Lео Monthly Horoscope April 2019

If you were born under the sign of the Lео, in April you will have to find a diplomatic way to resolve contradictions with someone younger than you or a problem related to a child-related issue.
There will be differences in your plans or ideas that are important to both sides.
This month, you will need to plan your expenses, financial obligations, or other financial relationships to avoid overpayment and create undesirable tensions yourself.
This will be an unfavorable month for court or legal affairs of a financial nature.
In April, you will be surprised by the events at school or at the workplace of a person in your family. They will rather be positive, but it all depends on the individual's horoscope.
This month, avoid panic from any news or comment without checking the truth of the information. Sometimes you will have to wait a few days before such events are confirmed. Learn to be patient and have more faith in your good fortune.
Changes this month, that will affect your home somehow (such as your place, where you live) will definitely be good or will be the basis for upcoming events that will be for your own good.
This will be a good month to move to a new home or to clear the home from useless items.
In April, be careful when signing documents of a financial nature. 

Leo Monthly Horoscope March 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in March you will have unexpected or unique opportunities to develop in your work, to find a new job, to start a new business or to develop an already started one.
Do not ignore any suggestions this month, and if you need to, give yourself time to consider them better or consult with people close to you.
In March, many of you will make an important travel-related decision that you will expect in the next few months. It is not necessarily that this trip is abroad, although there is definitely such a possibility.
This month avoid conflicts with your partner or with relatives, of a domestic or property nature. You will not be able to realize your idea and you will encounter an unbelievable resistance or you will experience an unpleasant conflict.
This month, some of the family members of Leo Zodiac will experience separation in their family, which is likely to be planned and expected in advance.
Most likely, this event will have a connection with travel, work or training in another location, and more.
If you are  are experiencing a difficult time in your family relationships, you will now have a good time for honest conversations, searching for reasonable solutions, and harmonizing the situation in your home.
In March, avoid financial dealings with women whose development may be quite different from what you expect.
Overall, March will enable you to find a quick but not easy solution to some of your problems or troubles. It will all depend on your own mentality and degree of spiritual growth.
Women at the age of 35 will experience temporary financial concerns.