Astro forecast for 2021 by Konstantin Daragan

Astro Forecast for 2021
2021 is very rich in abrupt changes and news unpredictable by usual logic. Such a large-scale systemic crisis, which was successfully predicted for 2020, will not happen this year. But the new year is also very difficult. The world has changed, we have gone through a kind of global “zeroing”. But the flywheel has already begun to unwind, and this year we will see the first consequences of the movement towards a new reality. Optimism, which I now read in the forecasts of professional analysts, in the spirit of "it's over, hurray" - in my opinion, is poorly justified. But there is obviously good news: the coronavirus will cease to be an important news topic and a source of mass anxiety from the second half of the year, which will also affect the situation with borders. This year, the most important news will come from the sphere of economics and technology, politics will reflect these changes.
Politics and society
A real fragmentation of the world into zones of influence will begin, which has not happened in the world for three decades. This is a process for years to come, but a lot will become unambiguous and will be cemented already this year. From mid-January until the end of winter, a resonant provocation, a major scandal or a chaotic development of events will occur, which will be widely discussed in the world and will affect further events in 2021. In general, the crisis in the official structures is the most important feature of this year. From late spring to mid-summer, a shift in mass moods towards optimism is likely - an illusion will appear that the elites can come to an agreement. But by autumn this illusion will dissipate. There will be no less wild lies and misinformation than in all recent years, when it has continuously progressed to an outright theater of the absurd (and this has been regularly written about in annual forecasts). And from the summer, it will probably increase even more.
In 2020, the foundation was laid for large-scale changes in the world. Their real start will begin from January-February 2021. This is the first year out of two (2021 and 2022) when a financial storm is likely. In any case, it is in 2021 that the processes described in the forecast “The Aquarian Frontier. Finance and Economics ". The global economic agenda in the world will change from mid-May to mid-June. But the most serious processes are likely to go from August to October and continue in 2022. The price of gold, as I predict, will no longer rise to a record. But the cost of silver, on the contrary, can set a new record.
Science and technology
2021 will be held with constant news from two areas: first, from the aviation-rocket-space theme; secondly, from the information space and related technologies.
1) It's not just that Yuri Gagarin's first flight into space. was also in the year of the White Metal Bull, and this year is an anniversary. The point is that from this year on the world agenda the predicted eight years ("Long-term forecast Mir-2040") theme of the militarization of outer space will firmly take place, and the space race between countries will begin again. A cross will be officially put to the world integration in space exploration. A major accident or other emergency must also occur, with serious consequences for the entire industry or the owner company. Most likely in the second half of January or early February, but it is also possible in July or November.
2) This year, a substantive discussion of the problem of information sovereignty will begin in several countries at once. A real war for the minds will begin in 2023-2025, and the legislative and technological base for countering the total censorship of world monopolists will begin to form this year. The forecasted in the forecast “Science and technology. Frontier of Aquarius "changes: mass binding of passport data to Internet accounts (" deanonymization "); legal equalization of actions on the Internet with public actions (this is already happening, ahead of schedule); “Sovereign” networks and social services independent of the world, which represent a real alternative to the existing world monopolies. 
Bulk forecasts
General crisis points of the year: mid-February, mid-June, end of December.
USA. The elections took place. But not over. I predict further complication of the political crisis and split in society. There is a high probability of uncontrolled events. Also, from 2021, the yuan will officially, and quite successfully, begin to compete with the dollar in world markets and this will become one of the most important financial news.
The economic news from the US in January is very interesting, also in September-November 2021. This is the time when events should take on a fatal character - either immediately or with a continuation in 2022. For Biden personally, this is a difficult year. He will face a serious test in the middle of the year.
EU. Changes in the political course or in the permanent agenda are likely. It’s hard to say which ones, I’m not a political scientist. Over the past 20 years, Europe has experienced a real cultural revolution, comparable to the French in the 18th or Russian 20th centuries. Feminism, denial of the presumption of innocence, in fact forced replacement of the population by migrants, juvenile justice, financial assistance to other countries only in exchange for political rape - it's hard for me to say what can be changed in a year. But there will be changes. I also predict that the situation in France will noticeably worsen, and in Germany it will improve by the end of the year.
Russia. Internal and external pressure on the country will continue. A major purge of power and a massive political reform is expected, paving the way for a very large (and forced) economic reform in 2022. Although, it is possible that economic reform will begin this year, in the second half. Also, some previously closed information about the strategic course of the authorities will be revealed. Or, it is possible that in March or September a conspiracy and / or split among the ruling elite will become apparent.
After the crisis of 2020, when serious personal pressure was exerted on the President (successfully predicted in the annual forecast), 2021 is much more productive for him. Several of his deferred plans are being implemented at once.
And without astrology, I can say that various provocations, scandals and the like, begun in 2020, will continue to grow by the election date in September - otherwise it simply does not happen in our time. But astrologically, the most interesting time in terms of fresh scandals is summer, especially August. Also in August-September, the aggravation of international relations is likely, up to bringing the armed forces to combat readiness.
The ruble will fluctuate upwards several times throughout the year, amid panic. But I expect that by the end of the year, it will be in almost the same numbers. Shocks are more likely in 2022.
Ukraine. The implementation of the forecast, which began in 2020, continues - by the end of May, a fundamental solution to the problem of Donbass should appear. It will come from outside and, very likely, against the will of the President. Personally, for President Zelensky himself, this is a critically difficult year. Although it seems that his popularity has nowhere to decline, but he will manage to surprise us all. But he will manage to find serious hidden support, in a very difficult situation for him. And thus avoid a more dramatic scenario for yourself.
Belarus. Previously, he did not work much with forecasts for the Republic of Belarus, so there is almost nothing to add in addition to the forecast “Belarus freedom”. The political crisis will continue and even open up a new dimension. Important dates are January and August-September.
Experiment: I predict abnormal weather this year, namely, a kind of record for hurricanes (or tornadoes) and snow drifts - where they usually do not happen.
Recommendations in short
What to do? Don't be lazy. Work hard, purposefully and preferably for yourself. Plan and execute plans consistently. Until May, it is better to plan for the implementation of the maximum of your plans, which are “for growth”, for the next months, or even for the next year.
What not to do? Do not believe, check everything. Do not spread gossip - will return quickly. Do not enter and do not "star". Not trying to break everything in your life and start in a completely new way will not work.
Who should be afraid? The main Sign, loaded with diverse events and impressions, is Aquarius. Especially the "January" ones born in the first ten days of the Sign. April Taurus, July Lions and October Scorpions will be more difficult than usual. You need to show restraint and not take unnecessary risks. Also, those born at the end of the signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra should not relax.
 Who is this year a chance for? For those born at the end of Aquarius (and in general for Aquarius) and for Gemini, especially at the end of the Sign. Also for Sagittarius.

