Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, this month you will have personal or professional difficulties with a man who is likely to be your relative or colleague.
Traveling this month will be associated with greater strain or you'll have some responsible travel-related mission.
Conflicts will now easily erupt because of your lack of patience.
In May you will have better financial opportunities. This will happen thanks to your better pay, the possibility of extrа or part-time work.
You will be satisfied with the money, but your work will be more.
This month, you will receive news or a document related to a financial case whose permission will be in your favor.
In May an important role in your career or business will have a woman who will launch your idea or promote you for a better position.
You will now create an unexpected acquaintance, you will receive an invitation for a meeting or gathering from a person you have known for long.
Now an unexpected suggestion or shared information can help you a lot for your development by the end of the year.
Many will buy an important asset to provide better home comfort.
Virgo men will have specific expectations for job and career. You may be in the process of stabilizing a new job or expecting an invitation to do so.
Women are good at forgetting some of the unfavorable events of the past months. The sooner you put your unpleasant experiences behind you, the better for you.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the sign of a Virgo, ahead of you there is a month of important but tense travel-related events with people living in another city or country.
If you plan on a trip this month, then the reason for this may be very important and may determine your future. But worry or tension will not help you. You will receive what you are due or will succeed as much as you are given to achieve.
This month will generally bring you quite opposite emotions and moods. Above all, they will affect your emotional life in marriage or love.
Events suggest temporary separations (for various reasons) or conflicts with former partners.
In April you will have a meeting with a man for whom you will have bigger expectations. The promises or assurances that will be given to you will be deceptive and hypocritical. If you rely on them for the development of your important plans - better be sure!
This month may frustrate or upset by the interference of a woman in your personal life or in your professional relationships and engagements. The only comfort I can give you is that she will not stay long where she is at the moment.
April will be a good month for everything related to children, both your own and if you work with children.
Now you may need to make important conversations or make an important child-related decision.
This month, however difficult, it is necessary to avoid conflicts. The fact that you are offended or angry with someone: you must nevertheless reassure the emotions on both sides. Only then will you be able to hold a frank conversation, if you still need one.
Young Virgo women: will be good to reconsider their friends who may interfere in their personal lives.