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Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2017

In May people born under the sign of Leo may experience disappointment with the actions of a woman. Promise that she would not fulfill or to no purpose hope from her will make you sad and even cry. Intuitively, you know that you can count on her, but when the desire for something is more powerful, you can pass such unpleasant moments.
The surprise this month will be related to a girl or young woman; options related to this are varied. Perhaps this nice event will concern a daughter, grandchild, or other close relatives, perhaps a girlfriend.
There will be unexpected success for Leo women.
In May there may arise a opportunity for an interesting change in your work. Possibly it will be associated with moving to a better place. It is possible to return to an old position where it is more pleasant to work.
Ahead of you will be a traveling on business, for a purpose, a mission.
In May, many will be happy to gain things at home or a gift from a loved one.
It will be a favorable month for a new, romantic relationship the development of which will of course depend on your individual data.
Possible conflict at home, which will be connected to a scam, or a disguised action for some reason. Conflicts may also arise because of the impact on your family relations by a person outside your home.
In May you will be glad of the successful completion of trouble in the life of a boy or young man. It is possible that you will have helped him with something related to it.
Leo men will gradually emerge from a difficult period in their lives or from a difficult situation. 


Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Before you is a successful month, but you will tend to see things distorted and negative and this will create problems both for yourself and for your relationships with other people.
If you have a health problem, do not rush to create false and mostly dramatic diagnoses.
You will have financial relations with a young woman; it is possible to get money from her or to send money to a such a woman. There are other possible financial actions and agreements with her.
You will be upset by a sudden event in your workplace which can be related to your colleague, the head or the company, or to the business itself.
In some cases, it may be a situation that can jeopardize your own position or business.
Exercise caution with Leo, Aries or Sagittarius colleagues or superiors.
You will enter into a conflict over property or newly purchased items, or other material problems with a  person from your family environment.
You will be happy because of an event in your love life or the life of a man who is a family member or close friend.
It is possible to receive an invitation for a gathering related to an engagement or wedding that will be another chance for a middle-aged couple.