Gemini Spring Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in the spring you can experience a collection of various important events which will develop almost all year round until the next spring.
Each one can bring you great success or it will be a prerequisite for the emergence of new, favorable opportunities and changes in your life.
Spring will be a favorable time for development in your favor of a court case or the successful completion of one.
This season, it will be important for you to receive a document, notice, or suggestion that will determine the direction in which you will develop one of your ideas. You may be worried or nervous as these things happen.
This season you will experience trouble with a woman who will try to deceive you with false information or use you in some way to achieve her goals. It will provoke you to make a decision about your future relationship with her.
In the spring you will end up with a problem or commitment that will have a connection with a property you own or owned by your family.
This will be a favorable season for renovation and home improvement that you planned some time ago.
This spring you will experience an event related to an unexpected visitor or a meeting with a woman. Definitely, this will be an event that will give you positive emotions.
During these three months (March, April, and May) you can expect a new person at your workplace.
Women will start this season in the hope of better success in work or business, and men will have the feeling of impending personal change.

Gemini Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Gemini, in the first month of this winter season you will have a meeting or conversation that will be important for your professional or business development.
These events can cause changes to some of your plans, engage you with a new project, idea, or have more responsibilities.
During this winter season it is possible to split with a person from your circle of relatives, because of different life events.
It is possible that this event is related to the emergence of new circumstances and goals in life of your relative.
In December, January, or February, household or property issues will arise which will cost you money for repairs or buying new items.
This can burden your family budget and create a period of tension in your home.
In this season, watch out for what you spend your money on, especially when it comes to buying things, because you can buy something of a low quality.
This season, you will experience an unpleasant conflict with someone in your circle of friends who may be accusing you of misinterpreting the situation that has caused this dispute.
During this time, you will engage with care or financial expense concerning the health of someone among your relatives.
You will experience family problems and disputes that are not so serious, and you should not deepen them. Let things find their natural solution or compromise.
In the winter, women born under the sign of Gemini will receive news that will disappoint or sadden them. This information may cause unwanted or unexpected changes in your personal plans.
Gemini men will find it harder to realize their plans this season. If necessary, give up things that you will not be able to realize during this time.