Gemini Monthly Horoscope December 2018

If you were born on the sign of Gemini in December you will be happy with the money you will receive from various sources. To a great extent, they will help you end up with some unpleasant debts, problems and other important financial matters for you.
This will be a good time for settling financial documents of any kind.
In December of testing, your love affair will be placed because of your partner's unclear, suspicious or strange actions.
Health problems related to your marriage or romantic partner are possible.
This month, you'll be looking for the best solution for your household or property problem.
You will be looking for different ways to finish home-related tasks related to comfort, household appliances and other materials.
This month, you will attend at least one gathering that will require a suitable gift choice.
December will be a special month for women over 35, as they will have reason to experience satisfaction or recognition of work done and results achieved.
You will have a good development of your family or professional relationship with a woman born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. This month, you will experience a stressful situation with a boy or a man, such as someone from your family, from your circle of acquaintances or friends.
Young Gemini men should beware of hasty or risky actions and decisions.
Like every month and in December there will be a reason to be disgruntled, irritable or inclined to enter into the confrontation with some around you. In this month, your successes will come through your patience, silence and waiting for the natural development of some events.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope November 2018

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, November will face you with the hypocrisy of a woman you do not live with, and and with whom you probably have no relationship. My advice is to avoid deepening your problems with her because she will be a person who will have a malicious or vindictive nature.
November will generally be the month of a break or major change. You end a project or stage of development, and open the door for the development of a new plan, project or life period. This great change in your life will be conjured up by other smaller ones that will create the necessary foundation to move forward.
This month, you will have meetings, talks, or you will experience important events related to a daughter, a granddaughter, or another young woman.
November will bring together a child-related gathering.
Your concerns about a young man (whether your relative or not) will prove to be in vain, hasty in the conclusions that you or someone else will make.
This month will require you to take stock of your love or marriage life. Perhaps right now is the time to make some changes, make important decisions to keep your love or to split with someone who has long been out of your heart.
The actions of a man (probably older than you) can hurt you emotionally, but that will be due to his hasty actions and reactions, not because of his negative attitude towards you.
Young Gemini men will have a special month for their development. Avoid feeding your own fears.