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Libra Monthly Horoscope December

If you were born under the sign of Libra, December will engage you with documents or care related to the heritage, property or items of a deceased relative or friend and other events related to people from the Beyond. Now you can have very strong dreams related to them, premonitions, remembrance, and so on.
Those of you who are in the process of separation or divorce will take a step back and try to rethink their decisions and actions.
In December most of you will have a favorable time to travel near and far. You will experience many pleasant emotions, visit new places, or meet new people.
In December, unexpected problems or troubles related to a child may occur. It can be your own child or a child from the family of your relatives, friends, neighbors.
This month young Libra women will be easy to touch emotionally, which will create easy tensions in relationships with others.
Young Libra men will be prone to manifestations of jealousy, suspicion, lack of understanding the desires and feelings of others, which will be a problem for them.
Libra men over age 35 will have more financial commitments and liabilities related to money. Be careful when you work or have a common activity with a person you do not know or have known for a short time
Some Libra women over 35 years of age will give up an idea related to work or business. During this month, you will continue or complete a process of professional change.  

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Libra Monthly Horoscope November

If you were born under the sign of Libra, the hard thing about you in November might be the lack of patience or tolerance of other people's actions. Most likely, they will make an unsuccessful attempt to help you in a particular situation that will cause you some complications or discomfort.
In your love life, there will be interesting moments that will leave you with unforgettable memories in your life.
A new love relationship is possible with the unmarried representatives of the sign.
The interference of a relative in your family life this month will give you an interesting and unexpected impact on your relationship as a whole. The implications of the talks, your help or suggestion, will still be felt in the near future.
You will have an interesting development in positive terms of personal or professional relationships with women.
You will have job successes or women-related commitments. 
Surprise may arise in your work related to the temporary postponement of a process or procedure.
You yourself can postpone the fulfillment of a promise you have given someone some time ago.
Whatever the problem, it will rather affect you emotionally.
Some of you may suddenly be on your way to go elsewhere because of unexpected events.