Term of the offer: unlimited
Anyone can send on the day of their birthday a free question to [email protected], whether you have asked me already or not The condition is that the question is sent from 00:00 to 24:00 on your birthday, and in the subject of the letter to write "Promotion Birthday". The way to ask questions is the same as for the other free ones - names, dates, deadline for the question, and a brief description of the situation at the moment.
I`m waiting for you! 

term of the offer: unlimited

Anyone of you, once, can ask a free question to [email protected], which will be answered within a week and will be posted on the site only with your initials.
To get a correct answer, it is necessary to write down your names and date of birth, as well as those of the person you are asking if the question concerns another person. Obligatory is a brief description of the situation or link currently. Please set deadlines for questions, but no longer than 6 months. Provided you have not set a deadline, and the question requires it - the deadline will be added to my judgment.
Please do not send questions about health, treatment or energy interventions / spells /. I reserve the right not to respond to such inquiries.
I expect you!