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Taurus Weekly Horoscope 1 - 7 May 2017

This week your attention will be directed to the home where you live. There will be specific events, situations, problems to solve.
During the week you will be busy and this will make you irritable, impatient. A failure or postponement of some of your expectations may even make you cry.
Your family may have discussions or disputes about past events, secrets or things that no one wants to talk about because of their delicacy.
You may enter into a conflict with a person or a company about a poor quality service or purchase.
Your material or property interests will evolve but overcome various difficulties.
During the week you will be surprised by a dating, a letter or a call from a friend. It is possible to receive a proposal that will help you fulfill your desire or dream in the near future.
The week brings dreams related to people from the Beyond, which will be to provoke you to think about something, to unravel information or a message.
One of the surprises this week will be associated with unexpected failure, collapse, or confusion that will turn to your advantage.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 April 2017

This week you can anticipate occasions for joy associated with a child or young person from your immediate surroundings. It will be a week of various news and events related to maternity, childbirth, birthdays, namedays and more. A conversation with a child will delight you.
Week may prove to be more complicated for young Taurus people. Do not be complacent, and do not be rude or arrogant with your loved ones. Avoid risks and extreme situations, sports, visiting unknown or insecure places.
There is the possibility of a change of residence or travel for Taurus women.
Overall, the week is favorable for travel, especially if it is pre-planned and organized.
Success will come to you related to travel or people, businesses in other places or countries. 
Expect a lot of conversation or a pleasant surprise from a woman or girl who is away from you. Taurus men will be able to enjoy the premium, bonus or other benefit, profit connected to the the holidays.
Remember an event, news or proposal which will link with a woman from another village. Further development is to be ...