Druid Horoscope. Gallic horoscope

The horoscope of the Druids, sometimes also called the Gallic horoscope. The Druids attached great importance to the forest, the trees among which they had to live. Hence, obviously, their connection of human characters with trees. They argued that every person, like a tree, has its own specific features, advantages and disadvantages. Everyone requires certain living conditions.
The Druids attached great importance to the winter and summer opposition of the Sun, the spring or summer equinox. On these days solemn processions were organized and white bulls were sacrificed. In general, the position of the Sun relative to the Earth serves as the basis of their horoscope. In accordance with it, the fate of a person, his future, character and abilities depend on the removal of the Sun from the Earth on the day of his birth. Therefore, each sign has two periods of validity:
APPLE TREE (December 23 - January 01), (June 25 - July 4)
She is rarely tall, pleases the eye, has a lot of cuteness in her, well-built, a lot of charm and cordiality. Inspires the thought of love, even when she herself does not think about it (which rarely happens).
APPLE TREE is a very sentimental, sensitive tree. Love interests her both theoretically and, of course, practically. Often he decides to get married without feeling great feelings for his partner (APPLE TREE is a very versatile tree), but this does not mean a final rejection of love and feelings.
If she accidentally meets a partner corresponding to her spirit and taste, then their marriage will be bliss. The APPLE TREE is always faithful in love (both free and married, and even married) until a late age.
Disinterested, sloppy, easily deceived. I would give my own shirt, share my last piece of bread. With all this, however, the APPLE TREE is not a simpleton. Without thinking about tomorrow, she lives from day to day, at times makes debts and forgets about them, which is generally natural for her. She is a philosopher full of fantasy, enjoying life and not wanting to surprise or convince anyone. Do not take her, however, for a frivolous creature. Intelligent, thoughtful and logical, APPLE TREE has a penchant for science. She reads everything related to her area of interest. The sum of her knowledge is surprisingly large, but she does not try to amaze anyone, she simply reads everything in order to satisfy her curiosity. Scientific theories seem to interest her to the same extent as good cuisine. Prefers the pleasures of this world to the bliss of the next.
Traits of those born under the sign of the APPLE TREE: emotionality, cordiality, intelligence, a tendency to think, logic, an analytical mind.
FIR (January 02 - January 11), (July 05 - July 14)
She is rather cold, austere beauty, loves antique jewelry, as well as extinguished lamps, perfume smells, old things and holidays full of grandeur. Capricious and not always easy to communicate and live together. A sense of isolation is developed, so she often feels lonely even in a large team. Little gives in to extraneous influence, but rarely expresses his opinion, does not differ in great talkativeness and gaiety. Very proud, persistent in achieving goals. In love, rarely satisfied. Demanding and intractable. She always wants to get a lot from life, because she knows about her virtues, and she usually succeeds. It also happens that she falls in love without memory, and then the whole world is wrecked. Her love is boundless.
Exceptionally smart, has analytical abilities, scientific inclinations, but does not always achieve success. It happens that she works in a field that has nothing to do with her inclinations and specialty. He takes his work seriously and reaches certain heights with conscientiousness and scrupulousness.
Faced with a choice among various solutions, she usually chooses the most difficult one. Creating difficult situations for herself and others is, in fact, her vocation.
Noble, no matter what happens - you can rely on her entirely. In any situation, he knows how not to lose his presence of mind, hope and faith. FIR is above trifles. She is choosy and prefers satisfaction in big pleasures to small pleasures.
Features of those born under the sign of FIR: intellectual mindset, propensity for analysis, reflection, logic, asceticism.
ELM (January 12 - January 24), (July 15 - July 25)
Big, slender, handsome. Very attractive to others, but has something restraining in itself. Not too much, however, takes care of himself, dresses with some simplicity, often cannot part with his old favorite sweater.
Elm is not pretentious and does not like to complicate his life. It is characterized by calmness and balance. The most notable drawback is slowness. The tendency to moralize is the most obnoxious trait.
Contrary to appearances, he is in poor health. Straightforward and open, disarming with generosity. Believes in human kindness. The cause he defends is always noble, and he believes that sooner or later he will achieve recognition. Stronger than others, experiencing failure. Knows how to do a lot for the benefit of his and loved ones, has a developed sense of responsibility, duty.
