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Libra Monthly Horoscope May 2017

During this month you will expect an important invitation or offer. This will engage your mind until its realization.
It will be a favorable month for a business trip, or a move to another location related to education or work. 
In May it is possible to worry about events in the life of a friend who is currently some distance away from you. 
You may have an unexpected meeting or presentation, during which you may meet new and interesting people, who have yet to have any impact on your outlook and perceptions of the world around you. 
Hard times will come involving a child or grandchild which will be of a different nature, according to their age, and due to some other additional circumstances. 
Future Libra mothers must care more about themselves, about their emotional and physical comfort. 
You will consider some important expenses and purchases that must be made during the month. 
You will wait for the receipt of money or other key information of a financial nature: a document, contract, loan. 
During this month you will expect some acknowledgment or apology for previous actions, a malicious action against you or a theft. This will be important to you, although already you yourself have decided what to do with that person. 
You will receive an invitation to travel from a friend, but that will not be appealing to your wishes at this stage. 
Invitations to meetings will come to you related to birthdays or other personal celebrations.
For Libra men May will be an interesting month, mainly because of privacy where you can implement some changes, plans associated with family or a loved one and others. 
Unmarried men may experience unexpected flirting, falling in love, dating. 


Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2017

April will be a difficult month for you because you will be in situations associated with difficult and sometimes painful decisions. Everyone around you will lead the fight for their own happiness.
You will be involved with the health problems of a close person, relative.
Traveling on business or for employment, professional contract in another city or state will create conditions of insecurity. You will be under pressure to search for a catch or other hidden agenda where you need to go. This restlessness will not be of much help, so if you are unsure, if you do not feel safe, you better do not go anywhere; bet on your inner voice. Now it will be difficult to separate with your lifestyle or with friends.
This month, however, you will experience an interesting event, which will link to your physical or emotional loss in your past. Most likely an event of your past, a storm of youth now will prove to be an experience for good, in your favor and as part of the path to your current success, contentment, and prosperity. Participation in all of this can be a person from the start signs Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.
You will be released in one way or another from physical or financial liability, obligation or property. You will benefit in the most favorable way from a situation which will be beneficial for you.
Luck will come in losing one thing and gaining another.
In a moment of sadness when you will feel that you are in a state of redemption of your mistakes and sins, you will meet a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio person, which, as a good friend, a teacher will help you out of this situation and look at all this from another angle.
Unexpected conflict will develop with someone with whom you previously had very good relations, understanding and harmony. This can be a son in law or daughter in law, cousins and other not so close relatives.