Leo Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 November 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this be more realistic in your expectations of receiving money for some financial gain.
In fact, no matter how you experience this plan, it will not surprise you, but you yourself have created unrealistic expectations.
This week, it will be important to balance your earnings and costs so you do not get into an unpleasant situation.
This week, you will be engaged in the preparation of documents or a contract that may go beyond these seven days.
The delay of important information should not be a cause for panic or other negative emotions, as the development of these events will
continue next week.
This week, store your personal information more carefully, especially the ones on your personal phone or computer.
Overall, this week's events will add further development over the next 7 days.
Therefore, it is best not to be emotionally and mentally burdened and to let things develop naturally. Some of you will use the week for
planning trips or gatherings during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
Leo women can enjoy money, gain or other similar situation for which they have lost hope that this sort of thing may happen to them.
Leo men should be more careful about what is happening during work.
Avoid any comments that may be used against you and be careful not to be guilty of spreading gossip or creating an intrigue.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 12 - 18 November 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this week you will be required to pay much more attention in your financial affairs, especially when resolving a problem that has already arisen over the past week.
Try not to deepen this problem, get out of the situation with little loss.
It's hard to realize this week's plans or expectations about a girl or a young woman.
You can expect remorse from her side for action or solutions from the past and past.
The week will be good for discussing different family activities related to business, homework, and more.
Many will visit a state, banking or other kind of institution for important for the family issue.
During the week, you may experience problems with traveling to see a child or a young person in the family.
There may be an incident associated with such a person during a trip.
Young Leo women should be protected from loss or theft both in public places and personal belongings or information related to their work.