Passionate in feelings, maybe even ardent. If his choice is successful, he will be able to create the conditions for love in his house to survive the diamond wedding.
He likes to lead and to a much lesser extent - to obey. Influences others and often uses his influence. Skilled in managing people. His demands are as great as the love he gives himself.
Be patient with him, he's worth it. Can be very loyal. Has common sense and skillful hands. He has a lively mind, concrete and practical. He has a sense of humor and often this sense saves him in moments of disappointment. His life will be pleasant and without any shocks, i.e. the way he wants to be.
Traits of those born under the sign of ELM: observation, organizational skills, realism.
CYPARIS (January 25 - February 03), (July 26 - August 04)
Slender, strong, with a chiseled strong silhouette and simple regular features. However, there is something harsh in him, something from a man of nature. It is not devoid of sophistication, there is something in it from a person unspoiled by civilization. Satisfied with little and adapts to the situation. Can live under any conditions and be happy at the same time. Quickly reaches maturity and independence.
Does not attach importance to success in life, does not pursue fame, money. The only thing he wants is to be happy. Avoids everything that would put him in trouble. He loves summer walks, animals and hunting. It can be seen in the boat, thinking about the fishing rod and, despite this, he does not like loneliness. He tries to arrange his life in such a way as to be among a large family or (from a young age) in a constant society of friends. Not sentimental. Most often, a somewhat rude person, but not without spiritual warmth), (severe, but at the same time calm. Pleasant in society. His presence has a calming effect.
CYPARIS loves to dream and, rather, allows itself to be carried by the course of life than organizes it. Immersed in dreams, thoughts are always somewhere else. Avoids heated discussions, regardless of the subject of the dispute. Actually, the elasticity of his character is what they are looking for in him. Unreachable in our loyalty. He is faithful to his love, friendship, memories, and if he gives someone a feeling, then without hesitation, you can turn to him for help. His intelligence is speculative. Favorite hobby - reasoning on any topic. Judgments are thoughtful and sensible. His life most often flows calmly and evenly among those whom he loves.
Traits of those born under the sign of CYPRESS: constancy of feeling, loyalty, reflexivity, intelligence, analytical mind, logic.
TOPOL (February 04 - February 08), (August 05 - August 13)
Decorative, slenderness and beauty from early youth. Over the years, however, he creates problems for himself. He is very sensitive to the passage of time, he begins to be afraid of old age too early, from this fear he ages even more. Only the good influence of others can help, so you need to carefully choose the people with whom you have to communicate.
Care must be taken when changing the place of residence: not every environment is conducive to the development of POPLAR. He feels bad in cramped conditions, but does not like, however, to live apart. He feels the need for comrades, but is tormented by the environment of persons not chosen by himself. Very sensitive to infringement of freedom and easily falls into pessimism. He tries not to show it, but no one can be mistaken about this for a long time.
His love is sensitive to the slightest trouble, and even little things can throw him off balance. At times he is touched by himself, but more often he manages to hide it, and in this reticence he finds a kind of pleasure.
Courage and pride help him overcome the most difficult tasks, and anxiety is rarely seen on his face. Those who know him little often mistake him for a cheerful and calm person.
He is not a materialist, has a penchant for altruism. At the same time, it is superbly organized and does not forget about the future. In marriage - difficult happiness, sometimes too sensitive and too independent. His weapon in matrimonial skirmishes is indifference, complemented by a smile and a joke. If he cannot do otherwise, he tends to be hostile towards his partner.
Has a subtle innate mind that does not age at all. His shrewdness and critical mind can even sometimes influence his ambition. Many poplars are found among physicians.
Traits of those born under the sign of PORPOL: the need for independence, a tendency to neurasthenia, dreaminess and synthesis, intuition and fantasy, an inspired mind.
KARTAS SOUTHERN (February 09 - February 18), (August 14 - August 23)
Spreading, powerful and although not very slender, it gives the impression of a solid and beautiful plant. Easily adapts to any conditions. True, he also dreams of comfort, but if necessary, he can spend the night in the open. Has good health. Everywhere he feels at home and does not know what shyness is. Dynamic, confident, makes you reckon with yourself, at the same time very sensitive to jokes about his person and does not really understand them.
