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Gemini Monthly Horoscope November

In November, for various reasons, you will incur costs for children or relatives. It is possible to spend some money on charity or to help someone who is important to you.
In general, you will soon have different actions with children or other relatives, mostly of a financial nature.
In November, many of you will have the opportunity to enjoy one benefit. Something you've lost or damaged some time ago you will now be able to recover it with a new purchase.
During this month, keep your personal correspondence from curious looks to avoid unpleasant surprises and confusing situations.
November marks an important event involving a boy or a man from among your or family.
You will get unpleasant news related to an accident or incident with a man whose development you will closely follow.
You will now create unexpected new dating and contacts. New neighbors or new people in your neighbor's family will be the occasion for conversations or meetings with them.
In November expect a variety of surprises from friends from near and far. 
You will need to think about how to approach an unpleasant conversation you will have to make this month. However, events will have their own development. The situation will evolve so that this conversation will be redundant or much more positive.
If someone approaches you roughly or unhealthily in a conversation, do not hurry to respond with the same. Give yourself time to think about it, because in these words there will be some truth or useful information for you.
November will be a good month for additional income from work or business. It is entirely possible to experience a change in your job or to get a proposal for it. This month, you may receive a proposal for additional or part-time work.

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, October will bring you a surprise that will have some connection with men. It is possible to have a premonition or expectation in advance that something like this may happen. Definitely, this event will affect your life.
In this month, expect a family gathering with relatives. In most cases, you will be visiting them or you will be invited by them in different places and on different occasions. 
There will be a meeting with a relative or a friend you have not seen for a long time.
In October you might be upset some news or a phone call. The troubles you will be informed about will complicate some of your plans or expectations. These events will not only reflect on your life, but also on the lives of your other relatives.
This month, you will be following a complicated situation in your friends' lives.
Probably now there will be anxiety or tension around a trip or event in the life of a person from your immediate family. However, this person may be able to live at a distance from you. 
There is a difficult conversation coming up with an upcoming trip or move.
This month, Gemini men will have very good chances of success in exams, job interviews, a new career or business, and so on. You may find yourself divided between more than one proposal or option.
Gemini women are likely to be part of a gathering with friends where you will experience many positive emotions.