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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2017

April will be a month of interesting and important events connected with relatives from far and near. You can expect all sorts of surprises,  related to relatives, usually related to money.
It will be a month in which you can arrange various financial relationships, contracts and agreements in your favor.
In April, Sagittarius parents will have reasons for strong emotions and experiences related to important events.
There is a possibility of a birth of a girl in the home of relatives or friends.
You will be awaiting development or completion of troubles that hinder the development of important professional plans important for your family.
Definitely, luck will be on your side and you will be sober and sensible enough not to lose it.
One of your strengths this month is the ability to solve tangible property issues or problems, or problems with housing construction and others. The danger might come from having some highly unrealistic expectations, which can be out of desire for rapid development of your doings.
Despite the harmony and stability of your family connections, you will have difficult days that will easily provoke conflicts over minor things.
Unexpected news or events associated with engagement or wedding will come to you.
Some may receive an invitation for an event of a family nature.
An important conversation will develop with a person from your friendly environment. You are about to have a change in your life in which she or he will take great, fateful participation. 


Sagittarius Horoscope March 2017

March will be a very intense and dynamic month for young men. There will be more tension in your everyday life and more tasks that will have to be fulfilled on time.
You will consider ideas, suggestions or opportunities for better income, extra money and more.
This month you will mainly think of your problems and concerns. You will seek to resolve them before they become more serious and difficult to complete.
It is possible to resolve them without having to spend a lot of money.
An unpleasant surprise may come to you associated with unexpected, vague or contradictory developments of your personal or professional relationships. You will feel confused, insecure and suspicious of the actions of other people.
You will be receiving money from a man or you will have a settling of financial relations with a man. This is likely a connection to your internal family relations.
At the same time, troubles of a financial nature may arise again with a man or men, if your work is related to men or with equipment, the army, police and security.
In March you will discuss plans for developing the talents and skills of a child/grandchild, their education, summer jobs and other important things for the child and your family activities.
It`s possible that some young women will spend some time in a hospital or undergo some treatment related to future or current pregnancy.
The words and actions of a person from your family or relative will hurt you. You should not allow such an impact, more so if this person acts exactly for that purpose.
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