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Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2017

In July, those born under the sign of Taurus may have unexpected financial relationships with someone you currently do not know or with whom you currently have no financial contacts.
You will now be able to put small money into something new or unfamiliar and enjoy more than the invested profit.
You will be happy about financial success or acquisition of a married or intimate partner. 
During this month you may get money back from loan, as a service and etc.
This month, it is important to keep your realism, not to be deceived by illusions, with expectations that you can not realize at this stage. In some cases, this may be a reason for your total denial.
In July, you can expect surprises at your workplace where various favorable and unexpected situations may arise. 
You may be able to apply for a new position, for a new job, participation in a new project, specialization, etc.
Taurus women will have a greater commitment to household or property problems that will occur accidentally, or as an emergency this month.
Difficulties arising in the lives of Taurus men, this month may be the cause of very serious conflicts. Your patience with people or institutions will be exhausted. 


Taurus Monthly Horoscope June 2017

This month, you will have your plans or expectations for repairs, improvements, relocations and other actions related to your home or property in a village, in another country, etc. The problem now is that you will depend on other people and that's why things will either happen slowly or with different postponements, adjustments.
This month, men over 35 will have the opportunity to move or realize things that are beneficial to themselves for financial documents, contracts, agreements. You can get an advantageous offer to achieve an increase in salary or better sales (if you are a retailer or manufacturer).
In June, there will be a positive development for those of you who have a home business that is engaged in homework or other activity for which you have an office or studio in your home.
Perhaps right now you will engage with a document related to your home: insurance, tax document, and more.
Unpleasant events can now be related to someone's health, with the unexpected need for medical advice or treatment. Tensions in your personal or professional relationships may also adversely affect your health.
A news related to life drama in the life of a person you know may be the reason for a trip or a visit to that person's home.
In June many will have engagements related to wills, settlement rights to hereditary property or pensions, and so on.
Various travel-related changes may occur for young Taurus women. This may be related to postponement, delay, denial of travel, or realization of a travel you delayed.