Weekly Horoscope of Shana for September 21 - 27, 2020

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - a week that will make you feel good - both physically and emotionally. Your confidence will be at a level. The period is suitable for the beginning of training or retraining. If you have an idea or plan - now is the time to act, consistently and diligently. The advice to you is to not relax and believe you can.
Careers - If you expect professional changes - know that they will be difficult and the journey will be long and difficult. There is information you are missing and it will be difficult to obtain it. To succeed, seek contact with groups or organizations with which you have the same or similar interests.
Personal relationships - possible failures on a personal level. The time has come to reap the fruits of your actions and understandings, which may not have been the right ones. You will lack enthusiasm and patience. You will have a difficult time communicating with your partner. The advice to you is to resolve your internal issues. If you are struggling with negative external circumstances or unpleasant people, this will only lead to more energy loss.
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - the main thing for this week is to follow your intuition, to trust your inner wisdom and the power that leads you. This may seem frivolous because it will mean letting go of control. Learn to trust even if what you feel seems counterintuitive. The period is more successful for musicians and people related to the arts.
Career - Expect a break in professional terms. There is an obstacle in front of you that it is better not to overcome right now. Now is the time for inactivity and time for you to realize what was, what will be and safely move from one state to another. Postpone your plans for another time.
Personal Relationships - You will feel vulnerable, unprotected and in no mood. Your relationship will be deadlocked and development will not be possible for the time being. Do not strain yourself. Give yourself time to gather strength so you can continue. The advice for you is to learn to adapt to what is happening.
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - a time of partnership and cooperation of all kinds! Strive to unite with others, but without compromising their privacy. There are changes in your life that will come about with the help of another person. The efforts you make will deliver the expected result.
Career - If something that you don't like is happening around you - look for the cause within you and your inner attitude. The direction you are heading is not the right one. Try to turn the minuses into a plus, control your emotions and keep your mind at ease. This is the only way you can get out of the water dry. An old unsolved problem will come to the fore again.
Personal Relationships - On the outside, nothing new will happen in your relationship. Changes will take place at a finer level. Be patient and pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. They can change circumstances that have not yet taken shape.
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - Unexpected obstacles will stand in your way, the goal being to gather experience and learn to trust the universe. Gather courage and look the truth in the eyes. Look deep into your soul, be honest with yourself, and evaluate your past and present behavior. The advice to you is to show compassion for your neighbor and let the changes happen.
Career - in general, active action will not move you forward. You need to make more efforts that may not be directly related to your job. Revise your goals. They may not be the most accurate. Expected business trip or other business trip will be delayed or the results will not be as you expected.
Personal relationships - a period of estranged relationships. You will feel like someone is messing with you or wants to hurt you. It is important to know that your problems do not come from outside, but that you do not want to pay attention to certain events. This way you run away from solving problems. Take care of your inner fears. Be humble, humble and ready to back down.

Weekly horoscope of Shana for 14 - 20 September 2020

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - the time for you this week will be slow. The development of situations and the solution of problems will progress only noticeably. If you are impatient - you will have to put a lot of effort, more than you think. Think about whether it's worth doing right now. Information on issues that interest you is hard to find.
Career - at work you will feel harassed due to various restrictions or self-restrictions that others impose on you or you make yourself. At the moment, progress on any issue is impossible. Pay attention to your emotions and do not allow yourself to become a source of negativity for your colleagues. Be restrained in your reactions. Suffer until this period is over.
Personal relationships - a week in which you have to part with something / point of view, understanding, opinion, attitude, person, etc./ and take a new position. For better or worse, the time has come for this to happen and you are asked to start over. It will not be easy for you, but you have to be brave, react quickly and adapt. Possible negative reactions on your part would only further hinder.
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - this week is not one of your best times to change anything. It will be difficult to show your strength and qualities in full. Something is not enough to see the situation as it is. The period is not good for making important decisions, as they may turn out to be wrong later. Try to be as objective as possible and anticipate all the outcomes of a situation.
Career - be careful in everything you do. Pay attention to your actions, even routine ones, because you can make a serious mistake. Think about where your shortcomings are (even the small ones), do you owe anyone anything - time, money, attention, etc. Stay away from dubious situations and vague suggestions. Postpone making important decisions and limit your financial costs.
Personal relationships - a possible breakdown in the relationship. You put a lot of effort in this regard, but the result is unattainable. Your partner's actions will disappoint you. He will not agree with your plans and this will lead to conflict. Your resources are not limitless. It is good to stop and pay attention to yourself first.
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - the enemy inside me - you have to work on this model this week. You will have the impression that someone wants to harm you, that you are a victim of circumstances, but this is not the case. It's all inside you. To succeed, it is good to change yourself first. Realize all your fears and negative qualities and how to overcome them. Now is not the time for external results, but for internal changes.
Career - at work you will be in good physical and emotional condition. Your success will be related to maintaining a calm and harmonious work environment around you, to be interested in your colleagues, to be a person you can count on. Do not get into any arguments or arguments if a conflict arises - act in the direction of understanding.
Personal relationships - a week of unforeseen difficulties or trials in the relationship that will be resolved favorably. The problems may be minor, so don't be in a hurry to get angry. In difficult situations, be restrained and trust your intuition. Think about the future and approach the situation strategically.
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - it's time to reap what you planted. What you get will be deserved and fair. Trust your destiny and know that everything that happens is for your good. Do not try to speed things up. The week is suitable for starting new endeavors that will develop slowly and permanently.
Career - you will feel like you are idling. Your actions will not give the desired result and this will make you feel dissatisfied. Do not believe everything you hear and beware of provocations. Be attentive to advice from people who cannot be impartial. The period is not suitable for training or starting a new one.
Personal relationships - Your relationship will go well if you are willing to compromise with your partner. Make sure your relationship runs smoothly and without conflicts. Whatever goal you have - right now you will not achieve it. In disputes, don't necessarily try to prove yourself right, even if you are. Otherwise, your discomfort is certain.
Successful week to all!