Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope May 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in May you will be glad to receive a news about a man you know or have a relationship with.
If you have a child or a young person in your home, pay more attention and try to spend more time for interesting and useful conversations. Try to keep communication important for both parties. Their development is changing almost daily, and you may miss important moments of their lives outside the walls of your home.
This month, a trial will give you an important life lesson.
In May, most of you will be able to expect money or gain from someone else's location or with his/her help.
Also, during this month, you will enjoy the money in your family budget that will come by increases in someone's salary, pension, rent, etc.
It will be a good month for you to think about how to solve old problems or troubles. You'll get a glimpse of how to end up with your tough situation at home.
There may be a small problem with your neighbors, landlords or tenants.
In May, you'll receive a long-awaited news or suggestion that you should use to the best of your benefit.
You will be able to arrange a document, contract or agreement to your advantage.
This month, there may be an important breakthrough in your life. After this month, many things in your life will have a whole different development.
In May, Sagittarius women will plan various pleasant surprises or engage in the development of interesting ideas.
You will receive joyful news about the education or career of a child or a young person in the family.
Sagittarius men can expect romantic experiences in May. You will try to show your love in an original and memorable way. 

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius this month, you will invest a great deal of your energy in solving your most important problems. One third of the year has passed and you know the cost of time very well.
If you are organizing well in the very beginning of April, at the end of the month you will have something to be proud of and satisfied with.
Now think about each proposal or chance that will be given to you, but do not be afraid of new things in your life. There is nothing you can not do, especially if you have enough ambition.
Many of you will be awaiting the development of plans or projects related to a property or a farm.
Things are developing slowly, but success will not be far from you.
Surprises now will come through your work, career or business and will create pleasant emotions and satisfaction achievements.
Now you can use this month for presentations, interviews for a new job, and more.
This month, most of your attention will be paid to children and young people in the family, as they may cause mistakes or unpleasant situations for which your protection as a parent will not be enough.
The events of young Sagittarius men who will have to adjust their commitments or promises will be a little more unpredictable.
If you do these things carefully and they are well thought out, then no one will be offended, cheated or offended.