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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in November it will be a good time to resolve your personal problems.
Soon you may be deluded or be deceived about something that somebody knows beforehand that will not happen. This will definitely cause radical changes in your professional or business contacts.
The education or career of a family member will be a topic of serious conversation in your home. You can engage in specific actions, meetings, financial expenses, and more.
A new job or an important event in the family can be expected by Scorpio women.
You will be attending a meeting with friends where you will meet new people.
This month, you'll need to do another person's service at the request of a friend or vice versa. 
In November, you can postpone a gathering to your home for other more favorable times, or start preparing for a home gathering that will occur by the end of the year.
Expect joy in your homethat will come from far away.
An unexpected life situation will make you think about things that happen every day and for which we always find ourselves unprepared. This event may require certain actions on your part. It may provoke you to have conversations with your relatives on some important issues.

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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in October you will have an interesting business meeting. You will have contact with a woman at work. It is possible to get an interesting offer, information, idea, protection, etc. through her.
In general, the female presence in your professional life this month will be very strong.
You will have a clash with someone with a difficult and relentless character, someone who has no sympathy for you. In the dispute or conflict, things will be said that will put your relationship on a new basis. In most cases, for a nice....
Old love will remind you of itself and bring you back to old memories. You may meet unexpectedly or someone may share with you about this person.
You may experience a slight flirtation this month but without any prospect.
Be careful to spend time this month on your family budget and everything that will have some connection with money.
Beware of deception, self-deception, promises. 
You will experience joy in your home associated with an expected event or gathering. Expect guests at home or new tenants.
This month, there will be health problems for a man who, in turn, will be stubborn or afraid of an urgent treatment or review.