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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the Capricorn sign in November, you will have the chance to solve problems related to people who do not approve of your way of life.
This month, you can get an unexpected benefit from an unpleasant situation someone has intentionally created for you.
Nevertheless, do not rush to enjoy the good news or your success.
At such a moment, one can easily make stupid mistakes. So, a person not so well-tuned to you will be able quickly take advantage of this position to his advantage.
Expect meetings and contacts with people with whom you have financial relations or who will ask for financial help.
You may get a job offer, a commitment with better pay, but for some reason you can not accept it.
This month, you will create a new acquaintance with a man that will be the basis of some positive influences in your life. 
Capricorn men may have an unplanned child-related situation that will require a serious reflection and a reasonable decision.
Capricorn women may experience a health problem that may be associated with a chronic or inherited illness.
You will have more worries of a different nature that is not good for you. Do not give them a chance to grow, because they will continue to have an impact on you in the future.

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope October 2017

In October, you may be pleasantly surprised by events or actions of people who may be your relatives, friends, leaders, and others.
You may receive suggestions or help, appreciation of your work and etc.
Expect surprise in your work or offer a new activity that will come from a person who is not from your familiar circle.
An occasion for joy in your home will be a child or a young person in your family. It is possible a visit at your home or to organize a special party.
This month, you will experience a loss or property incident in the home of your friends or neighbors. Something that can not be rebuilt, repaired. If it is to be replaced, it will have to be new.
You yourself may have care or commitments related to hereditary property.
In October you can expect a sudden visit to people worried about an event or family drama in their lives. They will need help, even if they have the inconvenience to ask you for it.
If you have any special travel-related expectations for this month, it will be a good idea not to be too busy. There will be some change that will be different for each of you.
Definitely things will have a different evolution than what you have as an idea.
October will be a particularly fruitful month for Capricorn men who maintain a good physical and emotional form and will not miss out on any one step ahead.