Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2019

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, April will be a very interesting and positive month for you, especially with regard to the benefits you will achieve with your own efforts or through the help of other people in the family.
This month, you will make small expenses for items you need at home.
In April, there will be an opportunity for a new job that will require you to leave the workplace where you are at the moment. Since this is a big change, not everyone will have the courage to realize it.
In April the things in your love life will be more complicated, especially if you are already emotionally loaded with various problems. At this stage, you will rather think about what to do than actually act. 
In April, you'll be surprised by an unexpected news about an unpleasant event or an incident in the lives of people you know.
There may be an unexpected need to shape a document, something that is not in your plans for this month.
In April, you can plan a trip that will either make a change for a few days if you stay in another city.
This month, the financial affairs of the men born under this zodiac sign will be favorable. Now you can receive money through a document, a contract, like a credit, and more.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope March 2019

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in March you will be surprised to be able to work something extra with another woman, which will bring you some money into the family budget.
In this month, be careful with the plans you make for a trip, as you may find yourself under-funded or another unexpected obstacle or difficulty might arise.
If you have business or other important affairs with people from other cities or countries, be careful to protect yourself from fraud or fake offers.
Overall, March will be beneficial for you in terms of your financial plan, thanks to your previous professional, business or other actions.
It is possible that you will be lucky with money, which will also be thanks to your actions, contacts or decisions of your past.
In March you will experience an event related to a child or a young person, which may be related to the birth of a baby or the life success of your already grown successor.
March will be a good month for realizing your material or property plans, as well as for different purchases. You will have to buy a gift for a friend related to his/her birthday or other important holiday in his/her life.
In March you will get unpleasant news about a woman you know.
Young Sagittarius women will experience a variety of surprises related to their current work or the possibility of a new one.