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Virgo Monthly Horoscope June 2017

For those born under the sign of Virgo, June will be a month of new opportunities related to education, career or business. You will now have to make quick decisions and act without delaying your commitments or ideas. You can achieve a lot; it depends on you!
During this month, not all household or property obligations and problems will be able to result in a solution. Probably some of them will have to wait for a variety of reasons, but not to your detriment or loss.
If something does not happen the way you want, then something better will come to you.
Your love life will be a reason for some joy or a pleasant experience. Same for your family or for your homework. There you can have occasion to gather with friends and relatives: a birthday, anniversary, name day and more.
If you have travel or other plans related to people (events) from a distance, you will have to make some changes, overcome some obstacles or difficulties. There will be emerging events in another city or country that you will be watching with special attention.
In June, relations between the generations, especially between fathers and daughters, will be more delicate.
In this month, be open to what people from your circle of friends will be talking to you about. This is especially true when it comes to work, business, investment, additional engagement with good pay, and so on.
A friend may ask for a service: a loan, a credit guarantee, etc.


Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2017

In May people born under the sign of Virgo will end a friendly, family or professional bond after a period of conflict or tension.
You will have no feelings of pity or remorse after this decision. 
News will come to you related to  troubles of a financial nature concerning a relative or friends who live relatively close to you. 
Unexpected, small expense or payment must be made within a short period of time.
Unexpected success, will bode very well for good change in your personal or professional life in the coming months. 
There will be favorable development or completion of a court case, or legal case of some kind. 
This month Virgo men may receive very important support or help of an older woman or an woman with experience or power in office that will develop your talents, skills, or an innovative idea / project. 
In May, be careful in your financial relations, agreements or promises related to women. It is possible that at some point things will be very complex or difficult to implement. Beware of fraud, or manipulation by a girl or woman. 
At home, sometimes the atmosphere will be depressing and stressful, but this will be a temporary state of your relationship.