Aquarius Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under Aquarius, in May your relatives (mostly the younger ones) will be the cause of a nice gathering in your home.
This month, you can send a child or a relative to a trip or visit to other relatives, for work, and more.
In this month, many will receive money from a relative from near or far. I do not expect you to have a surprise in such an event, but an unexpected change can always occur.
Those born under Aquarius will be able to enjoy their family with extra money in their family budget in May.
Many of you will now have commitments related to inheritance, rent or pension, and more.
Now take care of loss or damage to a financial document (bank card, savings book, electronic data, etc.).
In May you can expect a conversation with friends who have allowed you to be blamed or have insulted you. At this stage, you would expect an apology or an explanation rather than having people believe you would do something inappropriate.
This month, you will have a meeting with a man which is more of a family, financial or professional character than a romantic encounter.
You will also now be invited to a gathering related to a man (a friend or relative).
Aquarius women will have more engagements with women in their family. You will have a strong connection or special action with them related to a variety of important life themes and situations.
Men will have more engagements related to their work or their own businesses. You will enjoy an important event you are going to experience or a suggestion. May also will be a time for romance and love. Even if you do not have a girlfriend or wife, it's time to look for one. 

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the Aquarius sign, in April you can engage in the realization of your bold ideas and plans. What you have considered and prepared so far - it will be. You have had enough time to prepare, now is time for realization or continuation on the basis of what has been achieved so far.
You will keep an eye on the events in the love life or private life of a girl or a young woman who may be your relative or close friend.
This month, you'll be able to help friends or relatives who have troubles or complicated resolution issues. Perhaps you will be the right person who will give the right advice, will open the right door from where the decision will come.
The unexpected events in your home should not surprise you this month. They will speed up some processes related to urgent changes or relocations.
If you are involved in a court case related to a home or property, this will be a good month for its development.
News related to a serious health problem for a person you know will upset you. Unfortunately, most likely he or she lives in a different location and a direct encounter between you is improbable.
With regard to your work this month, it will be a bit more tense than the financial activity of the company or place where you work. Less revenue, unsettled financial relationships, or other bottlenecks are possible.
For young Aquarius women April will be an important month in love: the beginning of a new relationship, the development towards a more serious association of one already created.