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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

The week will engage your attention primarily about events related to a girl or young woman. The events associated with her will be of a different nature, but certainly of great importance for her and for you.
There will be interesting new opportunities, but who will tend to take advantage of them is of individual choice.
During the week your attention must be directed to your actions and your commitments related to money. Check all; do not let yourself be persuaded or manipulated for investment or money costs with promise for more profit and success.
This week, do not give money as a loan and do not take a loan this week.
Important information or a proposal will lead to a serious dilemma. A need to make an important decision will arise. Ahead of you is change for which you are not ready or about which you're not convinced that you need to make. Forthcoming are a few difficult days, with a need for serious reflection and a real vision of things that can happen to you.
You may receive a proposal for further work.
You can do a favour for someone for which you will receive payment.

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

This will be a week of high hopes and expectations for men over 35 years. There will be forthcoming events and you will not be ready for all of them.
This week tension or conflict with a young person from your family surroundings may arise. Conflict can become very unpleasant, so if you can avoid it would be good, mostly for you.
In the lives of men from this zodiacal sign will arise events or a situation connected with an old love or a previous marriage. Regardless of how or what occasion, this part of your past will be a reminder.
During this week you will try to help a girl or young woman in a difficult moment.
There will be unwelcome news related to a woman who will have a favorable development in coming days or weeks.
For the representatives of Capricorn, this week it is possible that a new love will replace an old one.
Expect interesting news on Monday and Friday that may be important not only for you but for a group of people.