Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 April 2018

If you were born under the Aquarius sign this week, even if you do not have any, you will look for pleasure to enjoy. Now the little things will bring you a smile and a good mood. You will realize the cost of living caused by you.
The past will remind you every day of itself, through occasional meetings and phone calls.
You will be upset about news about theft, fraud or other similar problems in the life of friends or relatives.
The week will prepare for you various surprises or changes in your plans in a completely different direction from what you expected.
But perhaps the biggest surprise will happen in your own home.
This week may be called a time of gain, a surge of success for you. You will have a good time to resolve property cases or take care of a property you own.
You will be able to make important changes to your home that are mostly related to better amenities or the replacement of important home appliances.
Aquarius women will take the time to end up with people-related trouble that hampers your efforts to achieve an important success (mostly in your career).
Men will have a strong period in which they will achieve results with ease, but not with laziness.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 April 2018

If you were born under the Aquarius sign, this week try to keep a positive mood and enjoy people and events as they are.
Do not put up with great expectations during these seven days. You will definitely have your successes. Things, however, need to develop naturally, without emotionally burden.
During this week, expect a family-related gathering that can take place in your home.
In general, it is a week that you will remember with an important event or news related to a man (relative, friend, colleague).
There is a small profit from the lottery, gambling and etc.
Now you can be lucky to buy at a bargain price, which can be a joy in your home.
Aquarius women can expect an interesting offer this week or an intriguing invitation.
You will now be engaged in an important event in the life of friends.
Men will have specific plans and goals for this week that you will be able to realize them.
Use all the chances you will be given now, especially those that concern your home or a long-awaited change in your life. Do not be afraid of the new things that will now appear as a chance for you.