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Pisces Monthly Horoscope May 2017

During May you can expect joyful events associated with the birth of a child, a personal celebration of a child or grandchild. Success will be associated with a young person from your family. 
Some Pisces women will welcome a new baby, new connections with future paternity, or joy because of the expression of a small child. 
There will be an impact by or a postponement of plans or actions related to movable or immovable property. 
A dispute or difficulties related to property may arise between loved ones. 
Trouble in the family will now be more connected with some emotional insult or loss that will be difficult to experience. 
This month you will have greater expectations of higher income which may be related to the work of foreigners working with a company or customers who are far from you. 
It is possible to get money from afar for a variety of reasons. 
This month will be planned or things will be implemented by way of a distant journey. 
You will experience a verbal attack on the family by a person outside your home. 
Be careful with your new dating, or people who look specifically for contact with you. Beware of scams from your involvement in someone else's goals who may be engaging you in intrigue. 
Interesting news and conversations with friends will come to Pisces men. You will learn many things, and possibly there will arise a new idea for developing your idea or project.


Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2017

One of your main commitments this month will be related to a woman of middle age. It would not be for bad....
There will be a visit or meeting related to an unpleasant occasion or to solve the issue, misunderstanding. Overall, contacts this month will be to finalize or clear trouble and problems.
Love will come through a new acquaintance, meetings with a strange person or under unusual circumstances.
In the beginning of the month, you will start with important meetings and conversations that will quickly give you a better idea of what is possible for you to realize this month and what is not.
You will have especially favorable prospects and successful meetings and discussions with people from another community.
You will be considering or you will start preparations for a journey that for some of you will be realized this month, and for others a little later in the year.
Joyful news or proposals will come from afar.
This month you can expect to receive a gain/gift from a man.
Pisces men may achieve an agreement reach an important contract or engage in a sale or purchase of property or some other property type.
Trouble may appear in the family. Wherever it arises, it will be of a financial character. Primarily it will be related to higher expenditures, investments, loan payments or purchases.
A surprise related to a document will be connected somehow with a child/young person. This document will have certain financial characteristics, will give you the right to receive money and more.
You may be glad of a chance concerning a child/young person in your family in a lottery or raffle.
News or gossip will come about events in the life of your old love or former spouse.