Sagittarius Horoscope Autumn 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, in the autumn you will have commitments regarding household or property problems. They may have a connection with repairs, moving in a new home, etc.
There will be a concern about a family or material matter that you will have to resolve with relatives.
During these three months (September, October and November), avoid donating?? or renting property.
You will receive unexpected news related to an event that develops in an interesting way for you.
You are likely to lose a small amount of money or spend it on something that does not matter to you.
Those of you who are involved in a lawsuit will consider postponing it for a certain period of time. You will rely on the emergence of new circumstances in your favor.
In the autumn you can opt out of your previous work-related solution.
You will receive a gift that will please you because of its emotional value.
Men will go through a period when they will have to act gently or solve old, unresolved problems.
Women will be lucky in various financial affairs.

Sagittarius Horoscope Summer 2018

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius this summer you will experience emotions related to a journey. It can be for pleasure (summer vacation) or have a connection with some kind of work or business purpose.
During this summer there will be nice and interesting meetings with family or friends.
These three months (June, July and August) will delight you with news or an invitation related to people who live in another city.
This summer you will experience important events and some of you will start a new professional or public activity.
You will have meetings with new people, or you will experience important changes at your workplace.
This will be a good time to apply for a new position or a new job in another company. Such changes will bring you a slow success, so be patient.
This summer you will easily be able to enter into conflict without thinking that before you there are people who are malicious and vindictive. Be very careful with this!
You will now be able to get rid of unnecessary items or property that you do not use by renting them or selling them.
You will organize a gathering in your home or you will be invited to a gathering at your parents' home.
You will have an important meeting with a woman to discuss urgent financial or property cases.
During this summer, expect news or attend an engagement or wedding event.
You will attend now important events in the life of a friend or neighbor.