He likes to amaze, to take by surprise, to be the center of everyone's attention, ready for any sacrifice to achieve this. He believes that it is he who should make decisions and pronounce the final word. He resolves the most difficult issues with brilliance. Knows no danger, improvident and has the gift of getting involved in unforeseen situations. Fortunately, however, they can easily get out of them. Proud, proud, straightforward, and at the same time an incorrigible optimist, which often leads to careless actions both in business and in personal life. Has a nature prone to excesses. With apparent independence, he is inclined to succumb to outside influence. Guided by an experienced hand, it can become a weapon of someone else's will. He devotes himself with his soul and body to the cause that he himself has chosen, therefore among the KARTASS there are many heroes, but there are also many martyrs.
Subject to other people's influences, he himself also has the ability to influence others. It has an inspiring effect on those around you. Very persistent and belongs to those who are always right.
Sensitive, receptive and sentimental - can become attached forever and perceives this love with a capital letter. The rest is perceived as a pleasant and meaningless way of spending time. Intelligent and has the ability to synthesize the perception of problems. The speed with which he thinks and makes decisions is amazing. Often reveals a penchant for artistry, mainly in the field of music. In any case, he has a great sense of rhythm. Born to be adventurous, leads a generally mobile and varied working life.
Traits of those born under the Sign of KARTAS: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, ability to deduce.
PINE (February 19 - February 28/29), (August 24 - September 02)
Exquisite silhouette, beautiful, decorative. He knows how to emphasize his merits. He loves the house, valuable items, beautiful interior. Often that sweet home, without which she could not develop, creates herself. They say that she knows what she wants, but does not allow herself to be carried by the will of the waves, which is not enough for her that life itself gives. There is nothing submissive in her, she is able to plan and subordinate the conditions to her needs.
Courageous, meets resistance with her head up and does not allow bad luck to overcome herself. Thanks to courage and the ability to take risks, he always goes ahead. In work, she is able to succeed, regardless of the type of activity that she chooses.
PINE is distinguished by the persistence with which she follows the chosen path and from which it is difficult to knock her down. Knows how to get out of the most difficult situation. Very fast and precise in action.
Despite the friendliness in handling and the ability to be a nice friend, there is no excessive complexity and generosity in her. Your own well-being and comfort comes first. The failures of others do not banish sleep from her eyelids, although she does occasionally mention them sympathetically in friendly conversations. Only in one shows weakness - in love. Sensual and impulsive - easily addicted, and then it's too late.
With all this, he has a penetrating mind and orderly thinking, and is a good organizer. Knows how to make the necessary efforts to achieve the goals and, as a rule, achieves them. From any, even from love, troubles he knows how to get out with honor. The sign of PINE is extremely favorable for women.
Traits of those born under the sign of PINE: aesthetic mind, organizational skills, a penchant for analysis.
IVA (March 01 - March 10), (September 03 - September 12)
With its song melancholic beauty, IVA is very attractive and original. Even if only appearance determines the basis of her charms (especially if IVA is a woman), you feel something mysterious in her. She is full of vague thoughts, unconscious desires, which sometimes she herself cannot determine.
Very sensitive, loves the heat of the sun, being near the water. Reacts to all smells and tastes. Like no one else, he can use momentary joys and not deny himself any of them. You should not believe the external meekness of the WILLOW. Contrary to her, she is businesslike and decisive, knows well what she wants. She never imposes anything on anyone, because she has a developed sense of respect for others and no desire to command.
There is something of a poet in it. Her melancholic maxims about the approaching autumn and the fleeting life should not be taken too seriously and considered a manifestation of pessimism. IVA can be a very difficult partner, as it does not have the ability to adapt quickly and does not like compromises.
Her defenselessness and helplessness is often only a tactic. At times for fun, and sometimes for personal gain, she brilliantly knows how to play a weak creature out of herself. In general, in life he knows how to protect himself perfectly.
In feelings, she is more romantic than sentimental. He loves sensual pleasures, makes them poetic. IVA does not like everyday, colorless feelings. She has artistic abilities, intuition and a rich imagination. Sometimes she is a good psychologist, which, with a certain insight, allows her to guess other people's thoughts and desires. Her life could have flowed quite calmly, if not for the excessive attraction to love suffering. However, her complaints should not be taken seriously: feelings that are not embellished with suffering are not appreciated by her.
