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Leo Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 July 2017

For those born under the sign of Leo this week bodes new acquisition or purchase a home. It will be something that you think will make your life more comfortable or will be the technique needed for your work.
During the week you can be surprised by unexpected money or money-related document that you will receive in the near future.
Now you can get good news related to the recovery of a close relative or friend after an experienced illness.
This week, important decisions will be made about people who are far from you. The solutions will be different and will concern your near future or a more distant perspective.
Now be realistic about what you want from people and what you promise them.
You may be surprised by an unexpected gift or suggestion that will oblige you with a positive answer or something else. Overall, surprises this week will increase your mood.
Leo women will now have an appropriate week to resolve the problems that they create concerns at the moment.
Men will have a reason to rejoice in a success that will largely determine some plans for the future.

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Leo Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 July 2017

During the week there will be discussions in your home of things that affect your family or your relative. They will rather be a family secret or something you do not like to talk about. It is good to be more careful with your emotions.
Be careful when you give or take money from a man, especially if this is a person you do not know well or has a dubious reputation. 
Some of you will have concerns about child health or anxiety for pregnant women. Avoid staying outdoors in times that are unfavorable to your condition, and watch out for what kind of food you consume.
A person in your friendly environment will have serious trouble. In some cases, they may be related to a lawsuit or the necessity of a change of life. If you do not know how to help, be honest and do not give hope. 
This week the Leo men will have a dispute, a conflict or a moment of tension with money, a financial document, and so on.
Leo women will have a specific expectation related to a friend or girlfriend, a promise or engagement, an arrangement for some gathering, and so on.