Predictions by Jucelino Luz

Heat wave in Asia and Europe… heavy rains and destructive winds in some location, will reach these (countries) Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Greece, Croatia and Hungary;
A strong earthquake will hit China and could cause a lot of damage
In Brazil, the opening of trades with more calm, a decrease in coronavirus, and the increase in difficulty due to layoffs of employees in various sectors of Industry and Commerce, begins,
There will still be many scandals that are about to arise in the Brazilian political scene, with attacks and attempts at demoralization, which will continue, a possible indication of a coup d'état; all combined to save dishonest politicians, part of the contaminated justice, broadcasters and newspapers of the mainstream media involved in organized crime in Brazil,
A strong earthquake could hit Japan, causing damage and destruction;
Evidence of Billions or millions are being diverted from the public coffers, through the Coronavirus virus, in the direction of directing funds to the campaign Politics and payment of the brown media, with evidence of involvement in various crimes, transforming a more calamitous situation, with misleading advertisements for torment and panic the Brazilian population;
A strong typhoon moves towards China, Japan, the Philippines and Hong Kong, which can cause problems and severe damage;
Hong Kong, economic problems and large demonstrations on the streets are increasing due to several problems;
Terrorist attacks in the USA, the situation worsens in the elections, and several demonstrations in the country, the economy has one of the biggest falls due to the viral spread (deaths mostly caused by health problems);
In China, the coronavirus was an accident in the laboratory of the Hospital in Wuhan, where the leak occurred, and one of the people visited the exotic animal fairs, spreading it to the population, and could have even worse problems for the Chinese economy, which will make big agreements, with Brazilian politicians and in the world to recover their local economy - to avoid the collapse of 2022;
In Brazil, the virus came during Carnival and some were transported in test tubes for distribution in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere, in order to cause panic and death in Brazil. Most of the deaths that occurred in Brazil were not due to the coronavirus, but due to existing complications; in some cases, used for embezzlement of public health money - unfortunately, they have sacrificed innocent people for political war and vested interests - the situation is likely to get worse if there is no strict oversight by the Federal Attorney's Office;
A hurricane is approaching Costa Rica, El Salvador, which could cause inconvenience and many victims;
Major demonstrations in Brazil against corruption will take place in several locations in the country;
European Union, will have to take immediate action to open airports, companies, airlines are experiencing difficulties, which may bring bankruptcy for several airlines, an opportune moment to start the search for tourism that feeds most of the world;
In Brazil, there is increasing evidence that decrees created in the light of the law, were proposed in agreements behind the scenes, for criminal acts in the case of the coronavirus, and three governors may face removal in Brazil until the beginning of 2021;
Strong earthquake could hit India causing destruction and deaths;
A major crisis in Taiwan and China, which could have serious problems and possible interventions, also a Typhoon approaches Taipei with very strong winds, rain and destruction;
Indications that China has made secret trade and other agreements with Brazilian politicians and authorities, which could soon become a scandal and even with US intervention; and finally, the revolt of millions of citizens;
In Brazil, heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia, destruction, landslides, floods and major problems,
Cold front reaches the South of the country, plummeting temperatures, causing heavy rains and sub-zero climate;
A strong earthquake hits Chile, causing problems and the possibility of death;
In Argentina, the cold front causes death and damage to the country; on the other hand, it increases the cases of corona virus, further impairing the locomotion of people in that location:
Bolivia and Colombia storms hit those countries, much destruction and deaths, a possible strong earthquake hits one of those places;
Coronavirus in Japan, decreases in some locations and in others it can be serious, more than 100 companies go bankrupt in Japan, and thousands of unemployed people across the country; the government supports the unemployed;
Typhoon in Vietnam can cause deaths and victims in the country; floods cause destruction;
In Brazil, three TV presenters (RC and S), may have serious problems and should go to hospitals, the most advisable to do tests (check) this month;
Severe drought in Africa can cause serious problems and the possibility of an attack on a Hotel building, killing many people;
A well-known Brazilian politician is at great risk of attack and must be very careful;
Severe heat strikes Greece, Russia, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, causing fires, and in other regions severe storms;
Deforestation in Brazil grows more than 30% in several regions of Amazonas, Pará and possible death of residents due to illegal wood conflict;
Several municipalities in Brazil will be caught by indications of large embezzlement of Public, Education, Health and fraudulent bids, embezzlement of funds;
Donald Trump will have a major investigation opened against criminal organizations and against WHO, after breaking the pact with them;
In Canada, severe drought causes destruction and forest fires, causing great damage to the population; death in a criminal attack shocks Canadians;
In Norway, millionaire will become the main suspect in wife's death, and we will also have heavy rains that will hit Norway, Sweden and Denmark, causing stone bearings in some regions of Norway and floods;
A new big scandal is about to emerge in Argentina, which may cause people astonishment as well as revolt; and demonstrations;
In Uruguay, rain causes destruction and floods can destroy many plantations. Possibility of bus crash victimizing many people;
In France, conflicts, demonstrations due to company layoffs and paralysis, and a possible attack can victimize five people;
Attack in Pakistan can kill more than 20 people;
Strong earthquake hits Italy and heavy rain and destruction in the country;
Strong earthquake in Peru, can victimize many people, the country will also face the floods and problems with the H1N1 flu.
There is evidence that many media outlets (without generalizing), governments and associates are using the corona virus, for political purposes and vested interests in Brazil.
In Frio, a new respiratory syndrome may affect children worldwide;
Pollution in the world will bring more than 200 types of new diseases to the world.
Scandal may arise after indications of receiving large amounts of money from brown media, with involvement of political parties and authorities, the possible people involved will be four newspapers and two TVs from the mainstream media, their directors may even be arrested, for trying to illicit means and through money to overthrow the current President of Brazil, a major investigation will be underway (until the end of 2020);
New scandals in the World Public Health: Renowned doctors will question the prohibition of Hydroxychloroquine, there is the possibility of a new scandal involving (evidence) promiscuous agreements to ban the use.

Prof. Jucelino Nobrega da Luz - activist