Pisces Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces, in May you will have different occasions of joy after a period of various difficulties or failures. Now you will be given the chance to achieve a success and it should not be missed.
Before you is a month of change that will be important due to different circumstances in your life.
May will be a good month for a court case regardless of its nature.
Now, however, you may be disappointed or deceived for money that will be related to a person in your family.
This month, organizing preliminary plans and implementation tasks will not help you.
The month will be a favorable period for developing your professional and business relationships. You will now be able to achieve success with a lot of ambition and consistency in your actions.
You will receive unpleasant news or you will experience a difficult event related to a person who is your relative or somehow has a connection with your family.
This month will be more complicated with the marital relationships of some Pisces pesons, which are unstable, problematic and tense in recent months. A new crisis in your relationship can end your cohabitation.
This month, you will opt out of a plan or promise because of the emergence of new circumstances that will require such a change. At work keep yourself from some sort of material or intellectual theft.
In May there is a gathering in your home, which will bring you a lot of emotions and mood.
For women, this month will be a time of important family events that you will have to accept as they are.
Men may experience a situation of love that will require decision-making, honest conversation and other serious actions.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the sign of Pisces this month, you will experience a conflict or other unpleasant situation related to a man who probably lives in another city (country) or has a travel-related (transport) job.
Costs related to a young person (most likely male) related to an important event in his or her personal life or career will now arise.
You will receive an idea or suggestion for a general action from a friend that looks tempting and realizable. If it is within the law - act!
During this month, any kind of separations in your family are possible: people, items, or other things. For every thing there will be a certain reason, and above all will be for a better future.
Divorce in the family of relatives or friends will open a new page for the two partners for a better future.
This month, you will have many different occasions for joy, not so great, but important for some reason. Now it is really important to enjoy the little things of your life.
House or property issues can surprise you unexpectedly and create a new, unstable situation in your life. However, greater strain may come from revealing your own mistakes, omissions or malicious actions by another person.
Pisces women will need to avoid psychological or emotional pressure on children for any decision or action for which they are against. You are risking a major collapse in your relationship.
Some women over 35 will experience separation from a child due to various changes or events.
Men over the age of 35, who are going to travel this month need to avoid any form of aggression while on the road.