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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope March 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in March you will be able to get rid of the negative or duplicitous influence of a person you have been comfortable with so far together. There has been a time in which you realize that such a friendship or relationship rather creates problems, hinders your development rather than vice versa.
Now you have to find out the truth about an intrigue or lie of which you have been the victim.
In this month, beware of your property and household affairs, because situations will probably arise, the solution of which is almost impossible at this stage.
If you are in the process of repairing or building, do not force people or situations in your own interest, because it may have an adverse effect.
March will be a time for experiencing various successes or holidays, significant events related to a child or young people mostly from your circle of relatives.
This will be a good time for conception or birth of a child, for adoption or other public events related to children.
This month, you will have better financial opportunities or a better vision of your financial situation over the next few months. March rather means a slight increase in income in your family, rather than vice versa.
During this month, you will talk, share, organize events, mostly with women who will be your relatives, friends or adherents in a family, political or social cause.
The desire of a woman to stand out in such an event using your opportunities or contacts should not bother you. It has its own way of development and you will not always be together.
This month, more attention will be paid to your financial documents, both their layout and their usability. I do not think something threatens you, but it can create unwanted obstacles and difficulties.

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, February may be in many respects a month important to you that will identify some hallmark events or changes in 2018. You will experience events in your or neighbors' lives that will determine the need for a solution or rapid change.
An important role in this fateful time for some of you will play a person who lives or works in another city or country.
This month, avoid having financial relations with friends. There is now a risk of losing a friendship due to various issues related to money, loan, credit, and so on.
In February, many will be in a euphoria of love or at the beginning of a very strong emotional relationship. Now be cautious and watch with whom, what you share. Not everyone around you will enjoy your love....
In February you will have several meetings and gatherings, with the need to buy a gift or other special preparation.
You may have to meet guests in your home close or away.
This month, you will meet with a person who will have a special offer for you.
February portends an unexpected dispute of various contradictions for money. For some of you, you may have difficulty proving a right to property or financial resources.
You will need to think more seriously about the future of your relative. It is possible to discuss variants or actions related to property or home that are on their behalf and others.