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Aquarius Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Aquarius, this winter a plan or desire, for which you have not been lucky to have happened before, now unexpectedly will have a chance to delight you with success. The same favorable situation may also be a difficult project or commitment about which you have encountered many obstacles and obstacles so far.
The winter season will give you luck associated with a hopeless event, an almost impossible mission or task.
During these three months you are going to visit an institution or some kind of administration, bank, and others on a matter of settling rights or getting money.
There is a high probability of a conversation related to higher pay, better financial parameters of transactions, bank contract, etc.
In winter duplicity of a person will make you think how to get out of her presence in your life. 
You will make a tough choice: whether to enter into an open conflict or silently ignore that person.
In winter you will have an important communication with relatives. It is possible to discuss different common actions, serious family problems and others.
You are going to get unpleasant news about someone who has some connection with your family.
There is a high probability of resuming interrupted relationships with a woman for various reasons.
You will have dreams related to a deceased woman who will give you important information or an important direction for your future.
 Aquarius women will have tension in their love which will be based on jealousy, doubt about certain actions or lack of perspective on the relationship as a whole. 

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