Gemini Monthly Horoscope June 2019

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in June you will look for meaning and explanation of the secret or disloyal actions of a boy or a young man. The reasons for these actions could be different, so you will not be in a hurry with your conclusions or accusations.
June as a whole may be a very tense month for you, as you will have to experience some unpleasant conflict situations, to go somewhere on an unpleasant occasion or have contacts with institutions to solve various problems.
All this tension can affect your health if you put too much emotion in these experiences.
This month, you'll have interesting experiences about new people in your personal or professional life, such as new acquaintances with people from different distances, new colleagues, customers, and more.
Family relationships between fathers and daughters will be remembered with an important event or experience.
In a love affair, June implies a normal development of an already established relationship or the creation of a new one, but it will end up with some disappointment or separation for a serious reason.
In this month, not many Gemini people will travel or major trips will be in the country where you live.
Favorable development will result from your plans or contacts with people from other settlements you already know.
In June, a stressful situation may arise with a woman from your relatives who will come out unexpectedly and end quickly.
Women older than 35 years will have more problems in their home, so it will be important for them to maintain mental and emotional stability. 

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope May 2019

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in May be careful with suggestions or documents that will have a connection to a property you own or another type of property of your family.
Attention will be required for your purchases for which you will need to receive a warranty or keep all of the purchase documents.
In May there will be tensions about a trip that you will have to take on your own, with your family or about a family member.
This month, you will be surprised by unpleasant news about someone you know and who lives close to you.
Overall, this month your attention will be required for your financial affairs, as it is possible to lose money or make an unreasonable expense.
During this month, people in your circle of friends or relatives will share with you serious problems at their workplace or will experience a loss of job.
It is possible to visit a state, bank or other institution on matters that will require longer authorization.
On a financial plan, May will have something to please and to disappoint you.
You will probably spend a day or more outside your home on a pleasant occasion.