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Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2017

During May ahead are some expected and unexpected events in your home related to a trip for yourself or someone from your family. 
For some Cancer people, this could involve longer travel or relocation.
All events this month in your home will have a connection with people or circumstances that are far from you.
You will have conversations with children or young family that will be related to money, payments and investments. It is possible that you can help them financially or they will help you. Possibly there will be joint action with them that will require common financial resources.
You may be getting money for a child or from a child.
You will restore a friendly relationship that you lost in the past due to various circumstances in your life or in the life of another person.
You may experience a return to an old love or meeting with an old love which will be enjoyable for both parties.
May will be a favorable month for changes in both planning and implementation. In some cases, these changes may be connected with a person from your family, relative.
This will be a favorable month for contacts with judicial or legal institutions, but if you avoid them, it would be better.
Health may remind you of the priority that it should be in your life. It is possible there will be some discomfort or pain that generally will not surprise.


Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2017

The surprise this month for you, representatives of the sign Cancer, will be connected to an important decision that you have to make for your home or property that is yours.
In April you will have an important engagement or urgent obligation which will involve the consignment of items that are far away.
Care must be taken related to property or residence in another place or country. In some rare cases, it will necessitate travel.
Conflict may occur with a young man who basically will be connected with a small amount of money, but it will not be the most important issue in the dispute between you. You will need to manage your emotions and restrain them for some time.
You will need to visit the hospital for examination, consultation or to visit someone who resides there treatment.
In your work, stress will arise, and you will clear it in a conversation with a person who was involved in this situation.
Surprise will come to your family connected with a person who is your relative.
A planned family gathering or gathering of people in your home will mark a pleasant occasion.
Bad news will be related to women over 35 or to someone from her family.
There is the possibility of a settlement of various documents, obligations or commitments relating to the estate or property of a woman who is your relative.
April will bring you positive emotions related to your specific income this month and an important amount of money for you or unexpected earnings, dividends, bonuses and others.