Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2023. Accurate Horoscope 2023 for Cancer.

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, the first half of 2023 may be a time of stagnation or inability to successfully begin the implementation of new plans and ideas.
Priority during this period will be the completion of already started cases from 2022, no matter how important they are for you.
The most important thing at this stage will be to have nothing unfinished or unfinished as a commitment or problem in your life.
It is for this reason that the beginning of the year will be characterized by a slower development, with the feeling that nothing is moving and nothing is changing, at least for you personally.
Those of you who have managed to finish and clear the way in front of you can also rejoice in some unexpected, favorable situations or new opportunities.
But even in this case, everything will develop slowly, requiring more patience and organization on your part.
In fact, during this part of the year of success or a better time, I will be able to make happy those of you who know how to show patience, who know how to wait and observe events without seeking intervention in them at any cost.
The more impatient representatives of this zodiac sign can cause unpleasant conflicts at home and disturb the family harmony in a period when you will most need to be united.
Manifestations of jealousy in some marital relationships can seriously disrupt your relationship and lead to unpredictable consequences.
Girls and young women will invest more time, emotions and hopes in their love life. This will be an important time for those of you who do not have a serious relationship at the moment. You will definitely spend a lot more time looking for a partner next to you, using various means of communication, dating agencies, matchmaker services and more.
In the first half of the year there will be various opportunities or the need to travel, whether it will be short or long distances. Attention will be drawn to job offers in another city or country where pre-expectations or information may be more tempting than what you will actually see or receive.
The purchase of a new car, regardless of whether it is unused or used, will also require attention. In both cases, there may be a fact that is related to some trick, higher or unrealistic price, or a hidden defect.
For the first six months, be prepared to part from people, plans, or dreams. This is a period of low tide, of clearing and rearranging things in your life.
If you manage to accept this fact, if you manage to accept these events calmly, then after the first half of the year you will have many more reasons for joy, satisfaction and success.
In material terms, by the middle of the year you can enjoy the acquisition of a new home, get rights to own an additional home or house that has been inhabited or owned by others.
During these six months you will receive valuable and useful advice or you will have successful joint activities with people born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini.
Representatives of the water zodiac signs can also have a good influence on your deeds, who will be willing to help you in difficult situations in your life during this period.
By the middle of the year, a life breakup with a person who has completed his or her journey on earth will make you think about some facts, truths, or probabilities about what exists, what actually exists after the end of our earthly journey.
Some of you may be involved in some way in the property or financial affairs of people who have moved to the Otherworld.
The first half of the year will favor judicial or legal actions and lawsuits, but in no case should your participation or actions in them be emotional, but follow the wise and experienced advice of a lawyer, attorney, or notary.
During this time of year it is possible to have anxiety or worries related to the health of a person born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
In financial terms, your expectations will definitely differ from reality, but this will happen if your hopes are higher than what you actually have the opportunity to achieve.
Parents born under this zodiac sign will have expectations for certain events in the life of their child or grandchild and will devote certain time or resources to their implementation.
This is a time when some of you will be looking forward to conceiving or having a baby.
The troubles that will arise in your work during this period may provoke more decisive actions or decisions on your part. Here, too, emotions will not be a good advisor, especially if you are informed in advance that you are in danger of losing your job.
Men and women over the age of 35 will tend to spend more time with nice people, realizing the cost of their own time, which is becoming more limited with each passing year.
During this part of the year you will have various occasions to gather or participate in larger events.
Such a gathering can be associated with a personal holiday or a special event in the life of a boy or young man.
Various events related to close people or happening in the country where you live will be the reason for conversations with people around you. Probably everyone will have his own opinion, his own position, but this should not be a reason to break off friendly or family relations.
Accept those who are different from you and do not try to change them.
The first half of the year brings unexpected meetings, events or experiences with people born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.
During this time of year you will have a reason to enjoy a good family income or a favorable contract, but most likely it will happen thanks to someone else in your circle.  
In the second half of the year, your health or the health of a loved one will be one of your main concerns.
Situations related to a new development of our already known pandemic or the emergence of another similar situation are possible.
During this period, the economic crisis as a whole will deepen, which will inevitably have some impact on your life. You may need to restructure your budget and expenses according to the new circumstances.
During this part of the year, you will have to determine for yourself which information you receive is true and which is behind false or manipulative news.
It will be increasingly difficult for you to orient yourself between truth and falsehood not only in your everyday environment, but this tendency will intensify in the society where you live.
Those of you who have reached a good and high spiritual level of development will be able to overcome such challenges and situations without any problems. The rest will still have to learn a lot and work mostly on their own spiritual development.
Rely more on your intuition during this time of year, listen to your inner voice and don't ignore what it tells you.
Parents born under this zodiac sign will have the opportunity to rejoice in the success or progress in the life of their own child or grandchild. It is possible during this period to show more clearly their abilities and talents, which are yet to develop or are already well enough formed as talent.
In the second half of the year you will have more favorable time to implement your plans than in the first six months of 2023, but even now not everything will go smoothly.
Various difficulties, troubles or malicious actions by people on whom you will depend in some way are not excluded.
Be careful in general activities or other types of engagement with people born under water zodiac signs.
Men over the age of 35 will be in the most unfavorable position of all the representatives of the zodiac sign Cancer. You will continue the tendency to finish things from your past at any cost, whether it is work, relationships, problems, etc. Boldly clear unnecessary things and relationships from your life and think about your future, regardless of your specific age.
The tension during this part of the year can be seen most strongly when you provoke or come into conflict with other people on smaller occasions. Your love will be most complicated when you are under more stress at work or in other important commitments.
Those of you who will create a new relationship during this period, it will be good to be careful what kind of person you are committing to, because regardless of your own gender, you may come across a partner who is too obsessive, who requires control not only over your relationship but also on your personal life.
In the second half of the year it will be easier for you to see which of your plans have a real possibility of realization, where you are wrong, what you can change. A person born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini will have a good influence on your emotions and spiritual development, but even in this case you learn not to believe and not to follow someone blindly.
Moments of depressed or sad mood are something you go through from time to time, and in most cases this happens when things develop in a different way than you expected. Even if it's better for you, the fact that you didn't anticipate it, didn't organize it, or did it that way will affect you emotionally.
In your work you will be able to stabilize your position, progress or move to a better position, find a better job or other favorable circumstances.
The actions of those of you who are involved in a production will have a good development, whether it is agricultural products, intellectual activity or technology.
Girls and young women will strive to change something in their home, to do something in their own way, in line with some new trends, including those related to a healthier lifestyle.
Women over the age of 35 will have the opportunity to travel or will need to.
The cause is unlikely to be unpleasant, but in some cases it may be related to some anxiety or tension.
Boys or young men can remember this time of year with some kind of loss or theft, which can be of very different nature, as well as different in value. In any case, this will not be a pleasant thing for you and will require time or money to restore it.
During this part of the year, many can enjoy a proposal that may be related to a new job, new social or political activity, project, business and more.
You may receive an important document or contract, something you have fought for or dreamed of for a long time.
The second half of the year brings an unpleasant surprise related to the loss of a person you know personally.Judicial or legal actions or cases of a financial nature may have a favorable development during this period.
This will be a good time to settle financial relations through a contract or other notarized document.
The last six months of the year will be remembered for an important event or experience related to your friend, neighbor or colleague, someone who was born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo or has such a rising sign.
During this time of year, expect guests or an important meeting with people who live close to you.
You may be pleased with the unexpected return of money that you once gave to someone as a loan.
Important events in the family or in marriage will have those of you who have a partner or family member born under the sign of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.