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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 April, 2017

During this week, your attention will be directed to people who have caused you some pressure or have somehow misjudged you. You will be looking for a way to get closer to them to find out the reason for such an attitude towards you.
The week will require you to have more concentration in sorting out the information you will get. Do not waste your time in unnecessary or frivolous things.
Young Cancer women will have to think well before responding to a proposal or invitation. Do not rush with your answer to you will not be sorry later.
In general, the week will bring you different opportunities to realize one or another own task, goal, priority. You will be lucky at some point.
One of the more serious concerns this week should be directed to financial documents or contracts, especially if they have a relationship with a bank, credit or insurance institution,
You will get news or follow events related to the health of a man.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 April 2017

This week people born under the sign of Cancer may have expectations related to obtaining money or a financial document that will be particularly important for women.
During this week be careful in your relationships with women from the friendly or family environment.
Many of you will have a separation with child/children due to various life reasons or you will go on a trip, or a visit with your child / children for a period of time. During the week you will have more costs associated with children, however not all will be appropriate. 
Cancer men will also have favorable financial capabilities, in terms of their own money and concerning various documents of a financial nature.
You may expect news or a phone call from another location, that will come from a man.
You will expect the development of a particular situation in your love life. Leave things to have their own development, do not force anything and anyone. 
This weekend expect surprise that will be related to your friends or relatives of your spouse. 
There will be many emotions around men in your family: son or grandson, brother or son in law, father or grandfather and others. 
For those who are engaged in work during the weekend, it's time for higher profits, greater success and greater job satisfaction. 
Expect a pleasant surprise from afar by acquaintances or strangers or through the journey that you yourself will take.