Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2023. All about 2023 for Sagittarius

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, 2023 will require you to live more carefully, appreciating and preserving what you have achieved so far in life, the presence of people around you and everything that fate has given you so far. As for the other zodiac signs, for you 2023 is the beginning of a three-year period of changes that will come from everywhere and change everything. Aren't you ready to adapt quickly to the new circumstances in your life and in the environment where you live? Very quickly you may find yourself confused, exhausted, without perspective.
In the first half of the year, you will focus primarily on resolving and concluding cases that are behind 2022. This will not be an easy task, and it will probably take you much longer than you planned. You may find yourself involved in an exhausting battle within yourself, between what you want to be and what you need to be. Whether such a struggle will affect your health will depend on how seriously you take things and, as I wrote above, how willing you will be to change and adapt to the new in your life.
Some of the major changes during the year will be related to your job, education or career and everything that fills your daily life with some meaning. New endeavors, whose impulse or idea may come through a person born under the air zodiac sign, are not excluded.
Illusions and all forms of self-delusion can take you back not only to your development, not only to unnecessary wandering in the past, which is forever where it is, but can also cause you some kind of loss, including valuable time, which you could use it much more efficiently. No matter how hard you try not to make mistakes during the year, they will occur in one way or another, at different times and in unexpected circumstances. The pain of them will be mainly at your expense, but what will hurt you the most is that you have allowed yourself to lie to something or someone.
In the first half of the year you will have the opportunity to arrange important contracts or agreements for you, to receive documents that determine your status in a given area or will be related to some type of property.
You will go through a period in which for some reason you will communicate much more dynamically with people born under the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.
In the first half of the year, some of the young women born under this zodiac sign will travel for treatment or other engagement related to pregnancy, baby or child.
Those of you who already have grown children may part with them because of their departure to another city or country in order to start a new family or start a new stage of education, a new career and more.
The first half of the year will be a good time to get involved in lawsuits or legal matters, as well as to start some changes in your life that will be related in some way to a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
In love, 2023 brings new excitement, the possibility of flirting or a brief adventure with the family members of the sign, or the beginning of a new love affair for the unmarried. There will be more serious changes or experiences for those of you who have a partner born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo or with such an ascendant.
Surprises in the first half of the year will be associated with unexpected meetings, guests, the need to attend various gatherings or crowded events. Expanding your circle of friends will happen naturally, meeting people whose knowledge or interests coincide with what you yourself are interested in.
In different periods of the first six months, you will show an inexplicable impatience for things to happen your way or at a time that is beneficial to you. Such opposition and confrontation will affect not only your relationship, but also your health, and in fact everything will go in a way already determined by Fate in life.
Women over the age of 35 will have to act as their intuition tells them and avoid actions driven by their own emotions or whims. Whether you will be able to distinguish between these two things will depend on your own development as individuals.
In financial terms, the year will be favorable and will give you opportunities to stabilize financially, financially and ensure a good lifestyle. Of course, if you are greedy and want more and more, there will never be a limit to your desires and aspirations.
Men over the age of 35 will go through several important trials that will either soften your character or make it even more difficult for others. In a marital relationship with a woman born under the sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo, it will be the most difficult to survive and go through these trials with dignity.
Many will have to pay serious attention to their health during the first six months, to engage in specific treatment or hospital stay.
The year will make some of you get rid of property that you do not use, that is outdated, or from the sale of which you expect to receive money that you will need for something else.
Most family events related to your family members or other relatives will be an occasion to gather, share different memories and make plans for the future. This will be a good time for events related to engagement, wedding, anniversary, baptism and more.
Girls and young women will look for ways to improve their financial stability through better education, retraining or looking for a better paid job.
Boys and young men will tend to spend more time with friends, enjoyable activities and will somehow imperceptibly waste the first six months of the year, hoping that in the second half they will be able to make up for lost chances.
For the first six months, some of you will enjoy gaining an inheritance or acquiring property rights from an older relative.
In the second half of the year you will be much more aware of what you want and what you can achieve. Your plans will be much more realistic and you will invest much more energy and ambition in them.
These six months can be remembered with an important event or change in the life of a loved one born under the sign of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio.
Of course, during this part of the year there will be moments of tension, fear or insecurity, mostly due to events that will take place locally or globally.
During this time of year you can break up with a person born under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius for some reason in life.
During these six months, you will unexpectedly lose or be deprived of something you never thought could happen to you.
There will be many surprises during this time, but in most cases they will require you to make difficult changes, difficult decisions and many sleepless nights.
Boys and young men will now begin to look much more practically at the things of life, striving to make up for lost time in the first six months, and to do everything possible to achieve some stability in material or financial terms. Difficult task because you may be unprepared for such serious responsibilities, but of course there are exceptions.
During this part of the year, you will part forever in this life with someone who has been close or friends.
Not a few important events and experiences you will have during this part of 2023 in your home, where various changes, relocations are building a new way of life due to different circumstances.
Some young families will have the opportunity to buy their first home and this will bring them great joy and euphoria.
Girls and young women will continue to purposefully strive for security in every area of their lives, without fear of working, developing and learning when needed.
During this part of the year you will be able to get rid of a negative influence of a person who uses tricks or manipulations to influence you in some way. Releasing yourself from this person will make you feel free and happy again.
During this time of year, many of you will be able to enter into lucrative financial contracts of an administrative, professional, business, banking or other nature.
Some of the difficult emotions and emotional experiences in the second part of the year will be related in some way to a child or grandchildren who may be living away from you, going through a difficult time in their lives, or being part of some social or world events.
Your love life in the second half of the year will require from you an attitude of greater openness and greater communication with your loved one. This will be a time that some of you will remember with a first date or falling in love at first sight. Of course, the development of each such emotion will be individual and will depend on your personal horoscope.
Memories or experiences from your past will often come to the fore, due to events in the present with people with whom you were close in that part of your life.
The last six months of the year will also be a productive period in your life, but you may need to seek help, support, or work with people born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo.
Men over the age of 35 will definitely go through the better part of 2023, in which they will be able to achieve success or real results thanks to their more optimistic outlook on life and their more positive attitude to cope with some difficulties. You will be able to remember this part of the year with a special experience with a person born under the sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini.
At the end of the year, there may be worries about a long-distance trip, or it may be an expensive trip for some reason. News related to a serious health problem of a person you know and who lives some distance from you is possible.
Your own mood and your desire to control things that you think are your personal property can cause conflicts with other family members, friends or business partners.
This will be the most unfavorable part of the year for court and legal cases, as unforeseen circumstances may arise that will complicate their development or completely change their direction.
During this part of the year you will be able to move to a higher position in your work, to find a better paid job or one that will give you pleasure. Professionally and business-wise, this will definitely be the most favorable time of the year, but everything will have to be in line with the realities of the country where you live.
Women over the age of 35 will strive to go more peacefully during this part of the year, avoiding forcing people or circumstances to act or develop in a way that is beneficial only to them.