Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2019

If you were born under the sign of Pisces, April will require you to show a more stable character and not rush to your conclusions about the events you are about to experience.
Do not preload with any expectations and leave things to their natural development.
This month, an unpleasant dispute will arise or you will have an unpleasant conversation with someone in your circle of friends, and this may have a connection with your or his/her family.
In April, you will have to engage in a health problem with your relative or someone who will need your help.
A visit will create unexplained worries or some kind of discomfort.
April will be a favorable month for travel, as long as its goal is not a commitment of a property character. In this case, you may encounter ì.unexpected obstacles, be the object of manipulation or other incorrect actions.
In April, you will be inclined to return to past events and to understand their meaning in your present, which will definitely be a good wahy to make sense of your existence so far.
What conclusions you will make and what steps you will take to make a change will be strictly individual.
The only advice I can finally give you is to avoid the development or deepening of the troubles that will arise between you and your loved ones.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2019

If you were born under the sign of Pisces in March unexpected events will be related to your love life or to a document you will receive and that will have some connection with money.
March will be a particularly important period in the lives of young women and men over 35 because of changes in their home and family, of lasting importance for their future.
Women aged over 35 will experience a stressful traveling situation or an unexpected need for a travel by family or professional cause.
Overall, March will be a month of change for most Pisces people, and they will have a connection with moving to a new home, starting a new job, and other cardinal events in life.
The good thing is that they will be for your own good and in no case should they create anxiety or fear for your future.
Those of you who are currently in work or professional engagement will start experiencing dissatisfaction and look for possible changes, as you will not be taking any concrete action this month.
You will rather be cautious than adventurous.
In March, you will experience an unpleasant conflict in your family that will be caused by tensions or unspeakable things from the past few weeks.