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The Master Beinsa Douno  is amongst the most famous personalities in Bulgarian history and spiritual culture. The principal subjects in his lectures and talks are: man's place and role in the Universe, in Nature and Society, the spiritual understanding of Culture, Ethics, Psychology, Medicine, Music etc.He gives exercises for breathing, meditation and concentration.He founds the Paneurythmics, which is played nowadays in USA,Canada, France, Russia, Kongo and other countries in the world.
Amid the doubts, despair, conflicts and chaos of our times, the presence of a Great Soul brings Light, dispelling the darkness. The Master Beinsa Douno gave the knowledge of the coming of a new culture based upon three principles: Love that brings life, Wisdom that gives light and Truth that gives freedom. MORE:

"I will now talk a little about the coordination of human organs, thoughts and feelings. There must be coordination in every home, in every society, in every country, in every religion or in science. Anyone who wants to know the exact meaning of the word coordination can find it in a dictionary. To coordinate things means to harmonize, to be brought under that basic law, under which all bodies can help each other. For example, all the organs in the human body must be coordinated in such a way that each of them individually helps the others, each of them to perform his service independently, without interfering in the work of the others. This is real science! The science of future humanity, which is the science of the sixth race, will begin, namely, with the law of coordination. Every organ in man must coordinate with all other organs. For example, if a person suffers from a disorder of his stomach, he must know what is the cause of this disorder. When a person suffers from a stomach or abdominal disorder, it is due to two opposite feelings that have collided in him. These two opposite feelings bring about a disturbance in the coordination of the organs. When there is a disturbance in the coordination of the muscles, it is due to some fear that appears in the person. 
For example, someone is afraid of how he will end his life. As a result of this fear, in the bodies that are intended to perform a certain service, there is a false position that they cannot perform this service and gradually disappear. With these thoughts, with this fear, a person gives a crooked direction, a crooked direction of the service of his muscles. According to the law of human coordination, it is determined to travel 2-3-5-10 kilometers a day. If he becomes frightened and does not do what nature has ordained for him, it will not be long before the nature is going to punish him. Then, nature determined man to eat clean and simple food. Once she sent the man to earth, she foresaw what food to eat. Therefore, man must choose for himself the food provided for him by nature itself. If he does not choose this food, if he does not obey the laws of nature, then the other organs in his body will not coordinate with his stomach and there will be a disturbance in the general course of the body. In addition, it is definitely up to the person how many times he has to breathe per minute. 
Today, modern people hardly breathe properly and evenly. Some take in air indiscriminately, breathe unevenly, as a result of which there is no coordination between other organs. The laws of rational nature must also be observed when eating. Some people eat very fast, looking to eat an hour sooner to continue the work that awaits them outside. As a result of fast eating, the coordination of the organs is disturbed again. When a man eats, he should not hurry; there must be some plasticity in eating. All muscles must be involved in chewing so that there is full coordination between them. If there is no complete coordination between all the organs, as well as between all the muscles of the body, a certain counteraction will be formed, as a result of which a number of painful conditions will be born. Religious teachers of the past, in order to restore this coordination, gave their students a series of rules and methods, some relating to nutrition, others to proper breathing, still others to proper attitudes, and to human thoughts and feelings. They recommended prayer to their students as a method of restoring complete harmony, full coordination of the organs. First of all, when a person starts eating, he must be completely convinced whether to accept the food offered to him by his relatives or not; he needs to know if this food will have a good effect on his body. 
If a man, as soon as he puts the first bite in his mouth, says that his wife has not cooked well, he should stop eating. If you want to finish your meal well, you should take a bite of bread, dip it in salt and swallow it. Thus he will eliminate the food and at the same time with any dissatisfaction that has arisen in him during the meal. If a person eats and is dissatisfied with something, that dissatisfaction will cause some kind of brain disorder. Dissatisfaction brings false thoughts and feelings into a person. For example, if a man is dissatisfied with the food his wife has cooked, he will begin to think that she is dissatisfied with him, that she is not careful, does not pay attention to him, is not interested, does not think about him, and so on. .n. These false thoughts are already about to bring discord between the internal organs of this person, which in turn affects their proper service."