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Leo Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

A phone call or news related to a woman will outline some of your major commitments this week.
This week you can realize a trip or start preparing for a trip next month.
You may be absent from home for several days (possibly for the weekend) or return to your home.
Generally, it is now possible to make changes and take part in events in your home related to travel and distant relations. It will be favorable week for the development of romantic and family contacts with people who live in another town or country.
Leo women however will need to avoid new romantic dating or to have special expectations associated with them.
During this week you may meet with people who you never thought that you would see again. This can be done by an unexpected meeting, through social networks on the Internet or through another person.
This will be a week during which you will have a chance to resume severed relations, smooth old conflicts and others. Use these seven days of talks on controversial or sensitive issues wisely with family, friends or colleagues.
There will be a favorable development for plans and actions related to inheritance, care and property management of relatives and a common marital property. Soon you will be able to plan repairs, improvements, removals, rental and others.
Emotionally, this week will be unstable, with moments of high spirits and downs because of sadness, sentimentality, a provocation, or an unpleasant attitude towards you. Do not look for blame for this condition only on people around you. Largely it will be up to you to lift your spirit, to create a mood through activities with interesting things and more.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

This week may surprise you with an unexpected pregnancy, with news related to childbirth or another surprising event of a similar nature.
The week will bring success to your family, luck in an important activity, aim or hope.
Expect good news from a person who lives in another community or country.
During the week some misunderstandings or emotional confrontations in the lives of Leo women will occur. Perhaps you will experience things more emotionally than your partner. In some cases it may be about a cooling in your relations for some time, which you will need to rethink about the relationship now.
Leo men will have the opportunity to make a purchase that is important to them or for which they collected funds from a long time.
Mild life health problems associated with the daughter or granddaughter that may be due to certain personal experiences in their life.
You can expect a personal holiday, birthday, name day and other related to boy or young man.
The surprise this week will somehow have a connection with a child or young person and would cause a more serious reflection.
You can expect interesting events (which do not necessarily to affect you directly) on Friday and Saturday.