Pisces Horoscope Autumn 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces, this fall life will find a way to surprise you with a variety of events. In most cases they will bring you new opportunities and a chance to achieve an important goal for you.
Successes should not mislead you, make you think that you will always be lucky, keeping this in mind, go ahead and think about your future.
Expect money in the fall, and take advantage of the new revenue opportunities.
In September, October and November, you will receive money through the actions of people you know from before.
Some unpleasant moments during this period will be related to someone who will provoke your patience with behind-the-scenes actions toward you.
During this season a health problem related to a relative or friend will arise. Care may be possible or need of some help.
Men can try their luck in the lottery.
You will receive am invitation for a gathering that you will not be able to cancel.
Women will have strange dreams, sometimes repeating the same event or related to the same person.

Pisces Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces this summer will bring your attention to an important event in the life of a relative:  a birthday, name day, anniversary, retirement, etc.
Many will be invited to a wedding related to a person from a circle of friends or relatives.
This summer you will be pleased with the money for whch you have gone through some difficulties, trials, and you have lost even the hope that one day you will receive them.
As to your financial plan this summer, you will experience more moments of tension, perhaps due to higher costs, due to lack of enough revenue or unreasonable spending of money. Conflicts, disputes or accusations will easily arise.
You will have care or concern about a child or young person in your family. The reason for this will be changes in their lives, mild laziness, exams or public appearances, etc.
The important thing is that these events will have a favorable and successful development.
This summer many will be delighted with news about the birth of a child, which has been a problem for some reason.
Now, almost all of the Pisces will be easily offended, or you will experience disappointment with the actions and the unfulfilled promises of someone you have had a better opinion of.
During these three months there will be an interesting development of a friendly relationship.
Unmarried persons will take a trip to meet a romantic partner or start a new love with a partner of another religion or nationality.