Traits of those born under the sign of WILLOW: intuition, rich imagination.
LINDE (March 11 - March 20), (September 13 - September 22)
She is incredibly charming and knows how to use her charm. It can turn anyone's head. She dreams of a stable, secure, comfortable life and often does not realize that all this is of no greater importance to her. It easily adapts to any conditions. It is enough for her to have a tent to create an atmosphere of home comfort. Calm in appearance and even somewhat weak-willed, silent, shy, at the same time serene and pessimistic. Often LIPA goes through life with a feeling of boredom. This is her main enemy.
Sometimes unstable, especially sensitive to flattery. Full of contradictions, very difficult to decipher. One thing is certain about her: she is very pretty. It is very pleasant and easy to communicate with her, there is a feeling of mental comfort. Linden patiently listens to the interlocutor, treats his neighbors with respect, does not seek to command them. Everyone loves her very much even when she can not really be relied upon.
She has a practical mindset, a penchant for technology, is resourceful and accurate. If he meets a soul mate on the path of life, conjugal love can restore her balance, relieve contradictions. At the same time, he has a highly developed sense of self-worth. Sometimes jealous, often for no reason.
Traits of those born under the sign of LINDE: sociability, observation, realism, organizational skills.
NUT (March 22 - March 31), (September 24 - October 03)
Often weak, inconspicuous. Does not impose his "I" on the opinions of others. But if you get to know him better, it is impossible not to succumb to the charm that he radiates, not to see his original mind.
HAZEL is content with little, adapts to all sorts of conditions of life and understands everything. His appearance produces an almost magical effect. If he wants, he can please, he knows how to make himself love. Knows how to be kind, wise, patient, but can also be dangerous, evil, harmful. Everything in him is sorcery - white or black, depending on his momentary mood or his own whim. Without a trace of kindness or subtly evil - such is HAZEL, and not without reason, people born under this sign were often accused of witchcraft in the Middle Ages. Having become attached to someone, he will do everything to make his life easier. But be careful if you don't win his sympathy.
Despite modesty and restraint, it never goes unnoticed. Extremely original, unlike anyone else, life interprets differently than everyone else.
Even when he is loved, he awakens a feeling of unease. Able to guess the most intimate thoughts, make unexpected proposals, acts in such a way that you can expect everything from him. Very unbalanced, can be very initiative, and can leave everything and go with the flow. He is aware of this, even the village pretends to be a very prudent person.
In love, it can be the most beloved or the most painful partner. Subject to rapid mood changes. Take it if you're not afraid of risk. If living together with him does not bring peace, it will be very exciting.
He has versatile knowledge, learns and comprehends everything unusually quickly and easily. But it depends only on his good will whether he will apply his knowledge profitably and completely.
Traits of those born under the sign of the HAZEL: a tendency to synthesis, intuition, fantasy.
РЯБИНА (01 апреля - 10 апреля), (04 октября - 13 октября)
За хрупкой внешностью скрывается стойкая натура. Мила и обаятельна, а по легкой походке можно судить и узнать ее издалека. Улыбка почти не покидает ее лица, не столько из-за внутренней веселости, сколько благодаря самоконтролю. Умеет подчеркнуть собственные достоинства, любит хорошо одеваться. Обладает хорошем вкусом.
Быстро привыкает к изменениям обстановки. Любит доставлять ближним радость, даже в ущерб себе. Не эгоистична, но несколько эгоцентрична. Самостоятельна, но иногда позволяет поставить себя в зависимое положение. Стремится, однако, жить самостоятельной жизнью. Большое чувство ответственности заставляет ее чувствовать себя виноватой за все происходящее (комплекс вины). Контакты с ней трудны, а взаимоотношения сложны. Ей недостает простоты.
Ее отличают чувствительность к внешним воздействиям, любовь к прекрасному, лояльность и приветливость. На нее всегда можно положиться. Иногда бывает наивна и позволяет себя эксплуатировать. В любви дает много, но и требует многого. Постоянно проверяет чувство. Ее нельзя обманывать, нельзя разочаровывать, она не простит.
