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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you were born under the Capricorn sign, in February you can expect a pleasant and emotional journey. You are going to experience different events related to people from other places that will give you strong emotions and experiences.
In this month, expect a meeting, guest or trip related to a person from another location or country.
In February unresolved issues, troubles, unfulfilled engagements and obligations will remind you of themselves of in an unpleasant way. Tension can grow and time is not enough for nothing....
Favorable developments during the month will have events and actions related to transfer of ownership, hereditary matters and cases.
It is possible to sell a hereditary property, lands and more.
In February you can expect success in work or business. You'll have a good month for a new start, a new post, new clients or orders, new business partners, or public appearances.
There will be an opportunity to receive money from a person who is not your relative.
This month, the best way for you to arrange financial dealings with a person who has any claim or expectation of you will be considered.
Now you can receive information or a suggestion which is definitely your chance for development. At the same time, many may be emotionally unprepared for such an event or change in their lives. 

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope January 2018

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, January will be a tense month for you because of the complexity of the transformations that will occur in your life. They can run along several lines: in a personal way, in work, in your public appearances, and more.
It will be a very difficult time (mainly emotionally and mentally), but with opportunities to move from one stage of your personal development into a whole new cycle of development.
Your love life (especially if you live with your partner) will be subjected to some emotional testing.
Especially unpredictable or dramatic can be a relationship with a person born under the sign of Sagittarius, Leo or Aries.
In January, you can begin a life drama in the life of a man of your relatives.
Avoid financial relations with a man up to the age of 35 this month, or if you have one, keep a close watch on any action or document.
An important decision will be made this month or a new career opportunity will arise.
Many will have contacts with different institutions to settle any documents, contract, etc.
In a spiritual (that is, intangible) January, it will take a month to test your moral values ​​and priorities. In a dispute or conflict, many truths or unrelated things will come to light.
Any selfish or malicious action will be the beginning of a failure in 2018. These things I do not write to frighten you, but to warn you to consider very carefully your actions, words or decisions this month.
Now you can be rewarded by money or a proposal with a monetary benefit that you probably will receive through a man.
January may create some financial worries for young Capricorn men.
Men over 35 will have good fantastic opportunities this month, with almost everything being the result of action or work done over the past year.