Scorpio Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, in February you will be inclined to be distrustful, to have pessimistic thoughts about your present or future. Even when luck is on your side or fate gives you an important chance, you will experience insecurity and fear for your future.
Of course, these conditions can be overcome by a greater self-control of such emotions and moods. Those of you who will have health problems this month should not let despair or have feelings of hopelessness, as reality is quite different.
As I wrote at the beginning this month, your "Achilles heel" will be your emotional and mental instability. For this reason, you may be sad or self-isolate at the most inappropriate moment when you really need to act on the opossite way.
Your inclination to be distrustful of the good behavour, compliments, or suggestions of others may even lead them to move away from you.
February can bring you pleasant emotions or achieve important success for you through travel or through people who live in other cities and countries.
Some of you will take a trip related to important material or property engagement.
Considering your emotional and mental condition this month, it will definitely reflect your family relationships. This is most likely to be felt in the family ties that have been subjected to greater trials or tensions over the past few months.
In an unexpected meeting or conversation, you will understand about the personal drama of a life in person you know and then all of your worries will look insignificant and even funny.
February will be a successful month for the education and career of young Scorpio men. Now you can receive a new chance for development, recognition for a well done job or a completed project, and more.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, January will bring you unexpected worries about your serious, romantic friendship.
It is possible to learn things from your partner's privacy that you have not know before.
He or she may be more willing to control your wishes or actions.
Attention this month will require the silence of your child, his secrecy in thoughts and actions.
This month reports events related to an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.
If you are engaged in any financial dealings with a man, then this month you will definitely be able to rely on luck and achieve the desired results.
In January, you will learn unpleasant news about a man who lives in another city or country.
He may be your relative, or a known or public person you are interested in.
New acquaintances this month will start with difficulty, with irritation or intolerance because of the differences between you. Consequently, their development will be much more interesting and positive for you.
January will be a positive month for Scorpio lovers and those looking for new dating.
Luck in many ways will be on your side, but strive to preserve what you have achieved and appreciate what is being given to you.
Scorpio women can expect special attention or a suggestion in their work that they will have to answer in a short time.
Scorpio men have an important conversation with a woman who will be a colleague, chief or client.