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Leo Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 April 2017

In this last week, expect news of people from near and afar. They will determine your upcoming plans and actions.
This will be a favorable week for work, business, business travel or for another important goal. You may be pleased with an offer of employment from another location. You may receive recognition for your work that will come from afar.
In any case, travels this week will bring strong emotions and experiences.
Expect resolution of a conflict situation. There will be a harmonizing of interrupted or chilled relations and others.
Enjoyable moments of satisfaction will come with the development of important contacts and relationships.
You will have hope and an anticipation for successful development. It will be a favorable time for completion of your various concerns and problems. 
The week will be favorable for traveling for young men as well as for everything that will be related to people who live in another city.
During the week, you will be aware of some of the events at home or in the privacy of your friends or relatives.
What you give up this week, what you turn your back on - will be final regardless of your next wishes.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 April 2017

Ahead of you is a favorable week for resolving financial issues, settlement of cash payments and obligations. Good luck is definitely a possibility. Obtaining money will be easy without much effort on your part.
You will have good financial relations with people from your family environment. 
This week people born under the sign of Leo will be able to solve their emotional problems, misunderstandings or doubts that lately are creating discomfort in their romantic relationship. You will understand the attempts of someone around you to create intrigue about your love and that it is for mercenary motives.
Unexpected good news will come or you will receive an invitation from another location or country.
Some of you can go unexpectedly on a trip and it will be a very pleasant occasion. 
There may be travel associated with success or an important meeting. 
The weekend will bring for many of you suggestions or ideas for change in performance. Those who will work than will be able to count on success and profits.
This week Leo men will tend to spend more money. You will be generous and will want a lot of fun around you.
Leo women will create a pleasant atmosphere in their home. You will surprise your loved ones with both culinary delights and other interesting things.