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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope July 2017

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn in July, it will be difficult for you to experience an unexpected event related to someone in your circle of friends or relatives. It is possible that a certain circumstance in their lives may cause sadness, disappointment, or other similar emotion.
This month, you might expect interesting conversations or events related to the education or careers of a boy, a young man from your family or your close family background. 
There will be an unexpected delay, or a deferred receipt of a financial document or money document, bank transfer, etc.
You will now feel your own delusion or hope for something that in fact will neither benefit you nor succeed. Somehow, in a natural way things will turn, change. You will succeed through a loss to win success, or you will get another, better chance for you. 
In July, health problems may arise for a man who will be your relative. These problems have either existed for a long time or will still need more time to cure, recover.
You are about to get news or make a phone call with a person who will annoy you or provoke you to tell him unpleasant things. 
However, it is good to have a measure in your words and not be so hasty, because not always will an excuse clear the insult left after such an event. 


Capricorn Monthly Horoscope June 2017

For those born under the sign of Capricorn, June will be a time when you will experience some positive surprises for you, but of course everything will depend on your level of development or preparation for such events.
Young Capricorn women will experience trouble with a person in their friendly circle, which will help to see another side of his or her character. From then on, the decision about the future of this relationship remains for you.
June can bring you financial stability or at least an opportunity to achieve it if you have a similar goal and readiness for action.
This will be a good time for work related to sales, property settlements, care of property with some kind of repairs or improvements, and so on.
You will consider a proposal or opportunity for a new job, additional engagement, etc. Whatever comes to you as a new opportunity can be a step toward something new and promising for you.
Not so favorable for you will be the development of certain events in your love life. Many will experience separation for a different reason. You will encounter unrequited love or lack of reciprocity, etc. In some cases, June may be a month in which you need to look after your intimate or married partner. 
You will now be able to do a lot of things for your family or marriage, but only if your intentions are good-natured in order to prosper the family or your loved ones. Your good intentions will meet support, understanding, and will be successful.
There is a likelihood of an invitation related to an engagement or wedding of a person from your family of relatives (closer or farther).