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Virgo Winter Horoscope

This winter will be a very emotional, romantic and experience-filled season for you. A new start or engagement with a partner is possible.
During these three months (December, January and February) expect a variety of surprises to come through your relative. No matter how unexpected, your intuition will give you some preliminary signals about what's ahead.
If you are planning a change for your home or a home change, your desire may be unrealistic or rushed as a performance for this winter season. You may find that you have had misleading, unreal or hasty information about your plans and expectations.
This winter will delight you with news or events related to an engagement, a wedding in the home or family of your friends, relatives or neighbors.
Different worries can arise around a young person in your family.
During this winter, you will have important or responsible engagement in some way connected with a child or a young person.
Now avoid conflicts because they will provoke important and definite decisions and actions, but not only on your part. You may find yourself unprepared for the consequences....
Virgo men will experience events that will provoke unexpected changes in personal plans and goals. 

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