Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2019

If you were born under the sign of Libra, in April you will have important meetings and conversations (most likely with a woman) that will affect your financial interests such as well-paid work, additional income, receiving money from various sources, and more.
This month, you will experience a special event related to a boy or a young man, most likely your relative or from your own family.
In April, you will plan and expect a trip that can be for family reasons or related to your work.
Overall, this will be a good month for any kind of trips and for contacts with people from different locations.
In April, you will cool your relationship with someone you've accepted as a friend without causing a conflict or other unpleasant situation.
This month, good development will strengthen your plans, commitments, or other property-related actions, which in some cases may be of your parents or you have received it as an inheritance.
April will be an important month for you (in fact, like the rest of the months of the year), in which you should not allow the influence of pessimistic moods, suspicion or uncertainty in what fate gives you to experience.
Women at the age of 35 will visit a bank, tax or other financial institution in connection with a document or contract.
Libra men who are already parents will have something to remember this month, and the reason for this will be an emotional event related to your child.

Libra Monthly Horoscope March 2019

If you were born below the Libra sign, in March you will make a decision that will be provoked by an offer or invitation by a woman. It may concern your professional life, have a connection with the start of a new business or will concern your family interests.
If you are a parent and have one's own child, this month you will discuss or have specific commitments related to the costs of your child's education.
Costs associated with additional forms of education and development are possible: musical, sports, art-related, etc.
March will be a month of trial for your love affair, or if you create a new one, it will probably not last long.
The trials will involve rather problems with your partner who will be looking for guilt for their failures in other people's actions.
March will be a volatile month in which positive and negative experiences will alternate. Negative experiences will be related to events that have started in February. Positive experiences will be related to finding the best solution to your problems.
This month, you will have to buy a gift for a young woman or girl.
Generally, over the course of the month, you see a slow development of a major change in your life that will be realized step by step, to give you time to prepare for it and wait for the best time to do it.
Women over 35 will expect an important document or contract related to an upcoming engagement or event.
Women under the age of 35 will make a purchase for their home.