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Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Above all, before you is a month of changes related to your home or property that you own, repairs, upgrades, replacement or purchase - sale and more.
During this month some of you can experience disappointment associated with a male friend. You may get a charge or complaint from his side, that hurts you emotionally.
Overall some emotional events with friends who will create emotional discomfort will be experienced in April .
You may have a serious concern about a household or property. Whatever it is, it is quite likely to create controversial situations and conflicts on the way to resolve it.
It is possible now to miss a chance because of the advice of relatives or friends. The reason for such a council will be understood later time....
There will be trouble with the family of a woman who instead to have her attention to the problems in their own family, creates tension with "interfering" in your family.
You may need to go to help her mother, grandmother or older sister.
There will be costs associated with travel, which will not be a pleasant occasion (holiday), but rather on business, with a particular purpose to solve a problem and etc.
Young representatives of the star sign are likely to meet a new love or legalization of an existing relationship. In the first case, things can happen through the "intervention" to a friend. 


Virgo Horoscope March 2017

First of all, this month will be remembered for an important event associated with male middle age, probably from your family surroundings.
Many will have certain expectations related to their love or intimate life and they a great extent will be able to realize: sometimes with reason, sometimes with patience.
This month you may have your own plan associated with change in the home, either its interior, or the property and equipment that you use for work, and others. It is likely that you will meet resistance, misunderstanding, or lack of cooperation from the people with whom you live or work.
Possibly, conflict with one of your relative's surroundings, related to material interests and desires.
Bad news will come to you related to a woman who lives far away. It is possible that an unpleasant incident, or accident, will occur with a woman during a trip.
In March you will be able to achieve understanding, harmony and greater proximity with people in your circle of friends or in your professional environment. You will create new friendships and contacts.
News in your home will be associated with a girl or young woman of the family and an important event in her life. There will be a chance of news related to future maternity or to the birth of a baby girl.
Be careful during this month, because it is possible that an opportunity that you expect will slip away, because it will not come from a person or in the way you expect.
There will be a revival of your old idea or dream, for which will present some favorable circumstances.
In March you will attend a gathering with relatives, some type of family gathering, such as an engagement, wedding, birth, anniversary, birthday and others.
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