Pisces Monthly Horoscope December 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces, in December you will have to resolve trouble in your family that will cost you unforeseen financial expenses. It will be important not to deepen such problems in order not to complicate the atmosphere in your home before the holidays.
In this month, fathers born under the sign of Pisces will have a special commitment to a daughter or granddaughter.
December brings care related to the health of a close person. It is possible to visit a sick person in his or her home or in a hospital.
You will be more concerned about a gathering that may be important for your personal or professional life.
In this month, be careful with actions taken by your good intentions. From your point of view, this can be some good or important help, but for the other side, this may be the cause of a new problem or other unpleasant situation.
Avoid engaging in important business with a person born under the sign of Gemini, Aquarius or Libra.
At the end of the year, you will experience nostalgia or regret for a friend or a love relationship ended this year.
If you have a tough love affair and you are considering splitting with your current partner, leave your decision for the beginning of 2019.
In December you will have a hope for expected or unexpected cash inflows. It is possible to travel a longer distance or with a few days stay.
Women under the age of 35 will look for an original Christmas or New Year gift for a father or other male relative.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope November 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces, in November there will be a need to make important decisions about your family.
You will expect an understanding of your ideas and suggestions or receive the help you need (if it is needed).
This month, you'll have commitments related to a girl or a young woman that will be important to both her and to your personal plans.
This month will bring news about the birth of a girl.
In November there will be an unexpected need to make an important decision or to make an urgent change in your plans, work and more.
The need to deal with an important expense for a close woman, may put your budget in difficulty.
If this month you are working on or committed to dealing with a financial document, check everything in detail and avoid hasty actions and decisions.
November brings special romantic adventures or new love for young men.
Women over 35 years of age will enjoy success with a child or grandchild or other joyful event in their lives.
In November, young Pisces women will have to live realistically within their financial resources.