The Three Mystical Signs


Magic Zodiacal Signs

Magic is never dark or light, it all depends on the person who creates the magic. Just as there is no absolute evil and good, there is only a point of view. And there is talent, a gift that a person receives at birth, but a lot depends only on him. The representatives of these zodiac signs can easily be called good wizards. Simply because they have a mystical gift, and by developing it, they do not seek to harm others with its help. On the contrary, as much as possible, they try to help when they see that it is really necessary. See them in the channel "Video Horoscope" in vbox7:

It is believed that these people are not the most patient… and this is true! Where there is a lack of patience, Aries is persistent and resourceful. But they are also very susceptible to emotions and, if heated, can create all sorts of things. But Aries isn't just known for that, is it? They have many qualities. In addition, in the zodiacal circle, Aries is one of the strongest in terms of energy. And not many can compete with them in this regard.
But even without all the mystical stipulations, Aries can sometimes be called a good wizard. Because the representatives of this zodiac sign can appear at the right moment and support you both in words and deeds. In addition, they can wonderfully share their energy with others, sometimes without even knowing it. They are better able than all to remove many different negatives, simply by burning them with their energy.

The thing is, with Cancer, not everything is as simple as it may seem. Many of them have a gift for magic and are interested in all this. They learn something, read different books, sometimes very dubious. And, of course, they test their strength in practice.
But it all comes down to the fact that Cancer has its gift like a double-edged sword. In itself, it is not dark and it is not light. It will all depend on how it is used. Because Cancers have a very strong gift for empathy that allows them to understand other people's feelings. Well, they play this, but all these games require practice and experience.
Sometimes Cancer only needs a few words to help a person calm down… And just as much effort to harm. However, you have to pay tribute to Cancer. They don't really like to use their gift for evil. Unless they end up burned and even then attract evil, if other methods are more inconvenient or unpleasant than this.

People whose intuition can go beyond all reasonable limits. Mystically, the representatives of this sign are more gifted than anyone else… but at the same time they still ask themselves thousands of questions. In addition, the questions are usually the same.
Although in reality it is often not necessary to make any special efforts to remove some magic created by another. All they have to do is take a candle and read a spell. In this case, the result exceeds any assumptions. As much fun as they are, they rarely deliberately create curses and harm anyone.