Sagittarius Horoscope Summer 2019

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, this summer you are likely to experience a separation with a relative or friends, because of the beginning of a new life in another home, city or country.
During these three months (June, July and August), be careful with your own children, spend more time talking or doing things together because they will need you more.
This summer, you will experience an important event related to the private life of a girl or a young woman.
This will be a good time to resolve a court or legal case, settle important documents for your family, etc.
During these three months you will experience different changes in your personal relationships. Your desire for change will be directed to those that are causing you tension or are the cause of frequent conflicts.
You will definitely reject any attempts of people to benefit from you and your goodness.
This will be a good time to resolve a monetary issue related to a payment or financial document / contract.
In the summer you will have more serious expenses associated with repairs, with the necessity to buy items for home or equipment.
In this season, you will be saddened with news about the loss of money or the failure of a person you know.
Young representatives of this zodiac sign will have a strong desire this summer to pursue their own ambitions, to defend their goals and ideals.
You will definitely be given the chance to realize a project or idea important to you. Of course, do not expect all the people around you to be delighted, as you will not be willing to accept criticism or advice.

Sagittarius Spring Horoscope 2019

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, this spring you will experience anxiety and impatience until you receive important documents or information.
This strain at times can be a cause of your irritability or explosion in contacts with other people or representatives of different institutions.
In a love plan, your emotional state can also negatively affect your affiliation and cause undesirable disputes and conflicts.
What is most important for you so far is to maintain an emotional stability and to impose greater self-control over your own actions and reactions.
This spring, the health of a loved one can be a problem, cause anxiety, or require care associated with a particular treatment.
Unpleasant financial commitments this season will be related to different documents, repayment of credit or need to receive such and more.
During these three months (March, April, and May), maximize your personal or family budget.
This spring you will have to deal with a woman who is trying through various manipulations to influence your decisions or your way of life.
This will be a favorable time for travel, especially if it is related to moving to another location for work or starting a new family life.
Overall, this season will be beneficial to develop your professional or business relationships with people from near and far.
Sagittarius men will have to engage in unexpected repairs in their home or property they own.