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TAROT Reading with Levzea

Free TAROT ReadingHello!
I hope that the magic herb, Levzea, can give light and hope through the symbols and language of TAROT to everyone who seeks answers and advice from him through me. I discovered this Path of Self-Knowledge and Self-Development for myself more than ten years ago. Since then, he has never stopped to excite and inspire me, and I keep trying to inspire and help and support others, according to my powers and capabilities. 

TAROT is a magic instrument, a bridge between our Higher Self, who knows everything and our earthly mind, here and now, with the help of which we cope in our everyday life. I will be happy to help you with answers to questions.
Questions should be sent to e-mail: levzeya@abv.bg. Please do not send questions about health, treatment or energy interventions / spells /. I reserve the right not to respond to such inquiries. 
To get a correct answer, you need to write down your name and date of birth, male/female, married/single, where you come from as well as those of the person you are asking if the question concerns another person. Please set deadlines for issues that concern events but no longer than 6 months. Provided you have not set a deadline and the question requires it - the time will be added to my judgment. 

Each of you, once, has the right to a free question that will be posted on the site only with your initials. 

         ABOUT PERSONAL PAID CREADING: The cost of one consultation is 20 Euro. The scope of a TAROT reading includes answers to three clear and specific questions about the development of a situation or advice for best action on a person or problem. Replies for a paid consultation will be sent within 3 to 5 business days on personal email after a payment has been made.
Payment methods are specified in personal correspondence via PayPal or a bank account.
I wish health, good luck and wisdom to all seeking solutions for themselves on the pages of this site!
Your Levzea


My name:  CP. Female. Busy getting divorced. His name is J. I would please like to know if this person and I will have a positive future relationship, will we be a family in the future? Kind Regards
Hello! I asked what a jointly future is waiting for you in the next 6 months? Perhaps within this time you have to divorce yourself. Because I think this is visible. With J. you will communicate, he will wait patiently and hope for joint plans. For a longer period, it's hard to tell. I wish you good luck! 

Hi my name is RP. Have been working in airlines as cabin crew and ground jobs at the airport in my earlier careers.. I had a very bad years last few..  Didn't get a right job...wat I wanted...Last year I got a job in a different country  as guest relations officer in a hospital.. But am not liking the job now.. Am looking for a job in airlines and airports.. As I want to get back to  aviation industry again... I have been applying many places.. But no reply yet... My question is .... When will I get a new job?? Will it be in aviation industry ??? In Bahrain ??? Or different country ??.? Waiting for ur reply...Best regards,RP
Hello! You have only one free question to ask. That's why I asked: In two months, will you start work? In my opinion, there is a high probability that you will start working for up to 2 months in aviation. Success!

Hello, I am G. A. I applied for a scholarship recently and I want to know what the cards say about this, am expecting the results this February. Should I get ready to go back to school. Waiting on your reply  
Hello! In my opinion, yes, you will receive the scholarship. It may not be exactly as much as you want. And I'm not sure how much you really want to go back to school, but the choice will be yours. Success!

Hello my name is N. I will like to know about my relocation, am planning to leave the city where I reside to settle in another city to find a job this February. Could you please tell me what the cards say. Thank you  
According to TAROT, things for you in the new location will happen at a slow pace, which you may not be particularly fond of. Yet, once you have ended with your old place, you will look with optimism for life and what is ahead of you. You may even encounter a new love. You need to show a greater inner strength to deal with the novelties. I'm not sure you will start working exactly in February, but it's very likely you will recieve a proposal that will require some extra training. Make sure you do not rush anything and accept everything that life offers you in good faith.

Hi, My name is D. India. I am in love with a guy whose name is A. S. R. We wanna get married but aren't getting a clarity if the marriage will be good and if it will work out. Could you please throw some light on this matter. Thanks & Regards, D
Unfortunately, the cards portend that after a while, if you marry, you will ask yourself - have you been right? You are also likely to have material difficulties. This will load a lot, and you will feel weightless, and as a victim. I'm sorry to write this, but this is what the cards predict. However, listen to your heart, it should give you the best decision. Good luck!

Hello my name is A. G. thank again for this opportunity. I would love to know if I'm going to get accepted for the cath lab job iv applied for as in a nurse. It's a higher position I prayed for it everyday. If this job does come through I'll have the experience I need to finally go overseas which was my ultimate dream from when I was small. Thank you again 
Unfortunately, the cards say that this position you want currently is closed for you. You may not have enough experience yet. Hope you will succeed soon! Success!

For N.N.G. India
Hello! Very strong cards came out for you and this girl. For me, these are karmic relationships and it is good to experience what's going to happen here and now in this life. When a person loves it is better to show their feelings without fear of being hurt. Because if he does not try, he can not understand what can happen. 
Yes, she is very cautious, very well controlled. She manages to rule and conceal her emotions. She also tries to judge each of the Pros and Cons to weigh them well. As a whole, there is a caution and an attempt to avoid what can cause strong feelings. I asked the TAROT cards to develop your relationship for up to 6 months - I think the tension between you and those feelings you wear will explode. 
You will not be able to control them. I can not promise you that you will have a romantic love affair because I do not know if you will be able to accept her strong and cold-blooded character, but at least you will stop torturing and mutually clear your feelings. I wish you good luck! 

M. When will I have a shipping offer?
Hello! Unfortunately for the time you are asking for, you will probably not get a sailing course. You will have a lot of conversations, correspondence, communication, but there is no movement.
There are also things you do not know, and they hinder you. On the one hand, it is a discomfort for you not to work now. You have a nostalgia for your work, but on the other hand you also enjoy the free time.
I wish to find the best solution for you! Success!

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