Leo Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in February you will experience various interesting events related to your love life.
Now you can receive news about your old romantic relationship. It is possible your old admirer or lover to contact you.
The new acquaintances that you will create this month will have a slow development.
In this month, small wonders or unexpected joys will be related to a girl or a young woman. It is possible for such a person to receive an unexpected chance, to achieve unexpected success, and to be a cause for positive emotions in the home and in the family.
For some of you this month predict an event related to the birth of a child, most likely a baby girl.
Moments of insecurity or confusion will mostly concern your personal life or your relationships with people you consider to be special for you. Such moments of instability can easily provoke signs of agitation or irritation, which in no way will be beneficial to you.
If someone insults you, give him a chance to apologize or explain his behavior.
In February, you will experience a delicate workplace situation in which you are connected to a new client or colleague who is known for his/her perverse character. The specific situation will be related to an error, omission or inaccuracy, malicious comment.
My advice is to ignore such behavior and let others decide for themselves what the true nature of this person is. Avoid comments or clarification of the situation from your point of view. In fact, you hardly have anything to justify.
This month, there will be a brief tension associated with your personal item that someone will damage, take without asking you or something like that. Most likely, this will be a woman or a girl who will be quite frightened by the situation.
This month, you'll have a reason for special emotions or a gathering related to a man, most likely from your circle of friends, colleagues or neighbors.
This month favors financial relations with friends or the development of ideas from which you expect some monetary income.

Leo Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in January you will have the opportunity to resolve your misunderstandings with a man you have doubted his cheating or manipulation in any way.
You will understand that behind his vague actions or the lack of communication between you is actually someone who is trying to help you or protect you.
In general this month, you are about to rediscover a person by seeing it in a whole new light.
In January you will receive information or suggestions that will be more than appealing and interesting to you, but for some reason you will not have the chance to give your answer or make any comments.
This month brings about concerns or worries about the health of a woman from your family or close friends.
In January, you will have good opportunities for fulfilling your professional duties to achieve or maintain stability at your workplace.
For some of you, this will be a good time to talk about higher payouts or new activities to make better profits.
In January you will experience an important event related to a woman who will organize her engagement or wedding party, will celebrate an important event for her family.
This month, you will have the opportunity to meet and develop contacts with people from different cities and countries.
Leo women as early as the beginning of the month will have greater expectations for their financial or business affairs. You will make your plans in advance, as well as you will take certain actions for their realization.
For Leo men, it will be time to make an important decision about a love affair or marriage, where many lies or disloyalty has been committed to the other partner.