Aquarius Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under Aquarius, February would be a good month to come out of a crisis that affects your privacy, your way of thinking, or your way of life.
A dramatic event (without negative consequences) related to a woman will make you look at a different way of life.
In February, you will be committed to positive experiences in the friendship or family life of your friends. It is possible to receive information or an invitation about an upcoming engagement or wedding from people you know.
In your work, be cautious in dealing with a man who can openly show his dislike to you, but he can cover his feelings behind a false smile.
The actions of such a person can challenge your professional position or your good image to colleagues and clients.
This month, you'll have a good time to develop your home-related plans that you live, and particularly those related to interior repairs and upgrades.
This will be a good month to move to another home or buy a new home.
Not all of your plans and expectations for this month will have a "tailwind" for realization. Some of your expectations will not happen and this can create a temporary mood of frustration, disappointment and even pessimism.
This month, you will be disappointed with the actions of a person who lives in another city. You can only have virtual contact, serve as a justification for your credulity.
February portends an unpleasant incident during a trip related to someone you know.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, in January you will rely heavily on the successful development of your plans or ideas, as well as the cooperation or help of your friends.
It is possible that a new friendship will be of great interest to you and you will put more energy into its development.
In January, you will get an unexpected decision to break up with people who have a negative impact on you or create problems that are difficult for you, especially if they are related to money.
January will be interesting and productive for you a month on a professional basis as you will be able to successfully develop your idea.
You will be able to achieve important success when performing a task related to your work.
This will be a good month to start a new career or a new activity.
At the beginning of the year, based on accumulated experience and awareness of flaws and mistakes, you will have the opportunity to resume a romantic relationship or to stabilize your marriage.
This will be a good month for meetings and conversations where you will discuss various financial matters from which you will expect some benefit or success.
In January you will have to take care of a woman's health, and in most cases, it will be associated with a viral or hereditary disease.
Aquarius women may receive news or experience an unexpected event involving an engagement or wedding.
Men will be able to harmonize important personal or professional relationships with men.