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Cancer Monthly Horoscope March 2018

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this month it will be a difficult and very responsible period of time. There will be important events making difficult decisions. There will be problems with you that you will have to deal with very seriously and in a planned way.
Any mistake or omission may cost you a delay or loss. The more discipline you have in your actions, the more protected from trouble you will be.
This month there is a high probability of a conflict with someone who will make unpleasant accusations or reproaches against you.
You are now faced with financial commitments that will have an unpleasant or delicate nature.
Although March poses a probability of winning or receiving money, there is also a sign of probability of loss or failure.
This month will delight you with news related to the child or grandchild of future maternity or childbirth.
For younger members of the sign Cancer, March is a period of professional development, success in education or career. You will be able to show your undiscovered abilities so far or to recieve courage to present your project or idea.
In this month, many will have money spent on a bigger investment, or a purchase. It is also possible to receive dividend, rent, rent, etc.
Expect an engagement, wedding, or other great family event.
March brings a pleasant surprise from far away, connected with acquaintances or strangers, or through an unexpected journey that you yourself will take.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you are born under the sign of Cancer, this month you will experience days of anxiety and worry related to an expectation for important news.
Your attention, your dreams and your hopes will be oriented in that direction.
There is no reason to doubt that you will have success or an occasion to rejoice unless you yourself confuse things for lack of patience.
In February you will experience trouble with a woman who will act without synchronizing her actions with your opinion or guidance. Although its actions will be dictated by good intentions, you will react sharply. This is likely to be due to the feeling that you do not have complete control over things important to you.
This month, you may experience the unexpected appearance of a new person in your family or a new friend, colleague, lover, fiancé, etc.
Possible events or news related to pregnancy, childbirth, which will definitely be a surprise.
This month, you will have a meeting with an interesting person who will fill you with positive emotions and mood, with plans for the future, etc.
In February, you will experience a conflict with a man who will have his own opinion about his personal happiness or work success. You will have to admit that to a large extent this person will have the right, so be careful with the imposition of your opinion or with possible manifestations of manipulation.
The education or work of a son or a grandson will be at the forefront of this month. The reason for that will be a positive event during the week.
The appearance of a new colleague or client at your workplace will require the need for your special attention or help.