Gemini Monthly Horoscope August 2018

If you were born under the sign of Gemini in August your attention will be involved with events or meetings related to a man over 35 years of age. Now many of your successes will depend on the actions or decisions of a man in your family or professional circle.
This month will delight you with a slight increase in your income, which can be thanks to both your own actions and those of someone else in your family.
August will be a unique month for you, because suddenly new chances or new opportunities will emerge to show your abilities, realize your idea or plan, and more. Luck will be inside you, because without your activity, will and patience, nothing will happen.
August will be a time when each of your actions will have to be well measured. Do not rush or spur events or people. Everything has its own time and place.
Many problems or unclear things will now start one by one will remain in the past. You will see more clearly what is set in your future (at least by the end of this year).
August brings many nice events, meetings with many nice people and special experiences.
Most of you will put love as a priority for summer experiences. It will all depend on what your goal is: adventure, adultery, or establishing a stable relationship.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope July 2018

If you were born under the sign of Gemini in July, you will be surprised by events for which you have had a different expectation of development. It's hard to say how favorable this will be to you, because any negative influence from lying, deceiving or some other kind of action.
This month's unexpected disclosure will have secrets (family or personal), as well as some behind-the-scenes action by you as well as by other people towards you.
One of the important events this month will be related to news related to a young woman living in another city. This may have a connection with separation in her life, with some loss or failure, with misfortune or accident.
This month, you will attend a gathering with relatives or friends who will have an important holiday in their family: engagement, wedding, anniversary, etc.
This will be a good month for marriage, creating a new family for the divorced representatives of the sign, and also for a new, serious relationship.
You will have more stress in your work because many people will rely on you, and you will not be able to receive enough help to handle your assignments easily. Now rely on your own resources and skills, a greater mobilization and concentration on your part.
Flirting at your work place will create a conflict and even a scandal with someone who has a personal attitude to this relationship.
In July an occasion for joy and special excitement will be a man from your circle of close friends or neighbors.
The most interesting and special experiences this month will be connected to your meetings with new and old friends. Unexpected opportunities will arise through your meetings and acquaintances with people from near and far.