Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this month you will be inclined to return to past experiences that have left a deep impact on you.
You will be inclined to go back to your previous plans and dreams, mostly those related to your home or of a material nature, and you will consider the possibility of their realization in the present.
An unexpected stressful situation will cause you strong panic because of your lack of preparation for such an experience. I have no expectation of any loss or drama in your life, but fate will show you that you must always be ready for everything.
This month will be unfavorable for a business trip or for developing professional contacts with people from other cities and countries. In fact, the unfavorable impact will affect the concrete results that will be less than what you expect.
During this month be careful when working with financial documents or when signing a contract that has some financial clauses. Your mistake or oversight may cost you future costs or loss of money.
This will be an unfavorable month for settling inheritance cases of a financial nature.
In this month, be cautious when conflicts or misunderstandings arise with people in your everyday life, as it is possible for disagreements between you to lead to a cooling of your relationship.
June will be a favorable month for young Leo men, their financial stabilization, looking for better and promising sources of permanent income. 

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Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in May you will find it difficult to make a change, as different circumstances will force you to postpone it later in the year.
This will be an unfavorable month for court or lawsuits.
In May, you'll have a visit or a phone conversation about unpleasant news your relatives or friends will share with you. In fact, they will be in a hurry to share it, because in the coming days the events will have a positive turnaround.
An interesting development will concern your friendship or love relationship with people born under the sign of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo.
In this month some of you are going to be separated from a boy or a young man because of a new start in his life: a new career or education in another city or country.
In May there will be an unpleasant conflict in your home because of money or a financial document, a payment that you have missed or forgotten.
This month, relations between the different generations will be interesting and useful for both sides. This is especially true of the relationship between fathers and daughters who will be remembered with special experiences.
This month, you will be attending a gathering of people from your circle of friends where you will go with a prepared gift.