Capricorn Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, this month you will have specific commitments with different relatives who should not postpone or be discharged of responsibility for their implementation.
Particularly important will be the relationships between the different generations, with the older ones trying to give wise advice and the younger ones needing concrete help.
February will not be the most favorable month for you in terms of your financial plan so plan and control your revenue and spending very carefully your personal budget.
Avoid living with hope that someone will give you with a promise, some form of easy profits.
This month, you'll have interesting experiences with friends who are your age or younger than you.
Pregnancy or birth of a child in your friends' home will be a special blessing for them.
If you have your own child this month, you can be delighted with his success or luck.
In February, you will experience an attack on your family relationships that will come through comments, intrigues or other malicious actions by people who claim to be your friends.
Some of your more important expectations for this month will be related to a man who most likely lives in another home or in another location. The actions of such a person will directly affect your personal or professional plans.
In February, many will enjoy a better job position, better pay or some other benefit.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, in January you will experience a change associated with your meeting plan or gathering, which in some cases may have a connection with your love life.
This month, you'll have important or more dynamic contacts with a girl or a young woman who probably lives in another city.
In this month, you will have larger or unexpected costs related to a child or your own personal needs. This will require a more practical allocation of your available resources.
Definitely in financial terms, you will be unstable or faced with various unexpected situations.
January marks the beginning of flirting in your workplace or with someone with whom you have common professional contacts and engagements.
January will be an interesting month because it will give you the opportunity to experience various pleasant moments with your old and new acquaintances.
Surprises this month will be rather enjoyable than the opposite.
Do not ignore a new acquaintance this month, because it will be a time for important people to enter your life.
In January, avoid conflicts, because in most cases they will be related to frivolous or insignificant things. The reason for their occurrence may lie in your bad mood or the emotional instability of others.
In January you will be able to solve your financial problem, secure a better income through a new engagement or develop new business or professional activity.
The suggestion you will receive from a man is worth considering before you make a decision.
Capricorn women may experience separation because of the emergence of new circumstances in the life of a friend or relative.
Men can enjoy unexpected money in their family.