Cancer Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Cancer this summer, new ideas, hopes and expectations will arise through new and old friendships and contacts.
During these three months, many will experience special emotions associated with a romantic or professional acquaintance.
This summer you will have the opportunity to meet and explore people of different nationalities or religions.
Favorable development will involve legal or judicial actions and commitments.
If you are in a process of personal change, things will happen very emotionally, slowly (in your opinion) while overcoming various disturbing factors.
This season you will have to engage in household problems or property troubles. It is possible that you have given property or equipments for rent or for use by another relative, which will be problematic during this period.
In the summer, avoid buying expensive items unless you are forced to do it because of necessity.
You will have to engage in the preparation of documents related to an inheritance, will, pension, indemnity or insurance.
You are going to have many interesting, strange and unexplainable dreams that will actually aim to give you information about your future or about a current problem.
Your family relationships will be put to the test because of external factors such as "friends", neighbors, or relatives.
Summer will be a strong period for business and professional realization for Cancer men. This may be due to the appearance of a new person at your workplace, a new business partner, or an important customer.