World Forecast for 2020

Pavel Globa's political astrological forecast appeared, which was made in early October 2018. With it, we already have three independent sources for the same upcoming event.
They are quite sufficient, because they represent the three most striking colossuses of political astrology in the world - people who understand the profession have 90% familiarity and their words can be trusted, writes
The first is the Ukrainian Constantine Daragan.
He described in great detail the upcoming big events back in April this year. Second is the Englishwoman Jessica Adams. This year, she published her book Astrology 2020, which came out in Bulgarian literally on the day of its US premiere. And now the Russian astrologer who is living in Germany Pavel Globa.
The brightest quotes from the three are indicative enough of the scale of what we will be able to witness in the next three years, and which will start from the next year. Konstantin Daragan: "In 2020, the Anglo-Saxon globalist project will definitely collapse and America will be plunged into a financial crisis, after which it will be a completely different country."
Jessica Adams: "After 2020, for the first time in its history, the United States will become a source of refugees and immigrants from a country that receives refugees and immigrants." Pavel Globa: 
"In 2021, we will live in a completely different world where there will be new great powers." To a large extent, what Pavel Glob has said echoes that written by Daragan and Adams. In summary, the three forecast can be summed up in a few words.
Next year will begin a series of events that will almost be a repeat of 1989, except that this time their center will be not the late Soviet bloc but the now triumphant Western unipolar world.
Starting in the UK, which will shake quite strongly in 2019 and lose all its current structure, passing through a Western European country (not named, but it will be Germany), where a revolution similar to that in Romania will break out in the meantime, surprising EU, which will be emptied of content and look like the ex SSSR - it is on paper, but there is none in reality and ending with America, where Trump will sink into sanctions against the whole world, and his opponents, in his experience to take it down, they will shake their own country, and hence the whole world, in a severe financial crisis, the world will literally change in three years.
All this will be accompanied by a confrontation along the US - Russia + China line, equivalent to the Caribbean crisis. For the first time in its history, humanity will follow this "reality show" directly on its smartphone, but only to the point where it still has Internet.
Therefore, those of us who decide to live in Bulgaria will soon find that we have made a very good choice.