Cancer Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 April 2018

If you are born under the sign of Cancer this week, interesting opportunities will arise for you.
Plan your priorities and actions, driven by the desire to showcase your abilities, and not just to earn more money.
Success this week will be yours and your earnings will of course be good.
During the week you will have important or interesting relationships with people in your family who live in different settlements.
Now you will have a good time to fulfill your professional commitments.
The same applies to performances or appearances related to your career or education (depending on what you are involved with).
New people will appear in your circle from colleagues, partners, or clients in the week.
During the week you will welcome guests in your home from your family or circle of friends.
In the financial plan the week does not indicate any special events or difficulties.
However, you may have reason to be happy about something rather than the opposite.
Costs for cosmetic or restorative procedures, dentistry and other kinds of therapy are now possible.
Cancer men will have a good week for rest and outdoor activities.
Women of this zodiac sign will have enhanced communication, email exchanges with people from different cities and countries.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 April 2018

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will be pleased with news about a child, future motherhood or an important event in the life of a young relative.
This week you will have love experiences that you will be in a hurry to share with a friend or relative. The week will be beneficial for engagement or marriage events.
During the week you will be able to rely on support from a man. It is possible to receive an important promise from such a person. These events will be particularly important for the development of your plan or idea.
Now you will have many interesting and dynamic contacts with new people from near and far, you will create new acquaintances that will have their development in the future.
Avoid labelling people, who you will meet for the first time this week. A little further in time you will understand that they are a kind of wealth, an encyclopedia of knowledge or skills, and so on.
This week you will be watching with interest events in the life of a woman who is most likely your friend. Her emotion will create a whirlwind of experiences in her life that even a side observer like you will be too complex to perceive.
During the week there will be new people in your circle of colleagues, partners or clients.
Cancer women still find it difficult to experience a loss from their recent past.
Men will suffer painfully a lie, deception and duplicity.