Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, October will be time filled with unexpected events that will have a decisive impact on your personal or professional life.
During this period, take enough time to make a realistic assessment of any situation, suggestion or experience. Otherwise, you may miss something or be too enthusiastic without a real reason.
This month brings a meeting with relatives or representatives of a state institution on a domestic or property problem. This can be a delicate situation that will have a favorable development, but at this stage it is too early to rejoice.
Your personal relationship will be misunderstood beause of misinterpreted words or gestures. Such things will cause doubt and suspicion in you or in your partner.
In October, you are going to negotiate, arrange, sign a document related to receiving money from a state or banking institution, through relatives, etc.
There may be a delay in the money you expect to receive.
This month, you will receive news at your home related to a relative living in another city.
October will delight many with the birth of a child in the family or in the home of friends.
Your love life this month will be too emotional. This will create moments of instability, and you will have to deal very seriously with any tension. Soothe things before your relationship has become too complicated.
Taurus men will have important or interesting contacts with men from other locations: relatives or partners in some work, business, political or social activity, etc.
Women will be able to secure family budget stability. This month, thanks to your cognitive mind, you can achieve important financial successes or new, better-paid commitments. 

Taurus Monthly Horoscope September 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus this month, you are going to be making difficult choices, mostly related to your private life.
You will have success in implementing plans related to people who live in another city or country.
This month, you will experience an important event related to a child or young person.
In this month, expect news or events related to future motherhood or the birth of a girl.
A meeting or conversation that has just been a while ago will now be the basis of something very nice in your life. In this month, fate will send you an experience or a person at the right time and at the right place.
Many of you will have interesting communication with women on common interests, public initiatives and events.
In a financial plan, be cautious and avoid a monetary crisis. Now you may have stress associated with a large amount of money, credit, and so on. Beware of an unwanted money-related loss.
September will be a good month for travel, especially for those of you who will have a specific purpose.
You are going to have interesting contacts and special events related to people from other places or countries.
The troubles in your home and family this month will be due to the actions of a person outside of your home. Problems may arise with tenants or neighbors.
Taurus women will need to think more sensibly before they act.
Men will neef to avoid going back to their past, unpleasant experiences or conflicts. You have enough problems now; turn your attention to them.