Virgo Monthly Horoscope August 2018

If you were born under the sign of Virgo in August, you will have to resolve more serious problems or tasks related to a child or a young person of your family. Your plans for such people will not grow as you expect, and this will create undesirable tensions.
Now you can expect guests in your home or to plan your visit to the home of friends or relatives. These things will undergo delay or postponement for a variety of reasons.
In August, you will receive an unpleasant news about losing or stealing in the home of people you know.
Good events this month in one way or another will be related to money. Many will relish the money they will receive through a person born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgin or Taurus. Such people will definitely play a positive role in your financial affairs.
This month portends unexpected incomes or profits, but they will not delight all Virgo representatives.
In August you will experience an important event related to a woman from your family: birthday, name day, jubilee, wedding, etc.
Now you can be lucky or will receive a gift that will come through a son, grandson, nephew, or other young man of your family.
This month's unpleasant event in the life of friends will be the cause of dynamic phone calls or the exchange of letters and emails.
Some of you will experience an unpleasant disappointment by someone who will try to get you into a risky, unpleasant situation.
Women over 35 will have a good month for love and romance, especially if you are single.
Men under the age of 35 will have a strong and successful month (especially in terms of material benefits). You can a or buy something at a good price, at a discount or at a promotion.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope July 2018

If you were born under the sign of Virgo in July, you will be burdened with various miscarriages or problems related to a boy or a young man, most likely from your family circle.
Many will rejoice guests who will come from another city.
This will be a good month for a trip to meet relatives, friends or new acquaintances.
For some of you, July will be the time of a big change associated with relocation by place of residence.
Surprises now will have some connection with a child: conceiving or giving birth to a child, a successful public performance, or starting a new level of education, etc.
You will also be surprised by the news about a woman's pregnancy, which is a long-awaited joy.
This month, you can achieve many things, start and complete important tasks and plans.
You will also experience a series of pleasant emotions, mainly in love. Now either you will create a relationship with the future or you will develop a connection that has already been created involving a more serious commitment.
This month avoid financial dealings with friends (making or giving money on loans, general business, etc.)
Now fate will find a way to pleasantly surprise you with a financial document, an unexpected win or a gift, a good purchase at a good price, and more.
July will be a difficult month for men under the age of 35 - avoid the risks, reckless events at home, in society or when driving.