РЯБИНА не продаст. Ее личная жизнь очень богата. Полна забот о завтрашнем дне. Предусмотрительна, что часто наводит на мысль о супружеских связях с ней. Очень умна и часто весьма эффектна. Случается, что некоторые свои планы не реализует, погрязнув в будничных делах.
Черты рожденных под знаком РЯБИНЫ: чуткость ума, фантазия, склонность к синтезу, интуиция, воображение.
КЛЕН (11 апреля - 20 апреля), (14 октября - 23 октября)
Аккуратный, ухоженный, иногда даже малость кокетливый. Часто бывает там, где наиболее интересно. Следит за модой. Не принадлежит к числу заурядных личностей. Полон энергии и бодрости, неутомим. КЛЕН, как говорят, всегда на высоте положения. Его можно причислить к индивидуалистам. Хотя по своей природе КЛЕН сдержан и несмел, он может принимать самые рискованные решения, в основе которых лежит не столько материальный фактор, сколько жизненный интерес. Не любит засиживаться дома, охотно узнает новых людей. Имеет дар вызывать людей на, откровенность. Но не следует опасаться, если что-то ему поведал, - он никогда не осуждает чужих поступков и не болтает о чужих секретах.
Обычно бывает полон планов, зачастую необычных, экстравагантных. Любит всевозможные новинки, с энтузиазмом защищает новые идеи, но сам редко реализует собственные проекты. Это, однако, не мешает ему получать удовлетворение от своих широких горизонтов. Есть в нем и капля цинизма. Он не любит и не боится общественного мнения. Напротив, ему нравится, чтобы о нем говорили. В любви он сложен. Идет удивительными и непредвиденными дорогами. Но это не означает, что он не сможет найти счастья, если встретит партнера с аналогичным мышлением и вкусом. Ум имеет ясный и проницательный. Несмотря на то, что полон проблем, не лишен ни воображения, ни интуиции. Одним словом, характер многосторонний.
Черты рожденных под знаком КЛЕНА: живой характер, чувство юмора, способность к дедукции, аналитический склад ума.
NUT (April 21 - April 30), (October 24 - November 02)
Naturalness in his eyes is not a virtue. He cares about style, subtle and refined manners, but in reality he is just timid. NUT often consists of contradictions, is capricious, aggressive, selfish. But he is also hospitable, polite, bold in his plans.
He can be both loyal and faithful, and fickle. You never know how he will act in this or that case and how to deal with him.
Without any reason, he gives and deprives his friendship and love. Sometimes he likes to suffer and gladly makes others suffer. He needs to complicate the situation. Tortured by the need to show his exclusivity, jealous and affable, NUT is not distinguished by balance. If you love him or are on friendly terms with him, you will be constantly exposed to surprises. Take care of him if you feel that you can resist his influence, otherwise he will completely subordinate you to his will.
In life, he can be a great strategist. He well assesses the consequences of his intentions, decides on very insidious actions, does not allow himself to be restrained by excessive remorse. Often conquers others with speed of action. However, there are also NUTS-quiet.
Strives that his life was not ordinary. He is not afraid of risk, he does not try to please, he does not accept compromises, he does not walk the trodden paths. A NUT has many friends, but also many enemies. He believes that he can only rely on himself. Cares about maintaining their own independence and isolation. Sometimes it happens to be special, which cannot be ignored and which has to be reckoned with.
Traits of those born under the sign of the NUT: determination, observation, organizational skills.
JASMINE (May 01 - May 14), (November 03 - November 11)
Mobile, lively and sociable, attracts to him with free and skillful conversation, in addition to his desire, becomes the center of attention.
Usually it is from him that they expect to create a relaxed atmosphere in society. Everyone seems to be balanced, cheerful and without life's problems. Only those closest to him know how, in fact, he is sensitive and capable of being disappointed. Therefore, no matter how hard JASMINE tries to hide it, he is a pessimist from birth.
What in others is incredulity, in him turns into prudence and leads to actions that are cautious and far-sighted.
