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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 July 2017

For those born under the sign of Cancer this week, there will be a surprise related to the event, news or visit a woman who lives or works in another city or country.
Any action, news or suggestion this week will identify important events or changes for your future.
This week you can expect new people to appear in your family, friendly or professional circle. 
Many can expect new love, a new love adventure or flirtation, especially if you are looking for or needing such emotions.
This week, you will have more burdens and unpleasant commitments. Money-related tensions with people from near and far will arise. Less or too uncertain cash receipts and earnings are possible.
Some of you will have a journey that you will not want. This may be due to your preliminary negative expectations or concerns. 
An unexpected deception, an intrigue, manipulation of your workplace can occur, which will put you in a delicate, complicated situation. Do not pay attention to gossip and comments at your workplace. Do not allow such information to determine your actions and decisions.
You will now be able to resume your plans for home or apartment, property, and more. Now you can have success in plans and expectations related to your home and family.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 July 2017

This week, those born under the sign of Cancer will have occasion for a small holiday in their home.
You may be happy about a successful home repair, a new home purchase, or another event that has a connection with home and family as a whole. 
This week, many of you will have to have an important conversation with your romantic partner on the future of the love relationship. It is now time for some steps towards greater engagement, cohabitation and more.
This week you will have to think more seriously about your own or a close person's health. Procedures can be made for a particular type of treatment, dentistry, cosmetic changes to the body, etc. 
An old problem will once again create discomfort, but you will not be able to resolve it right now.
You will be experiencing a surprise in your home related to receiving or finding a small amount of money.
You will be surprised by people who live near you. This may be related to an invitation, meeting, suggestion, important information for you, and more.