Love with Virgo

Virgo - Aries
Relationships, feelings and marriage are problematic and unsustainable. Relationships can exist only in ideal business collaboration, nothing more.
Virgo - Taurus
Love, feelings, emotions between them are possible and favorable, with good prospects. Even if there is no love like "Romeo and Juliet", they will have the deepest sympathy and affection for each other and it can be stored for life.
Virgo - Gemini
The connection between them consists of a mixture of life elixir of Virgo and the nervousness of Gemini. A relationship is likely to last a long time, but must be kept on mutual compromise and respect.
Virgo - Cancer
Fear of the unknown and lack of means compel and force Cancer to live very carefully and to set aside something for a "rainy day"; this is especially the so for Virgo. So between them are born great partnership and desire for marriage.

Virgo - Leo
Here is possible only friendship and good business relationship, because there is too much difference in temperament, character, manners and habits of the partners. If there is a marriage, it is particularly difficult.
Virgo - Virgo
Between two Virgo there is rarely a harmonious union, but betrayal here is almost never an issue. These are two fencers, who try to strike each other, but only verbally.
Virgo - Libra
Their relations are doomed to failure and disappointment. Marital unions also disintegrate rapidly, because of the large selfishness of Virgo and Libra.
Virgo - Scorpio
In this union there has always been controversy, disagreements and more controversies, scandals and conflicts. A good marriage can exist only when one unquestioningly obeys the other. But this is rare.
Virgo - Sagittarius
Here is something different. There are differences in temperament and in their views about the lives of everyone. However, there is great physical attraction, but the marriage is often not successful and doomed to failure.
Virgo - Capricorn
With them it is possible to have cloudless happiness. They do not know any bitterness, nor disappointment, nor divorce and parting of the ways. The marriage union is a long and happy. Attraction is not only external and physical, but they have a close spiritual connection.
Virgo - Aquarius
There is the possibility of a physical attraction, but marital union is doomed to failures and separation and divorce. Here you rarely have business connections and do not talk about friendship.
Virgo - Pisces
Helpful Earth combines with Water. And this is a link between two worlds that seemingly have nothing to do with one another, but actually are very close. Pisces patiently listens to Virgo and fans her passion that Virgo does not even recognize.