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Leo Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this month you can expect success at work or in your business. This is particularly true for those of you who are manufacturers or offer some services.
You will be able to get a proposal that is related to the expansion of your business, with additional or permanent engagement, new customers and more.
For many, November suggests a new or additional job proposal (especially if you are looking for one).
This month, you may get unpleasant news or experience an unpleasant event related to a person in your family.
Carefully watch news related to relatives who will be abroad this month.
In November you will suspect in time someone who will try to take away something that is yours. Conflict between you will be inevitable, but there may be complications (eg. a lawsuit). 
You'll be glad of the favorable development of health problems of a loved one.
Now, with patience and diplomacy, you will end up with an unpleasant situation, especially at your workplace.
There will be trouble with a child or a young person in your family. Their solution will not depend on you, but will in some way affect your daily life as well as your future plans. 
In November, you will experience an interesting, important or highly emotional event related to a man living off you. It is possible to travel related to a meeting, gathering, etc.
November will be a particularly favorable time for traveling for family or romantic reasons.

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Leo Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in October you are having meetings and gatherings, which in most cases will be related to important to you plans. Questions will be discussed not only on current affairs and events, but also on specific engagements.
Many of you will get an invitation for a party related to engagement, wedding and more. For others October bodes moving to another city or country.
In October, you will go through a moment of depression, linked primarily with a health condition that will occur at the most inappropriate time for you. There will be other, subsequent situations that you will take too painfully.
During this period you may receive support, help or assistance from a woman.
October will be remembered with a special emotional or romantic experience.
In this month, the relationship in your marriage will be put to the test. An event will be a check on the confidence in your marriage. You will see how much you can count on each other. In a certain situation, you will need to take on more responsibility or fulfill certain obligations on time.
Where there have been a number of cracks in relations for a long time now, a rift or separation can now occur.
Be especially careful this month if you have a parallel relationship with another partner.
For many, there will now be a need for specific decisions about pregnancy or a small child.
In this month, any trip, regardless of its purpose and duration, will need to be carefully prepared, explored and organized. There is a high probability of unexpected omissions, mistakes that can create undesirable complications.
A new love affair or adventure can expect Leo women.