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Leo Winter Horoscope

During this winter, you will be pleased with the money you receive through your relative, business partner, client and others.
This season will also be remembered with an unexpected success for a woman who is your relative or very close friend. What will happen in her life will somehow affect your own life or family.
During these three months (December, January and February), expect a woman's support to fulfill your desire or plan.
There will be anxiety about the health of a person living in another city. This person is likely to experience an accident during a trip.
There will be some malaise or depression in the life of a man in your family. He will suffer a sadness or regret for loss, failure or separation.
There may be trouble with documents or other formalities related to pregnancy, baby or child.
You will receive news related to your own child or grandson about the troubles she is currently having to overcome.
Winter can be remembered with a change in your work, with a new start or new activity, new colleagues or managers, etc. There may be a slight increase in your earnings, which will still be a recognition of your professionalism.
These three months may surprise you with an unexpected event or situation related to your partner. There's something to be happy about ....
Leo men will experience slight disagreements in marriage, including a hard to forget insult or accusation.

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