Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, in June you will be "cleansing" in your friendly relationship, diplomatically or silently going to split with people who like to take or receive, but not to give.
Some parents born under this zodiac sign will intervene very categorically in the privacy of their child and in particular will influence the end of a friendly relationship.
The reason for this is that you will feel the negative influence of this person on your child and you will do everything possible to protect him.
In June there will be trouble from where you least expect, and you will accept it as a kind of betrayal or mistake because of your naivety.
Do not ignore the health ailments that will arise this month.
On a professional basis, most of you can expect good results, good incomes, and even the possibility of better profits or higher payouts.
This month, you may receive suggestions for a better paid job, but let it not be the main factor that will influence your decision.
In June, many will engage in pre-prepared plans to repair or improve their home or with special property care you own.
This will be a good month to develop a court case of a property nature.
This month, your financial affairs, especially those associated with people born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, will have a good development.
Attention, however, will b required with suggestions related to money or some profit that you will receive from people you do not know or you have met recently.
Favorable development this month will result from your family and marital relationships. This will be a good time to marry and to organize various family events. 

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, in May you will make interesting new acquaintances, development of old friendships or beneficial engagements with people born under water or earth zodiacal signs.
Pay attention to a suggestion or invitation from a man who is born under one of these signs.
This month, problems and troubles related to a health problem (most likely a relative) will suddenly occur and will have unclear or unpredictable developments.
This month, expect an important event in the life of young people which will probably be a reason to gather with relatives or friends.
This month brings important events in your love life and in the love of people from your close relatives or friends. Any events in this plan, including a wedding or childbirth, are possible.
In May, an interesting idea or opportunity for change will emerge thanks to your friendly relationships that will favorably affect your financial situation.
The month will be a special month for women over the age of 35, for developing important events in their family, their marriage and their personal life in general.
Men over the age of 35 will create new acquaintances with people who will have an important influence or presence in their lives.
The young men and women of this zodiac sign will have a favorable month to realize their pre-planned deeds.