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Libra Monthly Horoscope March 2018

If you were born under the sign of Libra in March, you will either have the chance to create a joy at home and in your family. You will realize that your happiness and peace is in your hands.
Now you will only depend on what decisions you make and what changes you can make.
Your expectations regarding the development of your financial questions will be able to develop in the best way possible for you.
You will have a good time to settle documents or contracts of a financial nature.
This month, you can track the progress of your already started projects, for which you have committed funds.
This month, you will be surprised by the events in the life of a man who is among your friends. The events in his life will definitely be unexpected both as appearance and development.
It is possible for a man to appear in your life as a new friend, colleague, leader or co-believer in a public cause.
March will be unpredictable in terms of travel plans. Be careful if you drive a private car, both in the populated area where you live and outside.
This is an unpredictable but rather a negative month, which implies various transport incidents and accidents.
In March, you will experience a temporary separation with a boy or a man who will travel to another city or country for a certain period of time: work, visit, rest, etc.
During this month, attention will be required for the health of a close woman who will need treatment, medical checkups or some kind of rehabilitation.
The events in the middle of this month will determine the events for you in the middle of this year. 

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Libra Monthly Horoscope February 2018

If you were born under Libra's sign in February, you can expect a variety of news and events mainly related to children and young people. They will probably be your relatives who live near or far.
February brings birth to a child or birthday to a child that will require special attention and gift.
Many of the representatives of the zodiac sign Libra can surprise or delight because of news or event related to future motherhood. This month you can expect news or an event related to an engagement or a wedding.
Trouble in the life of a relative or friends will engage you with the need to help them in some way. It will not be easy for you, as this person has problems with his own character. Sometimes some problems require time to be aware of them, and until then the guilt will be sought in other people and circumstances.
In February you will experience a situation at work or in business that may result in loss of control can lead to a loss: lower paid position, outflow of customers and more. The problem, whatever it is, will not be new. You have enough experience to correct it or to avoid it in some way. Otherwise, you can put yourself or someone else in front of a difficult decision.
This month, an unexpected health problem may arise. There is no reason to create an initial alert, just be careful. Do not be afraid of consulting a doctor.
This month you will be part of a gathering related to a relative's holiday or friends.
In February, you will be confronted with the duplicity of a person who lives not far from you. It is difficult to say exactly what the reason for such behavior is, but most likely behind him or her he is influenced or is influencing someone else.
It is now possible to have a different financial relationship with a man or a job with men. It is possible to get money from a man.
Do not let the difficulties in February scare you, because they will only clear your way to new changes, new people and interesting events in your life.