Libra Monthly Horoscope August 2018

If you were born under the sign of Libra, a man who was a member of your family or a friend of yours would suddenly appear in your life again.
In this month, take care of your relationship with a woman who will try to lie to you, to mislead you or manipulate you for someone else's benefit.
In August you will be surprised by a man's loss or separation.
If you are involved in a lawsuit or other legal case, be cautious about the actions or promises made by a woman.
The good events and experiences this month will be related to your love life. You will now understand that your partner (if you have one) still has something to surprise you. If you are not engaged with a romantic partner, August will be a good month for new acquaintances with people from different distances.
Now many will have to take care of the health of a boy or a young man.
In August, you will end various troubles or vague relationships through various contacts and conversations (mostly unplanned).
Of course, as always there will be people who will try to engage your attention with their problems and complaints.
In this month, do not be angry with the mischiefs of children that will break or damage important items for you. What's valuable for you will be better stored in advance.
Men over the age of 35 will experience an unexpected denial of a promise, offer, or some other agreement.
Women over 35 must not make major changes this month because they are now missing out on details or making mistakes about which they will later be saddened.
Men under the age of 35 will be very worried about the implementation of specific events for which they will be in tense anticipation.

Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2018

If you were born under the sign of Libra, in July you will remember one important event related to someone in your circle of relatives. It is possible that you have a commitment related to the memory of a deceased relative or to care for hereditary property and belongings.
Now many of you will have expectations of love or intimate life. You will be able to realize them sometimes with reason, sometimes with patience.
Do not pay attention to comments or gossip that affect your privacy. Especially ones that are related to your or your partner's past.
This month, you'll have your own plan to change home, items or equipment you use for work, and more. You are very likely to face resistance or lack of assistance from people you live with or work with.
In July, you will experience a conflict related to your material interests or desires.
Now you will be upset or disappointwd by an unpleasant news related to a person who lives far away. An unpleasant event or incident during a trip is possible.
In July, you will strive for understanding, harmony and greater proximity to friends or colleagues. This will be a good month for creating new friendships and contacts.
At home you will discuss news or events with a girl or a young woman in your family. Some of you will enjoy the news about future motherhood or the birth of a baby girl.
My advice to you this month is to be more careful because a chance you expect might slip away. The reason for this may be the unexpected way in which it will appear or your lack of readiness on your part.
But now you will be able to re-launch your old idea or dream because of the emergence of new favorable circumstances.
In July, you will have a gathering with relatives related to engagement, wedding, child birth, anniversary, birthday, etc.