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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope May 2017

May will be a month of surprises for young Scorpio men. Almost none of your preliminary plans will be implemented according to your expectations.
This month will be a time for important decisions related to your love relationship.
This is a time to complete, clear, settle troubles, especially those which are left behind for some reason from the previous months. One by one, things will stabilize and harmonize.
Scorpio women may worry about an important trip in May or June. Change may come for which you are not ready or that goes against the will and desire.
In your family, however,  events may develop that you hide from view and intentionally fear or otherwise conceal from the one that is involved in them. It is very likely that, in this case it may involve relatives that do not live under the same roof with you, but could involve someone with whom you live.
New people in your personal or professional environment will annoy you or you would not be willing to accept them easily, which is very unusual for you, but in this case will be due to a specific reason and your emotional status.
For Scorpio singles, May will bring interesting events related to new or old love, especially if your partner lives close to you (in one location) or with you. 
In May, you will gradually finish troubling problems of a financial nature, payments and obligations. Things will improve, for some of you in a tangible way, for others less so, but overall May will bring positive growth.
You may receive money rightfully coming to you, which for some reason you have had difficulty to get until now. 


Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2017

During this month, Scorpio women can expect an important communication or common action with a young man. Of course, this can be a son, grandchild or another young male from the family, but it is also possible to be a man with whom you have common professional interests.
Scorpio men will be hoping to receive an offer, document from a woman, which will definitely happen in the best way for them.
Possible trouble will develop about a trip of a child.
Conflict with a relative or friends may transpire because of the occurrence of some doubt, mistrust, pessimism towards certain actions and etc.
In April you will have reason for joy on a personal level because of financial stabilization, getting good news related to upcoming income, payments and others.
Receive more money than you expected from work, extra work, but not by your family connections.
Interestingly a presence will show up in your home or an important influence from a woman born under the astrological sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo. You may be part of an important event in her life.
Expect a gathering which will require a special gift or gesture on your part.
There will be a completion of conversations or settling a contract of real estate or of a property matter.