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Aries Weekly Horoscope 29 May - 4 June 2017

Overall this week will be interesting for those born under the sign of Aries, who will have a certain amount of luck in their activities and endeavors. You will achieve success with ease, recognition, satisfaction with these achievements.Various news, suggestions and information will make you optimistic about the development of things important to you or your future. 
Your health or the health of a loved one will probably require certain care. Problems can now be a little more serious due to the postponement of treatment or you complacent attitude towards this problem. This week you will have high expectations for some of your meetings or for a gathering. Men over 35 can have moments of sadness, sentimentality, which in some cases will be related to the loss of a close person in the near past. 
This week will be tense for girls and young Aries women, who will easily explode, will tend to fight. There is a likelihood of being at the root of all sorts of conflicts.

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Aries Weekly Horoscope 22 - 28 May 2017

Before you is an week which bodes well for you in terms of romantic experiences, new friends, and flirting. Soon you can experience different events in your current love affair. A gift or acquisition is possible through/for your loved one.
An important event will be held during the week or you will have important conversations about a relative born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.
The week suggests different pleasant surprises for you or the emergence of new opportunities. Take positive actions and solutions for people born under the sign of Gemini, Aquarius or Libra.
During the week you can expect to visit or meet a person who may be angry about something. Soon there may be a conflict situation between you.
During the week you will receive news or suggestions that will cause some doubt in you, and you will try to check how real and good it is for you.