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The village of Kosovo, the hearth of Rhodopi, the land of Spartacus, Orpheus and Eurydice, Rhodopis - the first female pharaoh in Egypt
The village of Kosovo is located in the Rhodopes. It is located in the central part (Chernatitsa) of the mountain, 5 km from the spa resort Narechenski Bani. It is surrounded by hills of pristine nature, and its neighborhoods are interspersed with four inexhaustible rivers. It is easily accessible from Asenovgrad (30 km), Pamporovo (36 km), Plovdiv (50 km), Sofia (197 km). Kosovo was inhabited in the 17th century by settlers from the Old Village to the Byala Cherkva Monastery. The heyday of the village dates back to the end of the 19th century, when most of the remaining houses have survived. The livelihood of the population was animal husbandry, agriculture and masonry. In the XX century the village declined.
The typical Revival Rhodope architecture is preserved in the village of Kosovo. It has many cultural monuments of national importance. Two of the buildings are the work of the famous master Hadji Georgi Stanchovski, who also built the houses of Koyumdzhioglu and Dimitar Georgiadi in Old Plovdiv. These are the church "Assumption" from 1851 and his own house ("Hadjiyskata") from 1853. Extremely interesting are also the old school (1889), the chapels “Holly Soul”next to it there is a marked eco-trail,“ St. George ”,“ St. Ivan ”,“ St. Nedelya ”and“ St. Peter ”, the mill, the smithy, as well as most of the old houses in the village.

The restaurant "Kosovo Houses" is located in the yard of the Kosovo Houses Complex, in the converted old barn. The spirit of the Rhodopes reigns here and The Revival - from stone windows and heavy beech furniture to mouth-watering local feasts.
Who are we?
We are a small international family that has started its new life in the village of Kosovo. In the summer of 2016, we decided to start a new life after years of working in Kuwait. So we put together two beautiful women Elena and Veneta from Ruse city, one Canadian man from British Columbia and one man a South African from Cape Town and of course our chef Miro (who is also part of our family). In fact
our family is more than 5 people (+ the kids 5 and 4 years old) and we jokingly comment that we are the small parliament in the village. From May 2022 we started our new restaurant related project "Kosovo Houses", trying to implement various ideas coming from different parts of the world, but at the same time keeping the typical ones Rhodope specialties. Rhodope patatnik, kachamak, katmi, homemade sheep's yogurt with jam or honey, fried slices, the green pie (banitza) with spinach, lapad or beet leaves, the salad from Smiljan beans are a small part of the specialties of our kitchen.
All products from which we prepare our feasts are produced in our vegetable garden or in the surrounding area, but not more than 30 km. We offer hand-baked bread from the hands of Ron Brook and small but delicious keto breads made by Elena Meitham. Actually Ellie, Ron and Miro, are the main people who prepare the food in our restaurant. We keep it local and support the environmentalist idea that cooking with local products helps to avoid a number of damages to the environment.
We are also proud of our rich collection of Bulgarian wines, as well as the special wines of the small winery "Mezek" of Sasho Karapeev and the wonderful wines of "Eduardo Miroli".
Our tavern welcomes guests all day and year round and is permanent available both to the guests of "Kosovo Houses" and to everyone visitors to the village of Kosovo. It gathers about 40 people, it is convenient to hold at trainings, seminars, celebrations and any other events. And through in the summer, about 30 more people gather on the terrace and in the yard under the vineyard.
What do we offer our guests to eat?
Apart from the typical Rhodope specialties that we have already mentioned, another a great challenge and pride for us is the Keto menu prepared and cooked by Elena Maytham. Here you can taste different Keto cream soups, salad with Keto pasta, Keto bread with olive pasta, and very tasty sweets: Keto Muffin, Keto Chocolate Bars, Keto Carrot cake, Keto vanilla cake and other Keto specialties according to season.
The delicacies that Ron Brooke offers are spicy chili with meat,
Moroccan couscous, Thai chicken curry, Shepherd's pie, Banana cake with raisins, walnuts and cognac, homemade pudding, apple cake and various other surprises every new week.
You can see the uniqueness of our menu. Do not miss to make an advance reservation on our phones:
Elena Maytham – 0887281079
Veneta Brooke - 0888990154