Leo Winter Horoscope

If you were born under the sign of Leo, during this winter season you will be able to experience special moments in love, whether you have already established a relationship or you will create a relationship during these three months.
Some of you will seriously consider creating a new family or marrying.
In December, January and February, many of you will have an expectation of raising salary or finding a better-paid job.
This can happen with more action on your part and through the development of a good strategy.
During these three months you will experience a life separation with a woman over 35 years of age.
Events or engagements with a woman born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius will cause special emotions.
This season, you will have a meeting or you will visit an institution where a new opportunity may arise or you may receive a proposal.
Your initial reaction may be confusion or mistrust, but later realize that this is an incredible chance to achieve important success.
It is natural that you will have your difficult moments, experience various stressful situations, or have mild health ailments, but in general, this will be a special period for you.
Trouble with a man in your circle of friends will make you decide whether to continue your friendship with this person or help him.
Leo women will have a lot of work in this winter season and will hold various (mostly) business talks. You will have an interesting job offer that will come from a new person in your circle of acquaintances.
Men will experience an interesting development in the education, career, or business of a family member or a relative.