Reading with Runes


Sometimes life brings us to unforeseen circumstances. In moments like that it is good to know which direction to take and what are the lessons we need to learn. My name is Shanаia  and my mission is to help you find the right path when challenges come along. I'm actively studying Astrology, Numerology, The Matrix of Success and other occult sciences.  I believe I can be useful to you!
Ask a Question. Do you want to know what the development of a situation will be? Or maybe something bothers you? Then this is the right service for you.
The tools I use to answer your questions are: numerology and runes.
Numerology studies fate through numbers and runes are an ancient Celtic divination system.
To take advantage of the "Ask a Question" service, please provide the following details: a clear and specific question with a specified deadline as well as your name and date of birth /dd-mm-yyyy/.If your question involves another person - fill in his or her data.
The recommended term is 1 to 6 months, maximum one year. For matters relating to relations, the maximum period is 6 months. Provided you have not set a deadline, and the question requires it - the term will be added at my discretion. Please, do no ask questions about health or treatment!
When you ask a question, it is advisable to provide a brief description of the situation - whatever it is.
You may ask as many questions as you want.
You will receive answers to your questions within 3 to 5 business days on a personal email after a payment has been made.
Orders are accepted by the email [email protected]
Price for one question 15 euro, two questions – 26 euro, for three – 35 euro and 42 euro for four questions.
If you want to pay in other currency, please ask for price.
Payment methods are specifies in personal correspondence via PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram. 


Hello there, My name is CV. The question I want to ask is that- I recently had serious and sudden conflicts with my boyfriend. Two days back we were ok in relation. In frustration we had argumentation, and now he does not want to continue and want to stay as just friends which I do not want. I have tried convincing him till now. Will he come back in the same love relation with me? His Name is MG. Thanking You Hello C! According to the runes, relations with M will improve within three months. Numerologically, the period after your birthday in 2019 is better for your relationship. After June 2019, important decisions will be made about your relationship. Wish you luck! 

Question.  What do you see happening in my near future?   Thankyou  E  Hello E! Your question is too general. So...the answer is same. Runes says that the next three months will be difficult for you. And according to numerology you are now in a personal year in which you are facing difficulties. There may be times of depression. Take care of your health. 

In regards to my legal status in the US. will I be able to renew my legal status in the next 6 months and stay at my job?  
Hello J, You have chance to renew your legal status, but you will encounter a lot of difficulties. There will not be anyone around you who will help you. You will have to deal with everything alone. Numerologically - renew your status after June 2019. Good luck! 

Hello,..... We met in December 2018 and started to date. I am recently divorced and I am very scared of this new relationship. Is this relationship ok? Thank you,R Hello R, I'm sorry for what has happened with your marriage. With this boy you can understand somewhat. In the long run I do not think it's right for you. He is quite self-sufficient, and to some extent indecisive. It would be difficult for him to marry the next ten years. Even if he did, he would not be lucky. On the other side for you  the next five years are not particularly suitable for starting a new relationship. This does not mean you have to end with this boy. Experience your emotions and take care of your health!

Hello, I really love your site . I visit the site very often for daily motivation.  I would like to have a chance for you to answer a question for me.  My name is VL.I have read in detail my yearly horoscope. However last year 2018  was a very difficult year for both my career and marriage. I would like to ask if this year 2019 would be more promising in both.Happiness is an inside job,  however will life seem a little more brighter? What’s in the stars for me. Hello, Your questions are two - for work and family life, but I will leave them. Yes, 2018 yesterday was loaded for you. In 2019, in person, you can end a relationship and start a new one. Professionally now is no time for something new. After your birthday in 2019, you will have the opportunity to make changes. I wish you good luck!