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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope May 2017

In May, you will need to make a serious commitment or take care of the education or career of a child. This obligation will be more for Aquarius women. In some cases, it is about transmitting knowledge in a particular area of the father or mother of the child or grandchild's circumstances (family business, family tradition). 
This month there will appear a new, young person in your professional environment. 
There will be travel for Aquarius men that will have a relationship with the family or people who will be related to your home. 
There is a possibility of a new beginning associated with a relocation of residence because of a new job or a new home. 
There may be news or a proposal about which many will rejoice, but it will bring sadness or other emotional or financial discomfort to people around you. You may receive a proposal or information that is very nice and could be cause for joy if coming earlier or later in time for you. Soon you can make a more ambitious plan for your personal or professional life, but when you have to do something, you will need to obtain or verify information, not only rely on yourself. Otherwise, expect unwelcome surprises. 
May will bring a chance to find a soul mate, a person with whom you will build a very strong and successful, personal or business relationship. 
During this month you may encounter someone or something in an unexpected place. 
Unfortunately, health problems of a woman close to you (relative or friend) will continue now, and probably in the next few months.


Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2017

April is the time of disclosure of the true intentions and feelings of a man of your family, circle of friends or professional environment.
Surprises can be expected by girls and women to 35 years of age.
You will have a little more money in the family budget this month.
For some of you, there will be the start and end of a new life period (depending on your date of birth).
During this month you are going to shape, sign or end important documents of a financial nature, perhaps a contract, or bank credit.
This will be an unfavorable month for litigation of monetary/financial character.
Soon you will experience sadness or disappointment related to a child/grandchild due to an inability to realize your expectations, promises, and others.
You can expect actions or decisions of a man that will dramatically affect your fate this month.
There may be an important event or change in the lives of Aquarius men which will affect the family in some way or a will be connected with the house in which they live.
An interesting and possibly long-planned trip may be expected by girls and young women.
Others can expect guests, mostly for the holidays, as there will be special emotions concerning a woman: a friend or relative.
Unfortunately, this month will involve your domestic problems at home. There is the possibility of problems with machinery and equipment in your workplace, or in your business.
When you are going shopping, try/check how everything is working and do not forget to inquire about the manufacturer, quality, and warranty.
You can expect an event of a family nature, such as an engagement, wedding, birthday, anniversary, name day and more.