Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, in May you will experience unexpected situations or problems related to relatives who will bring some tension to the family. You will now have to take control of things, to calm emotions, to seek a sensible solution.
Attention to disputes and conflicts with people who are part of your family will have no blood connection with you.
In the life of your friends or neighbors there will be a situation where they will ask for help from you.
In this month, many of you will receive money from a place or person you did not expect.
This month, however, there is also a sign of the risk of unexpected loss or greater spending of money.
In May one trip will be made for family reasons (in some cases related to an engagement or wedding or other family event).
You will now receive news about the health of a person you know. Probably hospital treatment, surgical intervention, etc. will be needed.
This month, there will be annoyance at your workplace related to a new person in the team, new clients or new tasks.
You will be able to enjoy a success, for which you have put a lot of work and energy. You will be able to fulfill one of your dreams, but thanks to your own labor and ambition.
Men will be willing to spend more money this month.
Women will create a lot of time for different innovations in their home. You will surprise your loved ones with new culinary pleasures or other interesting things.

Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this month you will have the opportunity to achieve success in financial affairs, in your love life, and everything else you do will be given a chance; luck will be on your side. The combination of all these things can bring you unforgettable experiences and progress.
In this month, you may receive an increase in your salary, a better paid position or a new job, an opportunity for additional income, etc.
Most of you will allocate funds for improvements or changes to your home.
In April, you will be able to harmonize important relationships with a woman or help a woman solve her own troubles.
In April, you will have the opportunity to return to your old ideas and plans. You will now receive important information or suggestions that will make it possible for them to be realized. April will be a good month for commitments related to inheritance, inheritance property, or property of your parents who will need help.
This month, you will experience a lot of surprises. In most cases, they will have a relationship with your family, relatives from near and far, with a future engagement or wedding and other similar events.
This will be a good time to resolve problems in your marriage.
This month, you will attend an important event related to a boy or a young man.
Women over 35 will have a good month to complete old problems and obligations.
Young Leo men will be able to enjoy a new friendship or an important asset.