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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you were born under the Aquarius sign, in February you can accept new people at your workplace. They can be colleagues, clients or managers.
It will be a successful and productive month for you to work with opportunities for developing new deals, arrangements, new business.
In this month, the chance for a new job will be there for the unemployed, thanks to already established friendly contacts and relationships.
In February, some of you will need to make an important decision about a home or property.
Contacts with a state, bank or other institution are possible in connection with a problem affecting your home or other property.
If such a problem concerns people in your family environment, you will need to be careful about details, arrangements, and not just rely on promises.
Now there will be a high probability of an accident or home failure that someone will try to cover up or downplay.
This month, you may be hurt by the actions of some people to disappoint you with their attempts to take advantage of you in an unfair manner, manipulating you or your loved ones. Such moments will definitely surprise you unpleasantly.
In February, an event related to unexpected theft, loss due to distraction, inattention, lack of control will be experienced.
Although you will not be making any significant progress in your personal life now, it will be time for your upcoming future plans in 2018, which should not be wasted
Any delay, postponing your plans or promises let be taken calmly, even about money. Every conflict will create a series of other problems and unpleasant situations. Give time for this to be resolved when they are ready.
My advice is to be careful when arranging, negotiating or signing documents of a financial nature related to the money you will hope for this month. 

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope January 2018

If you were born under the Aquarius sign, in January you will realize pre-planned meetings or meetings that will be important for the development of your plans in 2018.
You will get interesting influence or assistance from people from Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
This month, some of you will experience trouble with a girl or a young woman who lives or works in another city.
January will require Aquarius parents to discuss a document or proposal related to a child or grandchild.
This month, some of you will be involved in one way or another with a lawsuit related to maintenance, parental rights, and more.
You will not be surprised by news about future maternity or the birth of a child.
January will be difficult for those of you who will face household or property problems. Similar situations left unresolved by 2017 will now cause tensions or conflicts.
The love life of the Aquarius signs will be interesting and fun filled with a variety of emotions and experiences. The situation will be specially strong if your partner was born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
In January there will be anxiety about a young man or boy who will have an exam, presentation, will lay the foundation for something new in his life.
Young Aquarius women will have an unfavorable month to travel. However, if you have to travel, be maximally organized and disciplined.
Men Aquarius by the age of 35 will achieve an important success by overcoming various stressful situations.