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Pisces Monthly Horoscope July 2017

For those born under the sign of Pisces, July will be a time of important family or financial success, prosperity. To some extent, these things may be related to action or protection by a person living at a distance from you. It may be a relative or a man of high social and professional status. 
Forget the conflicts this month no matter how mad or angry you will be to someone. Behind the seemingly benevolent face of the man against you may be a very malicious or vindictive person. This is especially true for people you do not know well or those you are about to face this month.
July will be emotionally unstable month for you. You can easily fall into some depressive state or uncertainty, interpret the actions of others in a very wrong direction. You may also suffer from someone's deception, hypocrisy, falsehood.
Love, however, will always bring a fresh breath to your life in one way or another.
You will be praised for something, you will get an important compliment, promise, suggestion. 
In some cases, you can even make decisions and make a change in your family situation.
Your health or the health of a close person will require consultation with a doctor, some kind of therapy or treatment. It is possible to visit a hospital where your close relative or friend is.
In this month, avoid renting out things (doing such a service to someone) that are costly (like a car) or too valuable for you.


Pisces Monthly Horoscope June 2017

For representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces, June will bring different problems or changes mainly to work or business. Before you is a time that will provoke you to implement changes to the activity in which you are engaged. It may be necessary to innovate or deny old-fashioned methods of work, etc.
This month, avoid comments and meetings with colleagues, where it unexpectedly you may become involved in some intrigue and others.
Correspondence or communication with a friend or friends will be a reason to think about some new ideas or suggestions.Someone may have a romantic or other interest in you, and you can look inside yourself for answers to different questions. Financial things will be unstable this month, but not dramatic. Everything will be a matter of organization and practicality in your actions.There is a sign of a pleasant surprise in this plan, but it may concern another person in your family, and you will be only part of the specific experience. 
Soon you can expect a happy event or news related to a child who is away from you.
This will be a good month for traveling for different reasons for your own child.
The love life of young women will be interesting and somewhat unpredictable but in a positive aspect. You will have certain expectations this month and you will not be disappointed.