If wine is spilled inadvertently, this is a good thing.

    Spilling water fortells good events.

    When you hear the thunder for the first time of the year, it is recommended to pat your pockets so they will always be full. Thunder in the winter portends an unhealthy year. If there is thunder on a clear day, it will rain soon.

    If a rainbow comes after rain, the weather will be fine. If a rainbow comes out when it rains, the rain will soon stop. If the red color predominates in the rainbow, it is a sign that there will be bloodshed or fire.

    If the rain falls and the drops become bubbles in the puddles, the rain will last. If the rain bubbles burst suddenly without restraint, the rain will soon stop. If the rain starts with big drops, it will soon stop.

    If the stars shine and shimmer a ggreat deal at night, in the morning the weather will break. If the stars have white or reddish circles, the weather will be nice.

    If someone whispers in a person's ear:
    - the right ear - it means that you will have a happy experience and recognition from others
    - the left ear - will bring bad news.

    If coffee is spilled, something bad will happen. 

    The pale color of the moon fortells rain, the clear and bright moon shows clear weather, the red moon predisposes a strong wind and storms. It's good to start a new thing in the new moon - it will end successfully. If you touch your pocket on a new moon, it will be full of money throughout the month. The full and clear moon in the winter brings cold, in the summer - good weather. At the full moon, don`t do anything important, and don`t start new work. If a circle appears around the moon, the weather will break; but sometimes this is a precursor to drought.

    If more than the required number of spoons are placed on the table, it is very likely that a guest will come during the meal.

    If the sky is red, the weather will be windy and it may rain.

    If the smoke drops low from the chimnies and is scattered, the weather will break. If the fire 'buzzes', then the people in the house will quarrel.

    If two people give their soap by hand, they will quarrel. So, one leaves the soap on something, the other takes it from there.

    If there is lightning in the night without rain, for a long time there will be no rain. Far-away flashes also predate drought.

    If the child was born before sunrise, he will be lucky; if born at sunset, he will be a loser. If the sun rises bloody, it is a bad precursor. If the sun shining from the morning the sun always rises in the morning., the same day is possible a heavy rain.

    It is good to wash your face with the first snow, then you will be healthy and vital. If there is snowfall after the cold, the weather will soften. If the snow is thick in winter, the year will be fruitful.

    - the palm of your left hand - you will receive money;
    - the palm of the right hand - you will give money;
    - the nose - you will become angry during the day.