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Taurus Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, this month many of you will take a trip that will be related to love life or to family members.
For you now it will be important to uphold your rights, to insist on things that have been promised to you, which are right or wrong, and so on.
In February, expect family gatherings related to a personal holiday, engagement or wedding.
You will have very dynamic contacts with people in your family who will be in touch with important events in their lives.
February will be a difficult month for lawsuits, especially if they are of a financial nature, about paying maintenance, and so on.
Now it's a good idea to keep your financial affairs under control, not to allow yourself more expense before finishing your basic payments.
Unexpected news will find you unprepared and will cause quick action, decisions or changes.
February can be a month that you will remember by giving up your offer of work, business and more.
Soon you may experience disappointment in talking or negotiating on an important issue with a representative of a state or banking institution. 

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope January 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus, right at the beginning of the year you will understand that your preliminary plans or expectations will change altogether. You will find out about some false promises you have received, for false information or a hope in vain.
Your love life will depend on your financial situation. Where there are cash problems, the pressure will be greater, as everyone will blame the other for the difficulties that have arisen. In others, a stable financial situation will help speed up the resolution of the first 2018 problems.
This month, you can enjoy news about a girl or a young woman. You may receive an invitation or suggestion from such a person.
Emotionally, you will have your mood swings. But if you remain stable without hypersensitive reactions or emotion, then January can delight you with a lot of success and filfiled plans. This is especially true for your love life.
Do not expect any changes in your work (especially in terms of your pay). If your work is sales-related, then your earnings will be well below your expectations. Find new ideas or incentives to find new customers or make better sales.
If you work with money, beware of distractions or omissions in a financial document.
In January you will have your chance in a certain situation. Good luck will help you resolve an unpleasant situation.
Young women will receive a desired proposal or document that will open the door to the realization of an important 2018 plan.