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Taurus Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Taurus this month, you will develop your romantic relationship with a partner from another city or from abroad.
There will be interesting conversations or actions related to upcoming engagement, wedding, the beginning of cohabitation.
This month, you may be startled by the actions or words of someone living near you.
Expect joyful news about extra money in your family budget.
You will keep track of romantic news of your friends or relatives. An event related to their upcoming wedding may be possible.
This month, you may be surprised by unpleasant news about the worsened health of a person you know.
In November, you will see an emotional and mental collapse in the life of a friend or relative. It may be related to some theft or failure in their lives.
This month you will be parting with a colleague, manager, business partner or customer due to various life reasons. 
Soon your friend will share with you about serious professional problems, possible unpleasant dismissal, unemployment, and so on.
During this month, you will be angry at the mischief or mistake of a child or a young person from your family or relatives. Such actions will bring panic and tension into the lives of some of you.
In November a trip for family reasons, family reunification after a period of separation will be considered.
Some of you will welcome a relative from far away who will come to visit or go home forever. 

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2017

If you were born under the sign of Taurus in October, there will be moments of serious reflection and times for making concrete decisions. Above all, these moments will be connected with your family. In this sense, they should not only be yours, they should be discussed with everyone in your home. Chat and search for the best for each one of you.
There will be important events related to a person who is in another city or abroad.
This month, trouble may arise around a document or information related to a court case or a legal case. If you are engaged in such an action, be cautious.
Now you can expect a travel-related surprise. You may unexpectedly go on the road or someone may unexpectedly come to your home and more.
In October you will experience an event involving close people who are far away from you. 
Be careful with promotions; everything you get will be some benefit to you, a discount or a reward. It's up to if you will be disappointed or get angry about yourself. It may be especially unpleasant if the purchase you make is for a gift to someone else.
A visit will take place from friends who will be worried about an unpleasant event in their family. You will be contacted for emergency help, support or assistance. 
More complicated may be your personal or romantic relationship concerning a person with whom you have a relationship. This does not mean that there are emotional storms ahead. Be aware that the situation will be more delicate. It will require more tact and diplomacy on both sides to be resolved and overcome.