What others have is suspicion, he has only a deeply hidden reserve. He, like no one else, understands the advantage in diplomacy and the ability to organize harmonious relations with others. Unfortunately, these virtues are less common in his own home. Here he seeks to satisfy the need for independence. He does not like to feel bound, does not like restrictions (duties depress him), despite the fact that he always obeys his duty. He is not alien to a sense of responsibility, but it does not always cause him the best mood. Life in marriage with JASMINE is not easy. Moreover, he is quickly disappointed and gains prejudice. He loves children and feels good with them. Not expecting much from life, he has high hopes for children. He knows how to explain the most difficult questions to them simply and clearly, he does it diligently and judiciously. Children bring him the greatest joy and satisfaction in life. JASMINE is not a materialist, but often makes good money. He is not afraid of work, his intelligence and liveliness of thought are highly valued by his superiors.
Traits of those born under the sign of JASMINE: critical mind, intelligence combined with fantasy, intuition.
CHESTNUT (May 15 - May 24), (November 12 - November 21)
CHESTNUT is very beautiful, even decorative, but does not try to conquer others with its attractiveness. Needs space, full of vivacity and strength. He has an innate sense of justice, any violation of it will be an incentive for him to involuntary protest. He is ready to defend his innocence by any means, regardless of the consequences. He is hostile to prudence, to all sorts of tactical and diplomatic tricks, which often unintentionally turns people against him. The lack of flexibility in communicating with others leads to the fact that he changes many activities and experiences many disappointments, which he remembers for a long time, as he is very impressionable and sensitive.
Despite perseverance and endurance, there is no stubbornness. He knows how to be prudent and prudent, due to which he usually does not have material problems. He attaches great importance to the rules of morality and is inclined to puritanism, despite a certain sensuality. Unexpected in him is the attraction to the comforts of life. Sometimes it gives the impression of being unadapted to life, but this is only a consequence of hostility and lack of trust in oneself and others.
CHESTNUT is too intractable to find mutual understanding, and often enjoys the fame of an unscrupulous person. Perhaps this is due to his predilection for shocking others. It requires a lot of love, but he himself can truly love only once, and therefore it is difficult for him to find happiness. The need for love and at the same time the fear that he might not be loved complicates his relationship with a partner. His complexes are manifested in defiant behavior and are often incomprehensible to others. Mental life is alive and concrete, based on observation. Darovit, fast and accurate, but has a penchant for daydreaming and philosophical reflection. In his life, much depends on the environment. Full development of abilities is received only when he finds sympathy and understanding from his loved ones.
Traits of those born under the sign of CHESTNUT: courage, realism, observation and insight, organizational skills.
ASH (May 25 - June 03), (November 22 - December 01)
This is a beautiful strong tree. It looks nice, has a slender silhouette, is elegant and free to move. Like yourself. However, it is not easy to live with him all the time. It has a lively character and is very demanding. He strives to be taken care of, thought and lived the way he likes best, to do only what he wants. And since it has an inclination towards an independent and independent life, not everyone tolerates it well.
Laughs at life's difficulties, which creates the impression of irresponsibility and lack of will. But this is only an appearance. ASH knows very well what he wants, and even better - what he does not want. Proud in everything related to his own success and well-being.
In pursuit of his own happiness, he is so selfish that he can trample on everything that hinders him on the way to his goal. Selfish, but not stingy. Generous, shares everything.
This capricious nature in the field of love shows completely different features: it can be prudent, constant, prudent. Actually, in this area, ASH has the greatest success and knows how to choose well, weigh all the pros and cons. His marriage of love is at the same time a marriage of reason. He rarely makes mistakes and makes a lot of efforts to organize family life, and he often succeeds. His mind is based primarily on intuition. Original and full of fantasy. Just like ROWAN, WILLOW and NUT, ASH has an extraordinary gift of insight. Often he likes to have fun playing the prophet, and when his predictions are fulfilled, the glory of his mind and insight is even more strengthened.
ASH always plays a little with fate. But this tree is reliable, do not be afraid to hide in its shade. Traits of those born under the sign of ASH: intelligence, desire for synthesis, intuition, fantasy.
HORNBEAM (June 04 - June 13), (December 02 - December 11)
A beautiful tree, but without much charm. From a young age it is often very beautiful, but over time it loses this quality. GRUB treats the world around him with indulgence. This is the type of aesthete. His attention is drawn to the form rather than the content. In his personal life, he is primarily interested in his own superiority.
