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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 March 2017

During this week you will direct your attention to solve one problem and you will achieve satisfactory success.
There will be news about financial success or a loss of money associated with your friend or acquaintance.
This week you are going to create new and interesting contacts with people from near and far. With some of them, you will exchange useful information that will serve you in the future. 
Pay special attention to people with whom you have common interests or hobbies.
Cancer women will have their worries related to money that they will hardly be able to solve just this week. Unfortunately there are many things that do not depend on you.
Despite the higher stress during the week as a whole ahead of you is a time important to your future success, contacts and actions. No single day will be meaningless this week. Many will rejoice for now about the results achieved.
Your old health problems can come back to you or you will monitor the progress of the health of a loved one who has had a serious problem for some time.
The week will delight many with successful results achieved in the work or business.
The week is favorable for communication and contacts with people from various government, judicial or banking institutions.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 13 - 19 March 2017

Before you is favorable week for small or bigger repairs, for settling domestic or family problems and obligations to various government institutions.
People born under the sign of Cancer this week may undergo a change in education or work, or be absent from work for some reason.
You will be able to solve a problem or controversy arising between you and the person from your family environment.
In general this week you will have the opportunity to find compromises on sensitive issues that have plagued you lately.
This week, you will be considering the possibility of a trip or invitation that came inviting you to visit someone who lives far from you.
There are some possibilities for problems in a trip during the week and is good to see things realistically and not as illusions, or false hopes.
Some unforeseen situations in financial plans will occur, but with a little more sense and well calculated actions you can avoid any difficulty.
Most men will be invited for gathering on a special occasion.
On Friday, be open to any suggestion, invitation, information or news.