Reviews and Comments

Hi Nadia,
I hope everything is going well! You gave us hope and courage! I really appreciate your forecast. I translated and printed, so I can read It often.
Thank you so much for your understanding!
Best wishes,


Nice cards, I've worked with them a lot of times and they truly answer the questions. And it's wonderful that with the same questions every time appear the same cards. Very beautiful things – small bag for keeping cards, table cloth and what is important too – the book, where's explained meaning of the cards, their combinations and ways how to predict. Quality of all things is very good, delivery was quick. Thank you! Mocra

These cards are so beautiful. Easy to shuffle and handle. They come in a really pretty hand-made bag with a lovely playing cloth. The guidebook is very well put together and simple to follow. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The owner is very responsive and very nice. Thank you!!!!! Donna
Great horoscope for the month ! Marie


Love your horoscopes and share with my family. Brenda


Nadia! These are beautiful! The intention is felt warmly upon receiving. Thank you very much 💗Sierra


Dearest Nadia,
Hello, my name is L. P.  I live in the US and have been following your horoscopes for many years now. There is something that draws me to your readings and to seek guidance from you.  
Thank you so much for the comfort that I find in your readings and in knowing someone like you is out there somewhere.
With love,
L. P.