Taurus Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus in May, you will experience an unpleasant financial conflict. This can happen at your workplace or in a state (bank) money-making institution.
Be careful this month if your work is related to money, sales, bank or credit institution.
This month, you will be pleased with the news or suggestion that will give you greater clarity about a future change in your life that you aspire to with great desire and ambition.
In May do not be afraid to accept a proposal. It will be the basis for a change that is favorable to you. Perhaps insignificant at this stage, but much more important in your future.
This month will delight you with an asset, including property-related property.
Maybe you have different gatherings that will require you to make the right gift choice or to prepare a festive meal at your home.
Those of you who have relatives in another city, village, or state will experience delicate situations with them that will cause temporary tensions in the relationship. These things will fill you emotionally, maybe even make you sad or cry, but everything will pass quickly and without great turmoil.
In this month, you'll learn interesting news or receive useful information through your friendly relationships with people from near and far.
You will now lay the foundations for a new friendship that can have a romantic, professional character or be based on common interests.
Taurus women will receive a call for a man-related gathering or will have an important conversation with such a person.
Men will experience anxiety or problems related to a child or young relative.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, one of the most important things is that you will have the chance and luck to resolve important troubles connected in some way to your home or property you own. Now fate will be more favorable to you in resolving property or material problems.
Probably late you'll receive news from another location related to an unpleasant event in the lives of people you know.
Be careful with correspondence or documents you are waiting for from another city or country.
In this month, your plans or expectations related to your family will have the development that you want and for which you will invest energy and time.
You may be present at a family gathering, for which you will have a preliminary invitation or arrangement.
Now you will experience joyful moments or an important event involving a girl or a young woman.
The education, career or public appearance of a child will be one of the major events or engagements this month.
Events related to in vitro procedures, adoption or child-related charity are possible.
Surprises this month will not be pleasant. In most cases, they will have a connection with your past or with secrets in your family, your personal life, mistakes of your past that you do not want to remember.
Women under the age of 35 will have a very strong month with expected and unexpected opportunities for development and progress.