Cancer Monthly Horoscope February 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this month a topic of conversation or new engagements will be connected to the education and career of a girl or a young woman.
She can be from your family, but she can also be your friend, who at this point will need important support and understanding.
In February, many will have to take care of their health more seriously.
An unexpected health problem will arise, such as a cold or a viral infection, that will require a quick response on your part, but will not take too long to recover.
This month, you'll have to commit to a document that concerns family property, new purchase, tax or other similar commitments.
Some of you will be attending an important family event that will require a special gift for more than one person.
Your love life will be interesting to the extent that you tend to pay attention to it.
This will be a good month for developing new acquaintances, as you will be able to get to know your new partner better.
This month, you will experience disappointment or misunderstanding the actions of a young woman who does not live in your home. Her actions are confusing because they do not bring her any success or benefit, but rather the opposite.
In February, there will be a change in your travel plan, which may be postponed or accelerated.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope January 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, in January you will have a good time to travel, especially if it is related to caring for your property in another location or buying such.
In this month, many will expect guests in their home who will arrive from another city or country.
As a whole, January's circumstances will be conducive to the development of your plans for your home and work.
The only problems can arise from your varying moods, unexplained states of depression or nostalgia for your past.
During this month, you will be engaged or invited to a family feast related to a young woman, which can be engagement, wedding, graduation, and more.
Abandoned plans and commitments over the past year will have an opportunity for development as early as the first month of this year.
That is why your acquaintances will help you with people who will be important to their success.
January will be a good month for settling financial affairs with friends, for a general business or engagements from which you will expect income.
For parents born under this sign, January brings an unexpected change in plans related to children, with their education, public appearance, travel and more.
In Cancer women, a jealousy-based conflict can lead to revealing truths that you are not ready for or that will prove to be too painful for you. From this nothing good will come out, so be careful with emotions that you can not control.
January will challenge the career or business of Cancer men. Some desired or unwanted changes may occur.