Cancer Weekly Horoscope 23 - 29 July 2018

If you were born under Cancer, this week different events with a man will show you the mistakes you make in communicating with people who are older than you or have more experience in a given sphere of life.
These days will be important to find a compromise solution to the troubles you have with a man.
This week many will travel, but it will be a tense journey because of someone's bitter nature or other conflicting situations.
Attention now and greater diplomacy will required in your relationship with people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
A temporary, stressful situation or panic associated with someone in your circle of friends will occur during the week. It will definitely have a favorable development or a happy outcome, thanks to a little miracle or luck.
The week will bring you the opportunity for new acquaintances with people important to your future, so do not select any of them by age, nationality, religion or any other prejudice.
In terms of a financial plan, many will be disappointed by delay or other money-related complications. Now try to be practical in your spending and do not allow overpayment in the hope that you will soon have a good income.
Men over the age of 35 will be looking for a way out of a difficult situation, but probably the permission will come through the help of someone else. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 July 2018

If you were born under Cancer this week, be prepared to accept some unwanted or unexpected changes to your plans or your lifestyle.
Keep your personal belongings and information from strange abuse or curiosity.
This week should not confuse you with much information or letters or phone calls.
Try to select the most important things that you are going to receive through them.
The week implies an important proposal or signing a contract that will cover your professional or material interests.
This week you will be able to realize important tasks related to property or belongings, a farm or a private car.
You will have a good time for purchases related to all this.
Now you will enjoy cash or news, a document related to the money you are about to receive.
Many will be involved in arranging financial documents, which will develop in your interest.
The week implies an important event or a strong emotional experience associated with a man over 35 years of age.
Unwanted or unexpected changes this week will be a reason for reflection on the predestination of our lives and the programmed events in it that we can not change.