Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 21 - 27 January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, this week you will be following an event related to a woman's journey or changes in the life of a woman living in another city. In most cases, she will be your relative: sister, daughter, mother, niece, etc.
This week will require more attention for those of you whose work is related to money or important documents. The troubles that may arise may be due to your mistake, but may be provoked by someone else who will aim to embarrass you.
This week, it will be difficult for you to implement your plans that concern or depend on the actions and decisions of a man who is your relative or friend.
It is possible that a health problem or other unfavorable circumstances in his life may hinder the performance of his duties.
During these seven days, someone will probably try to manipulate you or take advantage of your inexperience or lack of knowledge to deceive you or receive some benefit from the specific situation.
The week will be beneficial to young Capricorn women who have plans to travel or to communicate with people from near and far.
Young Capricorn men must properly assess the reality of their plans for this week. Otherwise you will waste valuable time. 

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 14 - 20 January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Capricorn, this week there will be an unexpected, unpleasant situation that may be related to a financial document, bank card or credit.
You may have underestimated this situation in advance or missed your time commitments. Such mistakes and omissions on your part may be the basis of various conflicts or troubles during the week.
Despite your reactions, you will realize the fact that all this is due to your disorganization, overprotection or distraction.
The lessons of life that will be given to you this week will not harm you or engage you in unsolvable situations but will teach you an unpleasant way of organizing your life in the future.
The week indicates an important event or changes in the life of a boy or a man who may have been born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, but this is not required.
In your relationship with girls or young women be careful not to be disappointed with the true nature of such a person, behind whose smile lies a completely different person.