Leo Horoscope Autumn 2018

In the autumn, the representatives of the Leo sign can expect some surprises related to a child or young person. Many will be surprised by news about an unexpected pregnancy or the birth of a child.
Important events will also be experienced in the life of your own child if you have one.
During these three months (September, October and November) you will have to take care of your own health or that of a person close to you.
Different engagements and cares related to your relative or spouse will arise this season.
In autumn you will find out that your loss since the beginning of this year has not been accidental. Now life will give you a better chance. You will understand that you now have much better chances and opportunities.
What you experienced as a loss or failure will now be restored to you in the best possible way.
In autumn, you will be planning or preparing to travel at the end of the year. It may have a connection with the holidays at the end of December or another important reason.
Some representatives of the zodiac sign Leo in autumn will leave their home or move to another city or country.

Leo Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this summer you will commit yourself more seriously to solving problems in your family. You probably did not have enough resources for them, or some circumstances prevented their resolving.
Many will experience the stress or tension associated with a relative, and the situation will evolve favorably, regardless of the nature of the problem itself.
During these three months, you will have several meetings and conversations (mostly with relatives) on financial matters, about various payments, purchases, sales, and more.
Overall summer will be a favorable season for your financial affairs and plans.
The surprises will now be related to a child or young person from your family or from the family of close friends.
Summer will surprise you with news about pregnancy or childbirth.
Expect joyful news or a phone call from someone for whom you've lost hope and who will call back.
This season you will be at a gathering related to a personal holiday or success of a girl or a woman.
Leo men will be able to enjoy an important purchase or acquisition.
Unexpected chance or luck will be given to the Leo women.