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Gemini Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, this winter will be an interesting and dynamic period for you. It is possible to make a trip for pleasure, hiking or visiting relatives.
If you are planning a change related to travel or relocation, winter will be a good time for such actions and changes.
During these three months (December, January, and February), you are going to make an important travel decision in 2018. 
You can expect steady or additional income from property, commodity or production activities, etc. You can sell something at a good price or make an expensive purchase.
You will be lucky and will receive the necessary help, providence or idea on issues related to present or future housing, home, additional property, villa and more. You can go through an emotional or moral test in making the right and most reasonable decision. 
In the winter you will receive unpleasant news about a person who has some connection with your family but is not your immediate relative.
It`s going to be a surprise for you - a separation or divorce in your family or in a friend's circle. A new romantic relationship will destroy the family of people who are your relatives or friends.
You will experience a conflict with someone who lives near you. The right is on your side, and you only have to find the right way to convince the other side of it. Do not create additional enemies. Be diplomats!
Gemini men may lose or steal a small amount of money.

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