Libra Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Libra this summer you will have important financial relationships and engagements with someone in your circle of relatives or business partner.
An unexpected cash-related situation will now arise and you will be able to resolve it safely and without loss.
This summer, you will experience various women-related events.
Many will enjoy news about the birth of a girl or a woman-related gathering.
It is these important events that will make relations between the different generations of your family much stronger or more important.
During this season, a sudden conflict may turn into an exchange of insults and accusations. This can provoke a reminder or acknowledge of past mistakes or events.
Do not allow such conflicts or loss of control in such a situation.
During these three months (June, July and August), you will be greeted by a gesture of attention or invitation by a friend or acquaintance.
This summer you will create interesting new dating and you will experience romantic adventures (if you are unattached).
During this season, expect news or suggestions that will please you, but it is advisable to check the information thoroughly before making a decision.
It is possible to receive a letter or suggestion that is actually addressed to someone else.
This summer, old friends, colleagues or acquaintances will look for you or invite you to a meeting.