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Taurus Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 January 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this week you will have important meetings, conversations or decisions of a financial nature.
The week will be favorable to resolving a legal or judicial case involving money or financial documents.
This week may unpleasantly surprise you with the development of an event of your past.
This will rather have a connection with your past secret, lie, behind-the-scenes actions that you have done in the name of your personal favor or that of someone else.
Awareness of the mistake will be in your favor, but every price that will have to be paid now will be different.
During the week you will meet or talk to people in your circle of relatives about money, some kind of investment, purchase or sale, money-related documents, etc.
During the week you will have interesting or useful meetings with mostly women from your circle of friends.
Women over the age of 35 will create or develop a new friendship that will expand their worldview or enrich their knowledge in a particular area.
The week brings problems or disputes, unpleasant commitments related to household appliances, home or other property where you live or stay away from you.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope 15 - 21 January 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this week involves more serious engagements or conversations involving a child or young person in your family.
For some of you, the week tells about an event related to childbirth, baptism or other similar event.
This week you will have more work at home and where you work.
Many will have to make small home renovations or other improvements.
Regarding your personal life, or rather about love, you will have to adjust for dynamic, positive, but sometimes stressful events.
Not everything will evolve as you want, but more importantly, more good things will happen than the other way around.
It will all depend on your own ability to create a pleasant atmosphere around you.
An event may occur in your family, circumstances that may make someone cry or cause emotional strain due to separation, disappointment, failure.
The whole week will be remembered with different positive results for you. There will be development of important relationships for you. You will create new contacts with people who are yet to play an important role in your life.
Not every new friendship will be long lasting, but it will have a definite meaning for your development at this stage.