Libra Spring Horoscope 2019

If you were born under the sign of Libra, Spring will be an emotional season filled with romantic or unexpected experiences.
Unmarried representatives of this zodiac sign will have a good time to create a new romantic relationship or to be deeply involved with their current partner.
During these three months, you can expect different surprises that will come through your relatives. Despite the unexpectedness of these events, within yourself you will not be surprised.
Those of you who are planning changes at home or relocation to another home will realize that you will have made a hasty decision, and this may lead to postponing these changes.
In the spring you will be pleased with the news or events related to a great family gathering involving your friends, neighbours or relatives.
In March, April or May, you will have concerns about changes in the life of a young person in your family who you think he or she is not well prepared for.
In the spring you will have responsibility commitments related to a child or another member of your own family.
In the spring, try to avoid conflicts that may be the basis for unexpected decisions and actions, the consequences of which you will be unprepared.
This season, you will be easily provoked to make unexpected changes to your personal plans.