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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2017

During this month, Scorpio women can expect an important communication or common action with a young man. Of course, this can be a son, grandchild or another young male from the family, but it is also possible to be a man with whom you have common professional interests.
Scorpio men will be hoping to receive an offer, document from a woman, which will definitely happen in the best way for them.
Possible trouble will develop about a trip of a child.
Conflict with a relative or friends may transpire because of the occurrence of some doubt, mistrust, pessimism towards certain actions and etc.
In April you will have reason for joy on a personal level because of financial stabilization, getting good news related to upcoming income, payments and others.
Receive more money than you expected from work, extra work, but not by your family connections.
Interestingly a presence will show up in your home or an important influence from a woman born under the astrological sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. You may be part of an important event in her life.
Expect a gathering which will require a special gift or gesture on your part.
There will be a completion of conversations or settling a contract of real estate or of a property matter.


Scorpio Horoscope March 2017

This will be a month in which chance or luck will shed light and clarity important for you life problem or dilemma.
You can make a lot of good things and please yourself if you can maintain your honesty, decency and a large dose of humility in your actions.
During March, your personal or professional relationships, which have not been problematic until now, will be put to the test. The reason for this will pop out suddenly and may be frivolous, or a manifestation of emotional reaction, of touchiness, or jealousy.
You will think about how to talk to your friends or neighbors regarding a question related to their child. You have your observations, thoughts, and ideas, but you also realize that such a conversation will not be easy.
If this month you have any financial relationship with a person or client from your work be careful to avoid unpleasant situations due to misunderstanding, error, fraud or any kind of manipulation.
This will be a favorable month to resolve a financial problem or to stabilize your financial situation.
During this month, you can restore your position in the workplace or in business. You may realize an opportunity to opt out of your earlier idea, because of the emergence of something better.
In March, you will be invited to a gathering associated with a new person in your family or your circle of friends. Possibly you will have new neighbors or new tenants if you are renting property.
This will be a month in which many of you will appreciate a new pet. You can expect a growth in farm animals, for those who have such.
There may be a new addition to your home that will not be a pre-planned purchase.
You may be receiving money from a woman that will be beneficial for your development of financial relations and interests, including your common actions with a woman. 
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