Aquarius Monthly Horoscope October 2018

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, ahead of you is a month when you will travel for family reasons or you will have contacts with relatives who live in another settlement. They can come to you to visit you or plan a future meeting with them.
This month bodes an engagement or wedding in another village, city or country, which is not necessarily to present??.
In October you will be upset by an event or failure related to a boy or a young man from your family or friends.
During this time you will have contacts with people who are not from your circle of close friends or relatives but who are now experiencing serious problems and you will be one of their opportunities to receive help or assistance.
It is possible to unexpectedly go to an institution or meet someone to resolve your urgent problem.
October should be a good month for the development of your financial affairs. Unexpected earnings, money from an unexpected source or other surprises in this plan are possible.
Such events can help you decide on a new home purchase or resolving a property issue.
Many of you will have conversations or commitments with property or personal property, and such actions may have a connection with a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.
Overall, October will be a successful for you .
Young Aquarius men will experience disappointment in a friendly relationship. 

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope September 2018

If you were born under Aquarius, September will require greater mobilization to resolve various stressful situations.
Greater tension will arise for those of you who are involved in court or a lawsuit.
You will need to help people who will be looking for support from you.
They will experience a serious life drama and in their confusion they will seek help and hope from everywhere.
September will bring an unexpected journey or unexpected acquisition, a new opportunity or a proposal. It will have a connection with people (or institution) from another location.
Very good development will come to your new and old friendships with people from near and far.
You will plan different common actions, gatherings or public initiatives.
You will have to overcome with tact and diplomacy a conflict situation of a financial nature. It will be related to a child or a young person. Most likely, this will have to do with the need (or willingness) to make a greater expense or investment.
Some of the nice or unforgettable experiences in September will be related to a woman.
Your contacts with women will result in different positive situations or changes for you.
In your job you will have the chance to achieve important financial or professional success, satisfaction with a job well done or an attractive offer.
If you start a new job or a new level of education, you will be lucky to achieve your goals (but only if you are not lazy).