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Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2017

One of your main commitments this month will be related to a woman of middle age. It would not be for bad....
There will be a visit or meeting related to an unpleasant occasion or to solve the issue, misunderstanding. Overall, contacts this month will be to finalize or clear trouble and problems.
Love will come through a new acquaintance, meetings with a strange person or under unusual circumstances.
In the beginning of the month, you will start with important meetings and conversations that will quickly give you a better idea of what is possible for you to realize this month and what is not.
You will have especially favorable prospects and successful meetings and discussions with people from another community.
You will be considering or you will start preparations for a journey that for some of you will be realized this month, and for others a little later in the year.
Joyful news or proposals will come from afar.
This month you can expect to receive a gain/gift from a man.
Pisces men may achieve an agreement reach an important contract or engage in a sale or purchase of property or some other property type.
Trouble may appear in the family. Wherever it arises, it will be of a financial character. Primarily it will be related to higher expenditures, investments, loan payments or purchases.
A surprise related to a document will be connected somehow with a child/young person. This document will have certain financial characteristics, will give you the right to receive money and more.
You may be glad of a chance concerning a child/young person in your family in a lottery or raffle.
News or gossip will come about events in the life of your old love or former spouse.


Pisces Horoscope March 2017

Surprises for you this month will be related to a man of middle age, who may be your colleague, relative, neighbor, friend, etc.
In most cases, this will be the occasion for hope or joy. Good luck will come to you in your home or you will be solving a problem with a help from a man over 35 years old.
During March, you may be split from, or gather with, an intimate, romantic interest or spouse who works or lives far from you. During this month many will have their first romantic encounter with a person from another community.
A separation from a love, wherever it occurs, will be temporary.
There will be a gathering associated with a girl or young woman.
You will have a meeting with a woman who will give you important news or will make an important proposal.
If you have a lawsuit or an important action with a legal institution, do not expect easy success and quick results.
You are about to have an important conversation or some sort of a milestone related to a relative. 
Tension will arise about the health or actions of a boy or young man from among relatives or your circle of friends. There may be conflict with a young man because of his interference in your personal affairs and relations.
Your expectations, associated with the family and your home for this month should be simple and plain. Unusual or dramatic changes of your status are unlikely to happen.
News related to a family reunification involving your friends or relatives will come after a period of separation.
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