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I hope that the magic herb, Levzea, can give light and hope through the symbols and language of TAROT to everyone who seeks answers and advice from him through me. I discovered this Path of Self-Knowledge and Self-Development for myself more than ten years ago. Since then, he has never stopped to excite and inspire me, and I keep trying to inspire and help and support others, according to my powers and capabilities. 

TAROT is a magic instrument, a bridge between our Higher Self, who knows everything and our earthly mind, here and now, with the help of which we cope in our everyday life. I will be happy to help you with answers to questions. Questions should be sent to e-mail: levzeya@abv.bg. Please do not send questions about health, treatment or energy interventions / spells /. I reserve the right not to respond to such inquiries. 
To get a correct answer, you need to write down your name and date of birth, male/female, married/single, where you come from as well as those of the person you are asking if the question concerns another person. Please set deadlines for issues that concern events but no longer than 6 months. Provided you have not set a deadline and the question requires it - the time will be added to my judgment. Each of you, once, has the right to a free question that will be posted on the site only with your initials. 

ABOUT PERSONAL PAID CREADING: The cost of one consultation is 20 Euro. The scope of a TAROT reading includes answers to three clear and specific questions about the development of a situation or advice for best action on a person or problem. Replies for a paid consultation will be sent within 3 to 5 business days on personal email after a payment has been made. Payment methods are specified in personal correspondence via PayPal, Western Union or a bank account. I wish health, good luck and wisdom to all seeking solutions for themselves on the pages of this site! Your Levzea


AS, I live in Ivey, Georgia.The question is about: HC. My question is should I give up on a relationship with him or keep it going. We've been together 5 years and have 2 children together. But he has been very unfaithful while I've been loyal to him. Hes currently locked up and gets out in November and I just want to know if I'm wasting my time like usual or if he's gonna be committed this go around? Hello! According to my interpretation of the maps, it is now important for you to take care of your safety and to be able to preserve what you have. I think you are not fascinated by what he can offer you. You have a desire to control your life and move forward. Things with him would be the old way. It is very likely, for a while, to make an effort to be responsible to you and your children. But it is also likely that his old bad habits will prove to be very strong and he will not be able to control them... I wish you good luck!
Greetings Dear, my name is LN . i am female .single. live in south africa. is my soulmate the man that is goin to marry me come into my life in the next couple months ? thank you kindly Hello! According to tarot's answer, this man will not appear in the next few months. You are looking for this somewhere farther, and he may be closer. But I see a lot of your fears and disappointments, perhaps related to a previous marriage or a previous relationship. This hinders. At the moment, you seem to be a closed person. Think about it. I wish you good luck!
Ch - Is there a future for the relationship between J. and I? Hello! It could happen, but a bit difficult because you are quite different in character and temperament and each of you is considered better and right. You are colder and cooler. He's the man of pleasure. If you can find a common language, you may have a connection. An obstacle also appears to be traveling. Look for the touch points and not the differences to get it. I wish you good luck!
I want to learn, will I be able to get my job back in 3 months? I have been dismissed from my profession 2 years ago. I am G.,Turkey. Hello! I hope to be right that you will gain stability in your profession for up to three months after a break. I wish you good luck!
JC - Question: My close friend and I had a fall out 2 weeks ago, after I said some hurtful things. I’ve tried reaching out, to no avail. I miss her dearly. I would like to ask, will we mend the crack in our friendship, or is it best to let her go? Thank you for your time :)
Hello! I set a deadline for your question 1 month. Yes, your girlfriend is very hurt. But if you are persevering, do not give up looking for it, there is a chance to clarify your relationship and fix it. Nothing that she does not answer now. Do not give up! I wish you good luck!
Hello, my name is B. I come from Poland. My question is: will I have my dream new home in which I will live in the near future? (+/- 6 months). I'm in a difficult situation now but I've always dreamed about my own home. Now I live with my parents and my fiance in one apartment. Thank you very much for your answer. Regards B. Hello! Unfortunately, within this 6-month period, the cards will not succeed yet. Or you will stop at something that will not bring you joy. Better for the moment not to hurry. I wish you good luck!
SH - I would firstly like to inform you that I read astro.velida frequently and also read the way you precisely respond to everyone who asks you tarot questions. I am an admirer. Looking forward to a positive association.Coming to my question on the basis of above mentioned details :I am a lawyer by profession and I’ve been on the lookout for a job for more than a year. My precise question is : Will I find a well paying job in the coming 6 months? Thank you very much for this free reading. Shall be eagerly waiting for your response. Hello! Thanks for the kind words! The answer to your question is not quite solid Yes. I think you will find a job, or you will not be looking anymore, but what you start may not satisfy you completely. But you are young. You will have many more opportunities ahead of you. Success!
Hello, I am F. from Vienna / Austria. I currently live in Poland. My question: for almost 2 years I applied for a disability pension in Poland, I can not work anymore because of massive back problems, will I get the disability pension, it is necessary to survive. Thanks for your answer, F Hello! I set a deadline for your question - 6 months. I hope I am right that you will be able to get this pension. That's what I see in the cards. Yes, the problem is no longer delayed for you. It is decided slowly but there should be a solution. Good luck!

my name : FG, I'm from Algeria. I'm single.  I have a sweetheart from Bulgaria we are in relationship one year ago.My question is whether I will get a visa to Bulgaria over the next six months to see her Hello! I hope I am right that you will get a visa. You must, of course, file documents. I wish you good luck!

