Cancer Weekly Horoscope 27 May - 2 June 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer this week, your personal engagement or issues for resolving will be related to travel or to people living in another location.
The week will be complex and will require more attention from you if you travel.
Your love life will develop normally, whether you have a partner or are looking for one.
During the week you will discuss with your relatives or friends important topics from your personal life or plans for your future.
During the week you will be troubled with news about a woman you know because you think she's about to make a big mistake in her life.
During this week, you may have contact with someone you've lost touch with because of different life changes and experiences.
If you have a divided family this week, you will have a good time to gather and live together again.
This week will delight you with news or success related to someone you respect or adore.
Men will have more contacts or experiences related to a child or younger people. This will positively fuel you or raise memories of your own childhood.
Women will have an important conversation with a man who may be a family member, relative or friend. You will be willing to easily give advice when your own life is in chaos.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 20 - 26 May 2019

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week you will need to consider a woman's suggestion or idea that may affect your family relationships and plans or have a connection with your work.
Your love life will go through moments of misunderstanding or contradiction with your partner, which will affect you emotionally.
Especially delicate will be those relationships that are influenced by comments and interference by other people.
The week will be favorable for work related to travel, transportation, communications, tourism, courier services and more.
In these spheres, good results and important successes will be achieved.
This will be a good week for starting a new job in another city or country, regardless of the length of your professional contract.
The health of a relative will require care, but good and timely treatment will result in rapid recovery.
The week will be the beginning or the peak in the development of a change in the lives of women over 35 years of age. Consider each of your actions during these seven days, because it will have a lasting meaning in your life.