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Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2017

April will be a difficult month for you because you will be in situations associated with difficult and sometimes painful decisions. Everyone around you will lead the fight for their own happiness.
You will be involved with the health problems of a close person, relative.
Traveling on business or for employment, professional contract in another city or state will create conditions of insecurity. You will be under pressure to search for a catch or other hidden agenda where you need to go. This restlessness will not be of much help, so if you are unsure, if you do not feel safe, you better do not go anywhere; bet on your inner voice. Now it will be difficult to separate with your lifestyle or with friends.
This month, however, you will experience an interesting event, which will link to your physical or emotional loss in your past. Most likely an event of your past, a storm of youth now will prove to be an experience for good, in your favor and as part of the path to your current success, contentment, and prosperity. Participation in all of this can be a person from the start signs Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.
You will be released in one way or another from physical or financial liability, obligation or property. You will benefit in the most favorable way from a situation which will be beneficial for you.
Luck will come in losing one thing and gaining another.
In a moment of sadness when you will feel that you are in a state of redemption of your mistakes and sins, you will meet a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio person, which, as a good friend, a teacher will help you out of this situation and look at all this from another angle.
Unexpected conflict will develop with someone with whom you previously had very good relations, understanding and harmony. This can be a son in law or daughter in law, cousins and other not so close relatives.


Libra Horoscope March 2017

First of all March, will bring you the opportunity to think about your future actions or decisions related to a female of middle age.
Young Libra men will have this month an important meeting, interview, presentation, which will require good preparation and maximum concentration.
This month will be new people in your environment born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo.
During March you will have an unpleasant encounter, visit or gathering, most likely related to a person from your family environment. 
You may be disappointed by a new friendship or business contact.
March will bring a chance for the realization of missed opportunities, finding forgotten or stolen belongings, documents, restoring a lost position, relationships and more.
You will receive wise counsel from a person from your friendly or professional environment. 
Difficulties will be experienced associated with long travel or monies that are related to people or events from afar.
If you are traveling this month, be prepared all the documents and money for all situations.
Pay more attention to what you are trying to share with your daughter, sister, granddaughter or friend. Perhaps in a delicate way, they are trying to tell you something that is difficult to understand or accept.
Possibly you will have an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy.
You will be receiving money from an inheritance, pension, sale, rent, dividends, etc.
Avoid during this month financial relationships with people of your professional or business environment. If there is a need for such things, secure yourself well with the necessary documents.
Your expectation associated with a girl or young woman will be abandoned owing to insurmountable difficulties and obstacles to its realization.
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