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Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2017

The surprise for Gemini this month is associated with unexpected romantic relationship, flirting or adventure, it is likely to be with a person born under the sign of Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo.
April will be a favorable time for you, if you started the year with financial worries or troubles. Now you will be glad of different news or offers, a new contract, or a new business, in any case your situation will improve and will make you feel optimistic. As in any other circumstance, your activity will be crucial.
At the same time, it will be important to watch out for when people seek you with a request for financial assistance, warranty and any other common activity in which you will need to invest money. This will be a time for real and sound judgment, as you interact with the people around you and their desires.
A happy event will involve a child in your family. Possible also there may be events related to a birth, a birthday or a name day, a general holiday, which will require gifts and lots of fun.
For some of you the joy associated with a new home for the child / grandchild, a villa, car or other large material acquisitions will occupy your time.
Your love life may be much more interesting, romantic and surprising soon when you set up a connection, even if you are not yet involved.
Some will appreciate a marriage proposal, others will present a romantic surprise to their partner, while others will be visited by Cupid in their own angelic way.
A bad news event may be associated with friends/acquaintances who live in another place.
You may have a parting with a friend, with whom long time you have different goals and priorities in life.
If you are involved in a divorce in one way or another, do not allow yourself to be overcome with excessive optimism about the development of the case, no matter what anyone promises.


Gemini Horoscope March 2017

Generally, the good news, events and emotions during this month will have a link to travel or people from other villages, cities and countries.
In March you can expect a joyful meeting with a woman from afar or a woman who will return from a trip or who has been staying in another country.
Success, interesting proposals and other events from a distance will delight women over 35 years old.
An unpleasant event can greatly alter your plans for 2017 or for your life in general. Expect an unexpected twist.
At work or in your business you will experience significant pressure, but revenues/profits will be great. You will feel a significant surge of energy, especially if you are active enough.
You will be able to calm down regarding worries and concerns you have about a person from another location or country. You can also experience success in your life this month, thanks to such a person.
At the end of the month you will realize that luck was with you many times this month. In one form or another, you will be urged to some fateful decisions or actions. You will have to have help to realize your hopes and expectations.
An important event will take place related to a relative who doesn't live with you.
Men over 35 years may be required to extinguish the "emotional fire" at home.