Has a pronounced tendency to discipline and obedience. Loves differences, dreams of awards and honors, yearns for admiration from others. Most of all, he likes to obey the established order and therefore rarely takes the initiative. Decision making is accompanied by the fear of making a mistake. At the same time, he has a sense of responsibility and justice. He does not like deviations from generally accepted rules, reluctantly leaves the straight, trodden and proven road. And he treats new ideas with caution, at the same time being an opponent of the attitude: "Oh, it doesn't matter!".
In love, he is distinguished by great decency. Feeling is regarded as a responsible matter. He makes a sweet and pleasant partner. But if life offers him a choice between love and duty, as a rule, he chooses the latter. Traits of those born under the sign of HORNBEAM: intellectuality, intuition, fantasy, a penchant for artistry.
FIG TREE (FIG) (June 14 - June 23), (December 12 - December 20)
This FIG wood is delicate, with expressive features. It does not have beauty, but it does not go unnoticed. Somewhat impressive and with some complexes, not everywhere feels good. Requires living space and warmth. Withers in adverse conditions. Doesn't handle hardship well. Becoming impressionable, overflowing with bitterness, dries up. In such conditions, its security system weakens, and it is necessary to be very careful not to destroy the tree. Has strongly developed family feelings. He feels the need for constant contact with his loved ones, even if they are not able to appreciate it and justify his hopes. It has a need for stability, despite the fact that it itself is not very constant in many ways.
The character is emotional and condescending. Sometimes he pays for this with peace of mind and the joys of life, especially since he shows resistance to temptations. Although fickle (more often in thoughts), he tries to clearly fulfill daily duties. You can rely on him. He works diligently, although deep down he is lazy. Impulsive and full of good intentions, but life goes on in a constant struggle with their own weaknesses.
INZHIR is a realist and is always businesslike and enterprising. This tree is a real treasure for their loved ones. It brings good results. Plant it in your garden and take good care of it - you won't regret it. It is one of those who are worth marrying. But do not expect miracles from him, he does not belong to the number of romantic lovers. He appreciates simple feelings more than "some fantasies." Any tree without complexes that understands it goes well with it. But attention: FIG TREE is very touchy!
Traits of those born under the sign of FIG: impulsiveness, practical mind, observation, realism, organizational skills.
OAK (March 21 - spring equinox)
Full of life, strength and beauty, not having anything fragile in itself. The movements are majestic and full of virtues, they awaken respect in people with their solid appearance. He is absolutely healthy, which is very important in his case, since he does not tolerate weakness and disease, and the sight of blood can lead him to faint.
Very brave, but his courage comes not so much from his spiritual qualities, but from excessive pride. He does not want to be considered a coward and, warning of acute circumstances, reacts sharper than required. Self-possessed and strong-willed, he does not have the habit of deviating from a previously made decision and, as a rule, always achieves his goal. But his intransigence also has bad sides: OAK is not able to be flexible and his intransigence gives him trouble. I would achieve a lot if I could be a diplomat even a little.
He himself is more than independent. He does not tolerate any restrictions and his actions often border on arbitrariness. However, he respects the opinion and independence of others. Friendly and hospitable, faithful in friendship, but not always so in love. It is a fickle creature, a victim of regular hobbies, confident that "now it's forever." In marriage, it can settle down over time.
Standing firmly on its feet, as if grown into its surroundings, continues and develops the current situations. Does not strive for change and accepts changes caused by the actions of others with discontent. He is a conservative. Despite the fact that time is capable of selfless deeds, he always remembers his own benefit and focuses all his attention on personal problems. The stranger is not interested in his life.
Absorb his concrete deeds, thinks clearly and in a businesslike way, is a man of action, not devoid of intuition. Refers to the number of people who, regardless of the circumstances, always remain in their own interests. Usually he provides his loved ones with a life in full prosperity.
Traits of those born under the sign of OAK: decisiveness, accuracy in actions, practical mind, realism, observation, organizational skills.
