Virgo Horoscope Autumn 2018

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, this autumn a lot of work is waiting for you. This will be a good time for business talks, business relationship development, or you will receive a new job offer.
An interesting development will involve commitments in the field of education or careers for a person of your family or your circle of close relatives.
Many of you will remember this fall with an engagement or wedding in the family or friends and neighbors.
During these three months (September, October and November), you will make an important home purchase.
This will be a good time for repairs or relocation.
This season, expect a pleasant surprise in your home from a person who is currently living or working in a different location.
In the autumn you will experience a stressful situation or a difficult moment connected with a decision important to you.
As you approach the end of the year you will be more impatient and want concrete results and actions in your life. So now you will be as active and ambitious as possible, and you will try not to miss a new opportunity for progress and realization.
It is entirely possible to achieve financial success and perhaps receive unexpected money.
It is in autumn that it will be beneficial for you time to resolve a complex or delicate financial situation.

Virgo Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Virgo, this summer you will achieve an internal growth, thanks to more encounters and new acquaintances, learning new knowledge and skills. In the beginning of autumn you will feel that you have become different than before, that you have experienced a spiritual change.
If you are single, summer brings a love affair that will give a new direction to your life for the rest of the year.
You will experience an unpleasant clash for money with a friend, colleague or acquaintance.
This will be one of the biggest challenges this month; entering into a conflict whose development will be unpredictable. In most cases, such a conflict will aim to solve a problem, but will actually create a new one.
This summer you will be able to show your talents and skills in a personal project, work, and more. It will be time to show what you own as a person, but not in material terms.
This summer, you have to experience a difficult time in the home or in the family related to a kind of separation, a difficult decision or change.
There will be a housing problem or a case with a vague future development.
The decisions or actions of a young person in your family or a family of relatives will surprise you all.