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Taurus Monthly Horoscope May 2017

Before you is a strong and successful May 2017 in which you will have contacts and meetings defining your future actions of a financial nature. There will be a settlement of financial relations with relatives or business partners.
A proposal may bring you a better-paid job, profitable trade or business.
Enhanced communication with people from far and near can be both personal/romantic and on a business basis.
You'll get useful information or suggestion from a woman.
You will have an expectation of difficult talks or confrontations with people. This connection will be trouble that you can not solve precisely because of the impact and the influence on these people.
You will worry or you will try to give help and support to a friend (male or female) who has a serious health problem.
For Taurus men, there will be major complications of a friendly relationship. They will affect you as depressive, melancholy, depressing feelings.
In May, some marital and family relationships will be tested. The problems there will not be new. Most likely in the past, you experienced a separation or division, but now things are even more complex and unpredictable.
Bad news will come related to a person who is part of your kinship circle.
When you are making important decisions in May, be beware of unsolicited advice, or manipulation. Possibly, attempts will be used for the purposes of another person.
Overall, May will be a productive and successful month for you. But the problems that will arise now in any case should not be ignored.


Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2017

This month, an unexpected dispute or conflict in your workplace will give you greater clarity about what you want for yourself as professional development.
April can be a month of long-awaited success or change in the life of Taurus women. New opportunities arise, even though they seem insignificant; they may actually prove to be a unique chance to achieve your goals or an old dream.
Alarming news may come from afar that will affect some loss in the lives of friends or relatives who live in another place or country.
If you need to travel by car, prepare your car for any situation.
Conflict in your home will return again to ancient history, past mistakes or secrets that have not been shared. It depends on you to find a better way to avoid such a situation, even though emotionally you may find yourself quite hurt.
Soon, many will be hoping to uncover the malicious actions of a person, but it can result in a dispute or conflict that can even lead to a lawsuit. There is nothing wrong in your actions, but you should be prepared for the consequences thereof.
The love lives of Taurus men will include some pleasant surprises, including those associated with new connections, unexpected acquaintances, an unexpected place or a strange sort of explanation.
This month, patience in matters of a material or financial nature will be rewarded in a way you deserve. You will have a feeling of satisfaction and pride in achievement.