BIRCH (June 24 - summer confrontation)
Flexible and aristocratic, light, sweet in life together. Taking advantage of success, he never abuses anyone's courtesy, knows how to be delicate and restrained, does not impose his sympathies and moods, does not demand anything and does not regret anything. Modest to the point of puritanism, but always elegant, without any moralization. Full of a sense of proportion and tolerance, can not stand one thing - vulgarity. Luxury and any window dressing are alien to her. There is not a shadow of snobbery in it. She would most willingly live in the countryside, but she can get used to any place, just to be able to work in peace. Despite the graceful appearance, BIRCH grows in labor and loves to work.
Her modest and delicate nature determines her penchant for love with a calm flow. Sentimental, not afraid of feelings too passionate. It can be loyal and faithful, knows how to create an atmosphere of comfort and home happiness at home. It happens that he enters into marital relations somewhat recklessly, but he never regrets his choice.
The most distinctive feature for BIRCH is intelligence. The power of her imagination and ingenuity truly knows no bounds. Work is always perceived creatively. The ability to think creatively and put your thought into practice, combined with its efficiency, opens all doors for it.
Despite the fact that he can engage in any kind of activity, he achieves the greatest success in the field of art. Uncommunicative, and this is her only drawback. Social life, contacts with influential people do not attract her attention. BIRCH is often happy. She demands so little from life - a close heart and a good library are enough for her.
Traits of those born under the sign of BIRCH: softness of character, synthesis, intuition, fantasy.
OLIVE TREE (OLIVE) (September 23 - autumnal equinox)
Small, sometimes on the border of beautiful and ugly, but not devoid of charm. Often he is bothered by rheumatism, therefore he loves the sun very much and suffers from its absence. Balanced, calm, there is nothing aggressive in him, and all this is due to the unwillingness to complicate his life. He knows how to be tolerant, although he has his own views on life. Allows others to have their own judgment as well. Never interferes in other people's affairs.
OIL is so delicate that it is easy to accuse her of indifference, but she is not indifferent at all. On the contrary, if necessary, anyone can turn to her for help.
In any situation, he does not part with a smile. Partly due to the ability to control himself, but above all because he considers it pointless to upset the nervous system. It has the ability to convey its state of peace and serenity to others. Although the OLIVE is kind and warm-hearted, she has enough intelligence and common sense not to let her kindness be exploited. Has an innate sense of justice. She understands everything, knows how to enter into someone else's position, and her inherent impartiality makes her forget about herself. She knows about it and puts up with it in advance. Therefore, she is loved and appreciated, although she herself does nothing to impress others. Restrained in communication. In love, MASLINA tries not to be jealous, respects the independence of the partner, even if you have to suffer silently because of this. It happens that he makes far-reaching concessions, up to the renunciation of his own love. But this does not at all speak of her weakness and humility. Just the most important thing for the OIL is peace.
He is distinguished by great intelligence, devotes a lot of time to reflection, loves to read, study and expand his horizons. Although not striving for it, she always attracts attention and sometimes becomes famous. Belongs to the number of people who bring peace and happiness to others, leaving behind.
Traits of those born under the sign of the OIL: correct judgment, analytical mind, ability to deduce and reflect.
BUK (December 21-22 - winter confrontation)
Slender and handsome. Refers to those who live to a ripe old age, retaining all the qualities inherent in youth. He manages to keep a good shape, stately silhouette, agility and flexibility of movements. Always well-groomed, not averse to some coquetry.
If he gets into favorable conditions, then he manages to achieve success in any field. Shows dexterity and resourcefulness in any situation. Full of various plans that he knows how to successfully implement. Don't let yourself be led astray. He knows how to organize his life well.
There are fits of generosity with him, although he is usually prudent and accurately organizes his budget. He does not like to share his property very much, he spends it sparingly.
BUK is a decent creature, has many solid qualities, always weighs all the pros and cons, never relies on chance. In love, he lacks imagination. Ideal husband (or wife). Strives to have children, roughly organize your home, have a good vacation. In adulthood, one or two adventures can happen to him, and even then more from the desire to prove to himself and others that he has remained young, attractive and intelligent, has organizational skills and common sense. An outspoken materialist. First of all, he wants to be rich, and then, if possible, happy. Traits of those born under the sign of BUKA: thoughtfulness, accuracy, organizational skills, realism.