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Libra Monthly Horoscope August 2017

In August, you will have contacts, visits and meetings with people in your family or with people who have some kind of relationship with you. They will bring some confusion to your everyday life, somewhat with the problems they bring with you.
Events in a woman's life: a girlfriend, colleague or classmate will be a cause for some sadness, disappointment or emotional pain.
They can surprise you with money from a man or through him to get important financial news for you.
In August, you can have dynamic communication by phone or by letters with people living or working abroad.
You can get important news or information, suggestions or invitations through people from afar. 
You will have a commitment related to real estate or property that may have a connection with both repairs and property settlement, purchase, and sale, etc.
If you have a lawsuit of a similar nature, this month will hardly resolve your problem.
In August, expect joyful news about pregnancy or the birth of a child in another city.
Now you can be lucky with respect to a trip or you will get an invitation for a trip. 


Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2017

July will be the time to get the clarity you need in a love affair with someone who lives or works in another city or country. 
It is possible that a new acquaintance provokes the reevaluation of an old, unlucky love affair. 
This month you will receive a proposal, invitation for family gatherings and other meetings. You will need to make a selection: where, when, with whom. 
You may be surprised by an engagement or wedding news. 
An occasion for joy may be an event or action in your favor by a person in your family or your family circle. 
You are about to take part in an important gathering, reason for which will be your close relative or friend male. 
Be careful with emails and their recipients this month. A small mistake inadvertently can create a very unpleasant situation. 
In July you will have good income (if you work). Cash receipts will now be what you expect, but there will be an additional revenue opportunity in your family budget.
July will not be the best time for Libra men to work. You may have to work extraordinarily, in an uncomfortable time. An unusual or unforeseen situation may arise that may require a change in your work schedule. 
Difficulties of domestic or property character can challenge Libra women. In most cases, this will be due to a mistake, malice, unfulfilled engagement or promise on the part of another person.