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Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2017

In July, those born under the sign of the Leo may enjoy the expected or unexpected money that will come mostly from a male: relative, manager, business partner, etc.You will be able to arrange a financial document in your favor. July can bring emotions and harmony in the relationship of young couples. Even if you are lonely now, you will find it hard to resist the temptation to have a new love affair, adventure or just a flirt. 
This month, you will have meetings of particular importance in your life.
Now, however, an unexpected health breakdown, or a personal or professional problem can arise for a person in your family, which will create panic for a while.
Health problems can arise around pregnancy, a toddler who will not require hospital treatment, but only more serious home care and rest. 
In July you will have a difficult time escaping from a long-maturing conflict. This time you can even provoke yourself. This way you will have the opportunity to say some things that you have kept within yourself so far. Unfortunately, at the end there will be more negative emotions in your soul than at the beginning.
Soon you will have a great likelihood of having to arrange, prepare and finalize an important document related to a court or legal institution, a notary, etc. 
July may be financially successful for the Leo men, yet there are no big surprises in your earnings. They will be more, but previously earned, or you will receive them by right.


Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2017

In June for young Leo men who are future or current parents, there will arise tension or cares related to a child. Unpleasant child-related conflict is possible, with people in your family and with neighbors, teachers, and others.
During this month, women over 35 will be well advised to avoid making important decisions, engaging in a lawsuit or legal cases. 
In June, you will experience unpleasant news or an event related to a woman you know.
Although I started my forecast negatively, overall June will be a month with a few nice and memorable events. There will be unexpected meetings, gatherings, dating. The new opportunities and chances will come through your social or public life.
Most of your spending this month will require you to plan and consider the things you're going to spend money on.
Attention will require your actions related to financial documents, theft of personal data, bank cards, etc.
In your family relationships, various uncommunicative things can cause doubt or distrust in the actions of a person in your family. Attention will require your relationship with relatives born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.
You understand yourself from what has been written so far, that it is a dynamic, unstable month with positive and negative experiences. Difficulties will only stimulate you to prepare for making important decisions and activating your ambition to change into a particular area of your life. This change is coming to you in the near future.