Taurus Monthly Horoscope August 2018

If you are born under the sign of Taurus, August will be time filled with more engagements, meetings or important events related to children and grandchildren.
Now you may be surprised or delighted with news about the birth of a child or a long-awaited pregnancy.
August will not be your strongest month, but it will definitely be time to clear the unnecessary things or relationships in your life. You are not insured against theft or an attempt to take away your intellectual product or a project for the benefit of someone else. Keep your personal or work information well protected.
In August, many will travel and in most cases it will be pre-arranged. Not all the trip will be for recreation. Many will travel for work or for family reasons.
Now expect a lot of interesting and useful information about your personal affairs. Your communication with people from different parts of the planet will be much more dynamic. You will discuss important personal or business events, discuss future meetings or other common actions.
This will be a month that, through the various moments in it, will show you your horizons of development by the end of this year, and perhaps even further.
August will leave behind a few unforgettable memories of personal experiences, specific events in your work or your family.
This month will be remembered for an important event in the life of a man over 35, who will most likely be from your family circle.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2018

If you were born under the sign of Taurus in July, you will experience emotionally a life drama in the life of your friends, neighbors or colleagues. This will be an event that will require greater moral and emotional support.
Soon, your friendships will be put to trial, for which you have confidence that they are stable and immovable.
In July, you will attend an important family gathering related to a boy or a young man.
This is a month in which many will attend an engagement, a wedding or a public appearance of a man in the family.
In July, the importance of harmony and understanding in the relationship between the different generations of a family will be highlighted by fathers and daughters, grandfather and grandchild, etc. Each side will have something to learn from the other. Do not follow the blind words that the older are wiser; they only have more experience ...
A conflict this month, which someone else will provoke in order to defame or force you to do something you do not want, will actually work in your favour. You will be able to achieve success for which you have not had any expectation.
Avoid jitters or mental stress because July will be a very successful month for you. Be patient and have faith in your own destiny. Surprises this month will show you whether you're going in the right or wrong direction.
In July, you will have an occasion to rejoice in a financial document or in the development of your financial affairs. In some cases, you will receive help or the right advice from strangers, but be careful with such contacts anyway.
July will be a time for love and romantic adventures. A flirtation at your work place will be brief but stormy and will leave a special memory to both sides. Avoid publicity of such relationships because this is a delicate situation.