Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of the Sagittarius, in February many will experience tensions in their family and kinship. The reasons for these disagreements will be property or different property items that you own or need to share. Contradictions may also arise over different views about repair, purchase or sale of a home or a car.
The tension that will arise this month will be because of important things in your life, mostly those that matter to your plans or your future as a whole.
It will be important for you to find the best way to convince others of the correctnes of your view as long as it does not only protect your interests.
This month, you will be surprised by news or events related to a girl or a young woman. The variants of such experiences are varied, so nothing more specific can be said than to emphasize the fact that such an event will find a way to surprise you.
February brings more dynamic communication with a variety of people.
Definitely this month will increase your circle of acquaintances, mostly through direct meetings and gatherings, not virtual ones.
February will be a favorable month for travel, but in most cases it will be a planned event.
This month will be especially favorable for those of you who are planning a longer stay in another country.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you will have pre-drawn action plans in January.
One of your main tasks this month will be related to the place you live in or the property you own. The development and success of this task will largely depend on the cooperation or decision of a woman.
January will be a difficult month to predict if you are planning a trip because unexpected difficulties will arise. They will be due to your mistake or over-belief in the actions of others.
In January, you'll have health-related concerns from a close relative of your relatives, which will not involve hospital treatment.
Despite the emergence of some family problems, they will quickly find their solution and harmonization.
In this month, some of you will start thinking more seriously about changing a home, such as buying a new home, moving to a new home, selling a property you own, and more.
For some of you in January, there will be commitments related to a hereditary property or a property of relatives.
Some people's attempts to create difficulties in your life or to put you into unpleasant situations will fail. You have already managed to create some reputation that someone can hardly destroy with such frivolous attempts to discredit.
January reports an unpleasant experience related to an incident or other life drama in the life of a man you know.
This month, additional earnings from work or through an institution can be enjoyed by Sagittarius women.
Men are likely to experience separation with someone who will travel afar or who will move to live in another place, work in another city or country and etc.