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Aries Weekly Horoscope 24 - 30 July 2017

This week you'll be surprised by the dishonesty, the duplicity, or the unfair action of a person in your circle of friendls. You may hear unpleasant comments or gossip at your home. A secret that you've shared with a friend can be shared with other people.
In your love life you will have your moments of sadness either due to a lack of a partner in your life, or due to the cooling of feelings in your current relationship.
During the week, you will plan appointments or visits for the next week or later. It is possible that people who have not seen for a long time to seek contact with you.
The week will be complex in terms of your financial affairs, any commercial or business transactions, and more. Pay attention to costs and revenues this week. 
The good things that can be a joy or a celebration with loved ones are unexpected money, a new proposal for better income, and more.
These events will largely relate to your current job or a proposal for a new one.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope 17 - 23 July 2017

This week, you can experience interesting events related to your love life, with already established or new ones.
There will be new opportunities and the need to take firm decisions within this week. 
Now, much of your thoughts, plans, and actions will be related to your family or relatives. Some of you will have a wedding or family celebration. There is a likelihood of family reunification during the week on a different occasion.
It is possible that the unmarried representatives of this sign are awaiting a proposal. You can now begin co-living with your current partner. 
There will be temporary concerns related to child health or personal nature that would be too exaggerated.
Some representatives of the Aries sign will experience an event related to the birth of a child after a period of treatment or long-term pregnancy. Possible news about future motherhood is possible. 
Expect different news items of importance and significance that will connect with people from other locations.
Now you may get unpleasant news about property or belongings, yours or your relatives.
A delay of money or a document that you should get may occur this week.