Leo Horoscope Summer 2019

If you were born under the sign of Leo, this summer you will be inspired with new hopes or ideas that will arise through your new acquaintances or old friendships.
During these three months, many will experience special emotions associated with a new romantic or business acquaintance.
This season, Fate will give you the opportunity to meet and explore people of different nationalities who live abroad or in your own country.
Favorable development over June, July, and August will benefit your legal or litigation engagements.
If you are in the process of change in your personal life, events will develop slowly and sometimes very emotionally. Only in this way, however, will you learn to be patient and accepting of the predestination of certain events that will happen in your life.
This season you will have to engage in household or property problems. It is possible that you have given items or property for rent or for use by someone else that will create some inconvenience.
In the summer, be careful with purchases of expensive goods unless you are forced to do it because of necessity.
This season you will have to engage in the preparation of important documents or a contract.
Try to remember or record the strange and inexplicable dreams you will have during this period.
Your family relationships will depend on moments from the impact of external factors such as relatives or "good neighbors" and "friends".
Summer will be a strong period for business and professional realization. This is likely to be due to some innovations in your business or work place. 

Leo Spring Horoscope 2019

If you were born under the sign of the Leo, this spring many of the events or decisions you will make will depend on the actions of a woman, most likely one who lives in another home or in another location.
Many of you will have a plan for a trip that will have a relationship with a woman or a girl.
This spring will be the season of surprises and unexpected events that you will initially consider to be unfavorable to you. Their further development will show you that you are wrong in your judgments.
This spring, you will experience events that will be related to some sort of separation in your family or in your friends' or neighbors' family. Such a separation can happen for different life reasons and in no case concerns divorce.
In the spring you will receive news or you will be part of an event related to engagement, a wedding or a jubilee.
During these three months (March, April, and May), an unexpected expense or another unforeseen cash-related event will arise, which may create a temporary period of concern and tension.
In the spring you will have contradictions with people in your family related to the future of your child or another young person in your circle of relatives.
This season you will remember with a gathering or other important event related to relatives or friends.
You will be looking forward to an important conversation about your career or business.