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Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2017

June will be a more complex month for women born under the sign of Cancer. Especially unpredictable or problematic will be your relationships with other women: relatives, friends, colleagues and others.
Men over 35 will have a specific reason to enjoy something: news, suggestions, invitations, travel options, and more. For you this month you will have a beneficial influence on people born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra or Gemini.
Young Cancer men will be able to enjoy money or an offer that will bring extra income, salary increases, better-paid jobs, and more.
This month, any problems or troubles that arise you will be able to resolve in a relatively short time (according to your own stubbornness or ego).
Many things will happen around you, both politically and socially, and not all will be pleasant - on the contrary! But these events will help you make some important personal decisions for you. 
June will be a time when a certain date on the calendar will leave a memory of a strong experience that will be part of your memories or occasion to gather in the coming years.
You can try in a reasonable way luck at lottery or other games.
The test this month will be related to a conflict with a child or grandchild (or because of them) that may go out of control and take you in an unwanted and definitely wrong direction.


Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2017

During May ahead are some expected and unexpected events in your home related to a trip for yourself or someone from your family. 
For some Cancer people, this could involve longer travel or relocation.
All events this month in your home will have a connection with people or circumstances that are far from you.
You will have conversations with children or young family that will be related to money, payments and investments. It is possible that you can help them financially or they will help you. Possibly there will be joint action with them that will require common financial resources.
You may be getting money for a child or from a child.
You will restore a friendly relationship that you lost in the past due to various circumstances in your life or in the life of another person.
You may experience a return to an old love or meeting with an old love which will be enjoyable for both parties.
May will be a favorable month for changes in both planning and implementation. In some cases, these changes may be connected with a person from your family, relative.
This will be a favorable month for contacts with judicial or legal institutions, but if you avoid them, it would be better.
Health may remind you of the priority that it should be in your life. It is possible there will be some discomfort or pain that generally will not surprise.