Virgo Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, in February you will spend more time or invest more energy in developing financial affairs that will be important to your family. Different circumstances will favor such actions and engagements.
It is possible to look for and find a way to increase income in your family budget, to receive important credit, and more.
This month, you will be surprised by the emergence and unpredictable development of a health problem for a person you know.
Some unexpected situations can create confusion in plans and thoughts, make you feel insecure until you receive extra information or find yourself a sensible way of doing your own.
February will be a good month for travel, especially if it is important for your family and for your home or there is a connection with visiting your relatives.
This month, you will experience interesting and favorable events related to different circumstances or people from other cities and countries.
This will be a good month to move to another location for those who have such a plan.
If you have to be wary of something this month, it will definitely have a connection with money or a financial problem that somehow has a connection with your past.
This may be an unpaid loan, a deferred payment of an obligation or uncleared financial relations with other people. If you are involved in cases involving an inheritance or a will, much tact and diplomacy will be required.
Let's go back to interesting and enjoyable experiences in the second month of the year.
You will now be able to realize your plan or idea as a parent (if you have your own child).
Your ideas will have good development for which you will rely on someone else, mostly male.
This will be a good month for meetings and contacts with people you've lost contact with because of different events in their life or in your life.
If you are involved in court or legal proceedings, this month may be postponed or returned for a new consideration of the particular case. 
This month, you'll have a reason for special emotions or a gathering related to a man, most likely from your circle of friends, colleagues or neighbors.
This month favors financial relations with friends or the development of ideas from which you expect some monetary income.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you are born under the sign of the Virgo, January will surprise you with household problems or problems relating to property that you own or that are owned by your parents.
There will be no insoluble things for you, but that will affect the greater load of the month.
January marks a separation with a child or a young person due to the start of a new career, a trip to another city or country or another new start in life.
This month, an unexpected cost of a man or an unpleasant financial situation with such a person will arise.
It would be good to avoid financial dealings with men this month, or if you need to, be cautious.
Conflicts this month will almost always have a connection with money, but they will also find their quick fix.
For love, January will be a time of interesting development of your relationship if you have created one.
New connections will be subject to a strong attraction, still inexplicable at this stage, and probably due to opposites in character and interests with your partner.
Not all this month will go like honey and butter and get ready to give up with some of your dreams or plans.
If you continue to force things, you will probably create new and unpleasant troubles and problems.
The problems or difficulties that will arise for Virgo women with a child will be expected and will be due to different events in the last few months.
For Virgo men, January will be a good time to implement plans related to family, marriage, or holidays related to major events.