my name is CE i'm a female ,divorced/single i'm from eunice louisiana. i'm a single divorced mother of 6 i work constantly to provide for my kids with no help from anyone im living from paycheck to paycheck and it never seems to be enough going without basic necessities most of the time its really tearing me down and i dont know what to do anymore it is also affecting my healthin a major way .i know material things aren't everything but financial help would be a huge stress reliever i would like to know when will i be financially stable?  Hello! Cards can not answer a question - When? I asked if you would feel financially stable for up to 6 months? Unfortunately no. I see that it is very difficult for you. But for some reason, life is currently undergoing this test. I asked for free for you - What do you need to do to feel financially stable? You have to radically change something in your life. Set up positively. Make an audit - what you are impeding, what does not help you anymore and you need to get rid of it. Whether it's the place, whether it's memories, thoughts, something that does not help you anymore - let him go and find the right decision. You will see the answer. Good luck!

Hello my name is I. and from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I’m going to school in August 2018 for a year and a month, in Cosmetology, while working part time. Then, after I finish, I plan to work in that field and save for a building while going to Law School. My question is: Did I make the right career choice? Thanks Hello! The cards say you will have hesitations for your decisions. In fact, their answer is logical because you have described something that will take a long time and includes several things. And they respond clearly to clear questions and for terms of about 6 months. I am sorry, but there is no way to answer just one free answer to the questions about two schools and a job.

Hello my name is SS and I am from America. I was wondering if you feel my Love life moving forward soon? I am still healing from a past situation with an old friend (AD) is that situation done for or is there unfinished business? I am female and I am single! Thank you :) Hello! You are entitled to one free question, once . I asked if the AD situation is over?  Yes, according to the map answers - yes. There is pain, there is disappointment, but it is finished for you. You think and you have already gone another way. May A get you some time to talk, clarify something, but it should not make sense to you anymore.

Hello Levzea, My name is RR (female). I m married. I have applied for US visa. Wanted to know whether I will get the visa or not. I had tried before in 2016, but couldn't clear the interview. Will I get the visa this time. Your faithfully, RR.  Hello! I hope I'm right and this time you can get a visa. Success!

Hi, I am PM, female, in a relationship, from Dubai. I had a deep friendship with my colleague but due to some misunderstandings, the friendship has drifted apart. I want to get back with him as before. Will I deepen my friendship with my colleague N. soon? Thanks. Hello! I put your question for 2 months. Difficult, but I think you will have an improvement in the relationship. You will achieve some balance and harmony, though you will not smooth things out. You have to take a step for that. He is rather against. Success!

Good day Levzeya, Name: TLV, Female, Singl, From: K. South Afric. Person in question Name: DA, Male, In a relationship.From: E. South Africa (living on a cruise ship in caribbean) Question; We were engaged until end of 2017, so will we get back together again or do I move on? Thanks God Bless Hello! Unfortunately, I do not see your relationship going on. He's done with relationships. You think you still love it, but you suffer. After all, you will not get to be together. I wish you good luck!

MS, Baltimor - For now, given all the information I provided. When will I i move pass this impass or blockage I feel has been in my life for a long time? The concerns Money.
Hello! I asked if your life will change in a positive direction for 6 months? This could happen if you change your attitude towards life. Show your strength. Start managing your life and thinking positively. Concentrate on what you have, not on what you do not have. You need to achieve peace in your mind. Get rid of constant anxiety. You will then find the right way out of your situation. I wish you luck and success!

Hello My name is SR. I was in a LDR with a guy name FS. We been talking for past 9 months and he shows no sign of committing to me. So this week I give him an ultimatum to only contact me if he is serious about me and this relantionshi.He has not contacted me yet. My questio: Will he contact me  and how soon and what is the future of this relationship.Will it turn into a long term relationship or not and if so then how sooner or later.Thanks  I asked: Will he call you in 10 days? According to Tarot, no. He did not like that you made him a condition. He's angry. He's disappointed.
What will be the development of your relationship to 1 month? He will insist on his own and does not want changes. He likes him the way he is now. For you this will be very disappointing. I'm sorry I do not see good development for you.

My name:  CP. Female. Busy getting divorced. His name is J. I would please like to know if this person and I will have a positive future relationship, will we be a family in the future? Kind Regards Hello! I asked what a jointly future is waiting for you in the next 6 months? Perhaps within this time you have to divorce yourself. Because I think this is visible. With J. you will communicate, he will wait patiently and hope for joint plans. For a longer period, it's hard to tell. I wish you good luck! 

Hi my name is RP. Have been working in airlines as cabin crew and ground jobs at the airport in my earlier careers.. I had a very bad years last few..  Didn't get a right job...wat I wanted...Last year I got a job in a different country  as guest relations officer in a hospital.. But am not liking the job now.. Am looking for a job in airlines and airports.. As I want to get back to  aviation industry again... I have been applying many places.. But no reply yet... My question is .... When will I get a new job?? Will it be in aviation industry ??? In Bahrain ??? Or different country ??.? Waiting for ur reply...Best regards,RP Hello! You have only one free question to ask. That's why I asked: In two months, will you start work? In my opinion, there is a high probability that you will start working for up to 2 months in aviation. Success!