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Cancer Monthly Horoscope December

In December, you will have to comply with the wishes or suggestions of your children or young family members.
Emotional problems in a relative's life can make December rather complicated at times, with ambiguity in plans and commitments.
The presence of new people in your family or visit of a stranger in your home may be a factor for some new decisions, new plans and changes.
Interesting moments or events will be experienced around a relative born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.
In December, there will be a greater tension around health or another vital issue for someone in your family or friends.
Some of you will hear an unpleasant news related to a person with a common past: work, family ties, friendship.
In December, you will be greeted with gifts, a gesture of attention or other surprises for your friends, acquaintances, neighbors or colleagues.
A new friendship will be at the heart of an important event you are going to experience in 2018.
In December, an unexpected expense will arise or you will make an unreasonable, hasty one.
December will be particularly exciting, productive or full of experiences for women over 35 years of age and young men. 

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, in November you will discuss financial ideas and possibilities for their implementation with a friend, colleague or business partner.
Annoyance that occurred a long time ago will continue to cause you problems this month, but things are gradually going to end. You will be lucky to solve a problem that is unpleasant to you.
You will be able to expect money or other benefits from a woman.
This month, you will commit to finding out the truth about an intrigue, lie, or other similar action by someone you do not live with. Although this event has been left in the past, you will still want to get answers to some of the issues that are torturing you.
This month's most important success for you will be of a financial nature. It will delight you in finalizing an important payment, the money-related concern you have to get or give, etc. 
It is likely that you will receive unexpected money as well as other financially beneficial actions.
In November, you will be invited to a gathering involving a boy or man.
Women will enjoy a profit. The amount will be small, but the emotion will be strong and unforgettable.
In unmarried men of Cancer, a romantic acquaintance can be the beginning of a new and perspective relationship, especially if it has such an influence on the other half.