have compatibility in character and temperament. Generally love at first sight between them it not possible. But there is a big "but". Everything is possible if backed by sound financial or other material benefits
Taurus - Aquarius
Marriage between them is possible and would be relatively good and equal, but there discord and difficulty are likely.
Taurus - Pisces
Everything for them stands on a reliable basis, as between them there is physical attraction and love passion and they will be faithful and devoted to each other to old age. They have much in common.