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Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2017

In May people born under the sign of Virgo will end a friendly, family or professional bond after a period of conflict or tension.
You will have no feelings of pity or remorse after this decision. 
News will come to you related to  troubles of a financial nature concerning a relative or friends who live relatively close to you. 
Unexpected, small expense or payment must be made within a short period of time.
Unexpected success, will bode very well for good change in your personal or professional life in the coming months. 
There will be favorable development or completion of a court case, or legal case of some kind. 
This month Virgo men may receive very important support or help of an older woman or an woman with experience or power in office that will develop your talents, skills, or an innovative idea / project. 
In May, be careful in your financial relations, agreements or promises related to women. It is possible that at some point things will be very complex or difficult to implement. Beware of fraud, or manipulation by a girl or woman. 
At home, sometimes the atmosphere will be depressing and stressful, but this will be a temporary state of your relationship. 


Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Above all, before you is a month of changes related to your home or property that you own, repairs, upgrades, replacement or purchase - sale and more.
During this month some of you can experience disappointment associated with a male friend. You may get a charge or complaint from his side, that hurts you emotionally.
Overall some emotional events with friends who will create emotional discomfort will be experienced in April .
You may have a serious concern about a household or property. Whatever it is, it is quite likely to create controversial situations and conflicts on the way to resolve it.
It is possible now to miss a chance because of the advice of relatives or friends. The reason for such a council will be understood later time....
There will be trouble with the family of a woman who instead to have her attention to the problems in their own family, creates tension with "interfering" in your family.
You may need to go to help her mother, grandmother or older sister.
There will be costs associated with travel, which will not be a pleasant occasion (holiday), but rather on business, with a particular purpose to solve a problem and etc.
Young representatives of the star sign are likely to meet a new love or legalization of an existing relationship. In the first case, things can happen through the "intervention" to a friend.